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Alli Torban

Alli Torban is a Data Visualization Designer in the D.C.-Metro area where she specializes in revealing the insights hidden in her clients’ data by visualizing it in clear and creative ways. Her background is in Mathematics & Geospatial Intelligence, and in her spare time, she’s honing her audio storytelling skills on her weekly podcast Data Viz Today. She’ll never stop listening to Hootie & the Blowfish and gets the most joy from being with her husband and two young daughters. Find her on Twitter!

How I Cut My Podcast Production Time in Half

By Alli Torban | Wednesday July 17, 2019

I had a podcast that I loved creating, but I felt like I needed to quit. Between kids and my regular job, the 10 to 20-hour production time per episode was severely weighing on me. I realized that I needed to study my category and audience to help guide me toward choosing an appropriate [narrative] pattern. By visualizing the data that I collected, I could actually see what was going on at a higher level. I’ve cut my production time in half because now I have clarity around the structure of my story and I’m not stressing about it.