Don’t take our word for it…but Podcast Movement can change your life!

Happy Tuesday PM Family,

We share with you each week, in some form or fashion, how we would like for you to be a part of Podcast Movement this summer in Anaheim. Well for this week’s newsletter, we decided to change it up!

This week we share stories from past PM attendees who have had amazing experiences and results after attending Podcast Movement.

Joe Saul-Sehy

“Podcast Movement gave me the confidence to do something I knew needed to be done….I had to change our format. After guidance from pros in many sessions I had the courage and expertise to make some tough moves. I’m SO glad I took the advice I learned at Podcast Movement. Within three months we 3x’d our listeners. A year later publications in our industry were handing us “Best Podcast” awards. I credit that largely to Podcast Movement.”

Stacking Benjamins

Denise LaRosa

“Whenever I started podcasting, I was a stay at home mom who had a deep desire to connect with other mothers. Podcast Movement changed my life and podcasting journey completely! What started out as a hobby transformed into a profitable business. I formed genuine, meaningful connections with other podcasters who became guests and lifelong friends. In addition, my appearance as a PMx speaker was the catalyst to my speaking career!”

Mom Talk

Rich Jones

“I bumped into a representative from a software solution company outside of one of the evening sessions at PM16. We started a conversation about the possibility of sponsorship. Unfortunately, the Paychecks and Balances podcast was not a fit at that time. Podcast Movement encouraged me to stay focused and produce the best show possible. The podcast grew a lot during this timeframe. 8 months later we signed an agreement for this same company to be a sponsor for the show!”

Paychecks and Balances

Natalie Eckdahl

“Thank you Podcast Movement! I landed my first sponsor at #PM16 by connecting with my email marketing provider AWeber in the vendor area. It has been a fabulous partnership that was only made possible by the opportunity to meet in person. Thanks again Jared and Dan for bringing us all together.”

Biz Chix

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When booking your hotel for PM17, you may find other choices besides the host hotel. However, we’d love to share with you some of the benefits to booking your room at our host hotel, using our special discounted room block.

1. Maximize Networking and Social Time with other Podcasters!
One of the key reasons podcasters attend Podcast Movement is to meet other podcasters, as well as networks, sponsors and more. By staying at the Anaheim Marriott, where almost all the other attendees are staying, you will enhance your opportunities to meet new and old faces, and share experiences and ideas.

2. Stay Where the Action Is!
Not only is the Anaheim Marriott the hotel we recommend, it’s also where every single official event will take place from Tuesday through Friday. Whether it’s the keynote talks, PM Expo, or the big Thursday Night Luau, guests of the Anaheim Marriott will be steps away from it all!

3. Special Guest Status!
As a PM17 attendee booked at the Anaheim Marriott as a part of our room block, you are considered a special guest by the hotel. Guests at the hotel receive preferred service and additional concessions negotiated by PM17. This year we’ve negotiated free use of the 24/7 fitness center, and free internet for all PM17 guests no matter where in your room, or the hotel, you’re at.

4. Stay close to what makes Anaheim Great!
While Anaheim is home to this year’s Podcast Movement, it is also home to some of the most magical places on earth. You’re steps away (two blocks) from DisneyLand Resort, and just minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. We encourage you to take advantage of the Anaheim Marriott’s premier location, and enjoy your time in Southern California.


Coming next week, we reveal more speakers coming to PM17 this summer, including another keynote announcement!

Until next week,
Team PM17

Important dates:
April 11 – Registration cost increases AT MIDNIGHT
August 22 – PMx Competition, Optional Workshops & First Timers’ orientation
August 23-25 – Podcast Movement 2017
July 24-26, 2018 – Podcast Movement 2018 (mark your calendars)

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