Calling all Hall of Fame and PM17 speaker submissions!


Greetings PM Family,

This week we are excited to be discussing the 2017 Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame nominations, and the PM17 Speaker Submissions deadline next week.

Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame Nominations

The honor of being inducted into the Academy Of Podcasters Hall Of Fame has quickly become one of the biggest honors a podcaster can receive. It shows that they went above and beyond the norm for an extended period of time, and have contributed to the podcast industry as a whole.

Many inductees were present at the inception of podcasting, while others helped podcasting grow to what it is today.

The foundational requirements for being considered for induction into the Academy Of Podcasters Hall Of Fame are the following:

  1. Involvement in podcasting for at least 10 years, either as a podcaster or an active member of the podcast industry
  2. Promoted the art of podcasting over those 10 years
  3. Podcasting is better off because of their contributions and involvement
  4. Thought of highly by their podcasting peers

Being nominated for induction into the Academy Of Podcasters Hall Of Fame is the first step. All nominees go through the voting process where existing Hall Of Famers, and members of the Academy of Podcasters, will vote.

The top six nominees will have the honor of joining the elite group of members in the Academy of Podcasters Hall Of Fame.

You are invited to nominate yourself, or other podcasters using the nomination form below:

Hall of Fame Nominations Form

PM17 Speaker Submissions

The deadline for Podcast Movement 2017 speaker submissions is Tuesday, February 28 (one more week!). We encourage you to get your presentation ideas submitted as soon as possible.

We have received hundreds of submissions already, with many of them on marketing and monetization topics. We encourage more session submissions on content creation, technical and industry topics. You can submit your presentation ideas here:


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We welcome your feedback and ideas on how we can continue to make Podcast Movement the best conference for aspiring and veteran podcasters, as well as podcast industry professionals.

If you have suggestions that you feel would bring a ton of value to this year’s event., we want to hear from you! Please send an e-mail to [email protected] .

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