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Podcast Movement 2020 is back this summer! Learn More & Register Here


    Elsie Escobar

    Podcasting mentor and advocate Elsie Escobar specializes in podcast strategy and development. She works at Libsyn, co-hosting The Feed, the official Libsyn podcast. Elsie is a co-founder of She Podcasts, created to “support and nurture as many female-lead podcasts as possible.” Her instructional yoga podcast, Elsie’s Yoga Class, has been downloaded over 4 million times! She writes about the impact of podcasting on society, culture, and everyday life through a global lens.

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    Podcasting: It’s a Matter of Legacy

    In this process of creation, of capturing my own voice, I slowly began to not only refine and transform myself but evolve into the woman that I am now. Podcasting became the tool I needed to draw out more from myself, and in doing so, facilitated a profession in podcasting as well as a personal mode of succession that my girls will be able to immerse themselves into -- and get to know their mother in her own voice, in conversation.

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