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    Our picks for the best podcast microphones of 2020

    Our pick of the budget-spanning microphones for podcasters!

    What is the best podcast microphone right now?

    This is one of the hardest questions to answer, and likely the reason you're even on this site! The reason that it's so difficult is because every podcaster is different, every recording environment is different, and, most importantly, every budget is different!

    We'll do our best in this article to share with you microphones that not only do we believe in, but ones that we have used ourselves, and ones who are sold by companies who we have personal relationships with.

    If you buy a microphone that we recommend and have any issues, we will be able to personally connect you to a member of the manufactuer's team to help get it resolved.

    How to pick the best podcast microphone for you

    If you've already got the rest of your setup in place, then this question becomes a lot easier.

    Narrowing down your wants and needs when it comes to a microphone is a huge step in the right direction.
    - Do you want a USB microphone or an XLR microphone?
    - Are you looking for a dynamic microphone or condenser microphone?
    - Are you looking to spend $60 or $600?

    These are just a few questions to ask yourself prior to beginning your search. But another great way to start is to read up on our recommendations below. Check out the specs, click the links for pictures, videos and reviews, and if you're still having a hard time, hop into our Facebook Group and ask the community what they think!

    The best podcast microphones in the world right now

    • Professional quality dynamic cardioid microphone
    • Heavy duty internal pop filter eliminates the need for extra windscreens for filters
    • Built in internal element shock mount to reduce vibration-induced noise

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    • The PR40 is specially designed for spoken word and voiceover applications, so it's got everything you need as a podcaster, and nothing you don't!
    • The mic has 4 rear ports designed to keep a tight cardioid pickup pattern, which means it will pick up your voice without picking up the background noise.
    • The internal shock mount decouples the mic element from the body, meaning the effects of movement and handling noise are greatly reduced.

    Check it out on Amazon:

    • A dynamic broadcast mic designed to deliver a clean, bright sound
    • Excellent side rejection, meaning it works great in even the noisiest of rooms
    • It comes with a built-in shockmount that prevents unwanted noise
    • Comes with a sturdy protective case and wind screen

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    • Record directly into your computer with the USB digital output, or use the XLR analog output to connect to your mixer or audio interface. It works for any setup!
    • The dynamic microphone capsule has cardioid pickup patterns to capture the sound in front of the mic, and not on the sides or rear. This is perfect for recording in an environment that is not necessarily completely sound treated or silent.
    • There’s a headphone jack onboard that lets you monitor yourself without any delay or echo. And if you’re using the USB connector, you’ll be able to hear your computer audio too!
    • The microphone is plug-and-play, meaning you don’t have to install any special drivers on your computer. Just plug it in, launch your audio software, and there it is!
    • The Q2U also comes with what Samson calls their “Podcasting Pack”, which includes a desktop microphone stand, a pop filter, and both USB and XLR cables.

    Check it out on Amazon:

    • Despite being super powerful, it's extremely easy to use! Three light-up icons (Recording Status, Battery Status, & Memory Status) keep you informed without being distracted.
    • Exclusive LEA technology means whether you're whispering, crying, or yelling, the microphone records at a perfect level. Even with pauses, or loud ambient noise, the LEA Engine works perfectly.
    • With onboard recording, capturing audio is as simple as pushing the record button.
    • If you're on iOS, you can use the iXm App to uplink data from the mic to your device.

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