2017 in Podcasting: Reflections on what worked, and we countdown to…

Season’s Greetings, and happy “last week of the year” week!

We trust that you & your family are enjoying the holidays! As the end of this year draws near, it is always wise to examine and interpret our podcasting experiences to gain new understanding. We asked the PM community what worked for their podcast in 2017, and received some great answers that we can learn from as we go into 2018. We could only fit a few of the replies in this newsletter, but encourage you to check out the post

Starting it! Devani Anjali – I Create Daily

Being a non-business related podcast it was having a clear vision of what we wanted it to be and the messages we wanted to deliver. Michael Payne – We Leave You This

Saying yes to myself and going in 100 percent. Roseangel Perez – Cafecito Break Podcast

Encouragement…from my listeners and from my Podcast Producer. Civilla Morgan – Childless Not By Choice

Consistency, passion for my subject and being a contributing member of my community outside the podcast. Plus listening/learning from successful podcasters. Stacey Simms – Diabetes Connections

Having the opportunity to launch the show live on stage. Elaine Appleton Grant – One More Shot Podcast

Getting off my butt and pushing through. Joseph Foley – No Sitting on the Sideline Dad Podcast

Having more fun with my guests. I’ve learned that my audience isn’t as impressed by how awesome or high profile the guest is (and I’ve had some great influencers) but how we jive on the episode; the banter, the questions, the answers, their stories. Chris Jones – The Art & Business of Writing Podcast

Improvement of sound quality Cole Johnson – Cole Sportz

Simply putting in the effort. Doing a fiction show that is new each month, rather than an ongoing thing, is not a good recipe for typical success. But it keeps me writing short fiction, and that’s all I ever wanted from it. Christopher Gronlund – Men in Gorilla Suits

Featuring on so many other podcasts. From Snap Judgment to The Moth’s 500th ep, EoFire, and so many others… Shannon Cason – Homemade Stories

Listening to other podcasts and beginning to find our groove. We have three hosts, so it has been a learning process. I also agree with the more effort in Planning! That is key!!! Sharon Torrence Jones – Lady Tech Charmers

Building relationships with my listeners Jonathan Oakes – Trivial Warfare

Attending Podcast Movement. No question that PM17 had the BIGGEST impact on my role as an editor this year!!! Jennifer Longworth – Podcast Producer for Savings Angel

Let your voice be heard! Visit the Facebook Group, and let us know what worked for you in 2017, and also what you have in the works for 2018!

New Year’s Resolutions (aka Podcast Articles, Happenings and Tips)

  • If you can’t wait until Podcast Movement 2018 to hear Terry Gross speak (she is our closing keynote speaker this year), she had a great interview with Current, where she speaks candidly on her career, and how it might be different if she were getting started today.
  • We’ve all been hearing that “the smart speakers are coming.” Well it appears as if this holiday season, we’ve moved to “they’re here.” Amazon Alexa and Google Home topped the App Store charts on Christmas day, and this might be only the beginning
  • For anyone waiting for podcasting to become “official,” it might have just happened. Stony Brook University is now offering a podcasting certification. Their Audio Podcast Fellows will have some big name instructors, but some are questioning if this is needed, or even the right approach for those looking to get started.
  • The team at Orbital Jigsaw is running a short survey to find out more about the podcasting community and would love your feedback. They will post the results of the surveys in the Facebook group once they’ve obtained enough responses.

And a final reminder from a longtime PM speaker and supporter:

If you took the holiday off, time to pull out the mics! Millions have new devices in circulation today, all looking to be filled with content! The year’s #1 Podcast subscription growth period is from the 20th to the end of January…with peak time running through the 7th. Get busy! Todd Cochrane – CEO – ‎RawVoice / Blubrry

And one last reminder to take advantage of our holiday sale, and join us this summer at Podcast Movement 2018!


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We hope that you & your family enjoy the remaining days of 2017! We will back next week to look at some goals to consider for your podcast in 2018.

Happy New Year (early),
Team PM18

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