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Podcast Movement Virtual is coming up! REGISTER NOW


    PM20 Price Increase, Speaker Submission Deadline Extension, and More!

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    Greetings PM Family!

    Can you believe that it's March already? 2020 is flying by!

    We had a great time meeting with community members this past weekend in San Diego. We'll share a short recap, but this week's main announcements surround the extension of the PM20 speaker submission deadline and the upcoming price increase for PM20 registrations.

    All of that, plus community updates? Yes please!

    Let's March!

    PM20 Speaker Submissions Extended to This Friday Evening, March 6

    You asked and we listened! By popular demand: PM20 speaker submissions are extended to Friday evening, March 6. We already have hundreds of amazing submissions, so the bar has been set high. 

    ​​That said, we're looking for diverse and unique perspectives on common podcaster pain points, industry trends, advice for starters and professionals, and more. If you have a podcast-centric idea that you're passionate about, we encourage you to share your proposal. All of the categories have great submissions, but the technical track currently has the least (hint hint). 

    PM20 will be the largest and the best podcast community conference of the year, for the SEVENTH year in a row. We will have attendees from all over the globe! Don't miss your chance to share your expertise with the podcast world.

    Apply to Speak Here

    The calm before the storm and later on, some of the attendees from the PM Meetup in San Diego last Saturday evening!

    Our first official Podcast Movement meetup of 2020 was this past Saturday evening in San Diego, CA. The meetup attracted over 50 community members. We were even fortunate enough to be joined by Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame member and NY Times Bestselling author Scott Sigler!

    George Maurer from The Leadership List podcast had this to say:

    “It was great fun meeting other podcasters sharing ideas and advice. I learned podcasters are a very collaborative community of people. I also met two book authors who will probably be featured in future episodes of my podcast!”

    Valerie Pugsley from the Inspired Strategic Solutions video podcast had the following to say:

    “I enjoyed the ambiance and the opportunity to meet several people from various categories of podcasts. I enjoyed getting ideas from the different perspectives represented by various shows.”

    We will share more info about the upcoming meetup in Las Vegas this April, as well as the regional “Road to PM20” meetup tour coming soon! In the meantime, email [email protected] if you have interest in learning more about PM meetups for this year.

    Can We Connect on Twitter and Instagram?

    The Podcast Movement Twitter and Instagram accounts are fun, engaging, and a great place to interact throughout the week to get your podcast tip and laugh fix. Please join us on these channels if you haven't already. A special thanks to Shannon Poe from the Podcast Movement team for doing such a great job with these posts!

    PodMov Daily Recap

    The PodMov Daily newsletter is growing rapidly each week. Podcast Movement's Managing Editor Brennan Tapp is doing an awesome job. We hope you will take time to check out these curated and exclusive pieces of content every weekday! 

    • Accessibility in Podcasting: Transcribe, Support, and DIY – In an article for Forbes, Joshua Dudley calls attention to an urgent problem in mainstream podcasting: “Far too many people have to rely on third-party websites or make their own transcriptions to get the access that they need.” Podcasts without readily available transcripts miss out on “a huge potential audience that is being shut out from participating” in the medium. Dudley explores solutions to this obstacle, focusing on the work of deaf or hard-of-hearing people who are creating podcasts. Podcaster and voice actor Caroline Mincks and audio drama producer Cole Burkhardt describe their experiences working in the field. After speaking with Dudley, the two were connected and “will be producing [Mincks’] upcoming audio drama Seen and Not Heard.”
    • Voices from South America’s Growing Podcast Scene – On the podcast It’s All Journalism, producers Michael O’Connell and Nicole Ogrysko interview working journalists about the latest trends in their field. Sebastián Payán of 070 Podcasts (Colombia) and Tiago Rogero of Negra Voz (Brazil) joined the conversation about South America’s growing engagement. Among many topics Payán and Rogero discussed how Brazil has become the second-largest podcast production country in the world. “For journalism, it’s a good environment,” Rogero said. “The top 10 podcasts [in Brazil], both in Apple and Spotify, are news shows.” As Colombia’s media landscape expands, there’s been a shift in “how podcasts are funded, and how that funding is discussed,” O’Connell writes. In Colombia, Payán commented, “podcasting has become another opportunity for journalists in times of crisis. You have to really try hard to do something new.”
    • Podcast Music Licensing: Deborah Mannis-Gardner’s Expert Tips – In a piece for RAIN News, Deborah Mannis-Gardner delivers a clear overview of music licensing for podcasts. Dubbed the ‘Queen of Sample Clearance’ by Forbes, Mannis-Gardner has been a leading expert in global licensing since the 1990s and recently took over music clearances for Broken Record.

      “Music licensing for podcasts is still in its infancy, meaning the process is somewhat ill-defined and can be difficult to navigate for an independent podcaster,” Mannis-Gardner writes. The article covers synchronization licenses, the pitfalls of unreliable ‘fair use’ labels, and more essential topics.

      Services are on the way, like Soundstripe, Stationhead, and the podcastmusic.com project by SoundExchange and SourceAudio. In the meantime, Mannis-Gardner aims to “help podcasters and rights-holders come to an understanding on fair license rates that won’t break the bank.”

    We welcome you to read the PodMov Daily Newsletter if you haven't already. You can subscribe here. Also, feel free to check out our highly celebrated ambassador program.

    March is known for its madness when it comes to college basketball in the United States. However, it would also be madness to not make plans to be at Podcast Movement this summer! 

    Thank you for your diligence and desire to continue making great podcasts for the world to enjoy! We want to see you win. We are here to help.

    Keep on keepin' on, 
    Team PM

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