Exciting things are coming to Podcast Movement this summer

Happy hump day Podcast Movement family,

First off, congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles fans in our group. And whether the team you were pulling for won or lost (or even if you don’t care at all), Philadelphia is a winner, as Podcast Movement is coming to town this summer!

While we try not to make the newsletter only about Podcast Movement, this week we couldn’t help ourselves. We’ve been working hard in our offseason to put some exciting new features and additions in place, and this week we wanted to share two of those with you.

Relaxation and Recreation “Midway”

While we know most people come to Podcast Movement to learn and network, sometimes you just want to cut loose (or get lost)! For that, we offer you the Podcast Movement Midway.

Featuring arcade games, cornhole, and even air hockey, the Midway will be a fun gathering point to enjoy not only some time outside of the sessions, but also a place to hang out with old and new friends alike!

So put “stop by the Midway” on your to-do list for Podcast Movement, and come and go as you wish!

Dedicated Track Stages

A few weeks ago we let you know about some of the awesome session tracks that we have in the works, and now we’re excited to announce that we’ve taken a step to make sure that these tracks are easy to find, and easy to participate in!

For the first year ever, each track will have a dedicated stage. This means every session, all three days, on each of these six stages will have sessions dedicated to their designated track.

Looking to go to only sessions about monetization or marketing? There are stages for that. Looking to mix it up and check out a technical session, but not be confused by the volume of sessions taking place at once? Head to the Technical Stage and learn away!

Every year we’ve looked for ways to make participating in the sessions as easy as possible, and we’re excited for this step in the evolution of this goal!

Check out this year’s tracks, and start making plans to check out the sessions that are right for you!

Convince the Boss to send you to PM18

We get lots of people who come to PM each summer to try and learn new skills that could be applicable at their job. Each year more and more people ask us to put something together for them to try to pitch their employer on the benefits of attending Podcast Movement.

So we’re excited to present a template that you can use to share with your boss the benefits of joining us this summer. Check out the document here.

Podcast Articles, Happenings and Tips

  • PM17 Keynote Speaker and host of Lore, Aaron Mahnke recently put together what he describes as 10 Super Sassy Podcasting Tips. Aaron certainly knows a thing or two about creating a successful show, so this list is probably worth your time.
  • We know that podcast advertising is as lucrative as creators and advertisers alike had hoped for the big shows and networks. However, where is the love for the smaller podcasts? RadioPublic, the for-profit spinoff of public radio marketplace PRX, knows smaller podcasters are being shut out as the industry grows, which is why its new Paid Listens program will guarantee payments to podcasters on RadioPublic, regardless of their audience size.
  • The awesome crew over at Bello Collective have deemed February 6 (yesterday) “International ‘Review Your Favorite Podcast and Support the Makers of Things That Bring You Joy’ day”. We support supporting creators, so check out their article and join the good cause!
  • Our friends at SpareMin (a social video editing tool for podcasters) are giving away an “Ultimate Podcast Starter Kit”, where the winner will receive over $800 in podcasting goodies, including a ticket to Podcast Movement, a mic and headphones, podcast hosting, customized cover art, voice over and editing for your podcast, and more. Check out the contest, and enter here.

Don’t miss out on any of the fun taking place at the PM Midway, or the learning on our dedicated track stages!

Register for Podcast Movement during our Early Bird Sale, and don’t miss any of the fun.

Community Milestone Celebrations

We try to regularly celebrate milestones in the Podcast Movement Facebook community. Here is a short list of community members who are celebrating cool wins for their show. Please share your milestone here.

“I’ve interviewed 500 women for my podcast!” – Sheena Yap Chan (The Tao of Self Confidence)

“We just launched our new podcast and are getting way more notice and positive feedback than expected. Seems like we stuck a nerve.” – Jamie Slingerland (Entrepreneurial Family Man Podcast)

“We recently celebrated our 400th episode on Outlier On Air. We had Andy Weir, NYT Best-Selling Author of The Martian and Artemis.” – Ever Gonzalez (Outlier On Air)

“The Zweig Letter just passed 100 episodes.” – Randy Wilburn (The Zweig Letter)

“The Personal Profitability Podcast recently passed 30,000 downloads.” – Eric Rosenberg (Personal Profitability Podcast)

“My one year anniversary! My goal start date was Valentine’s Day but I made it four days early.” – Shanda Heilman (Simply Make it Count)

“Ivy Envy starts our 10th season of podcasting on the Chicago Cubs.” – Corey Fineran (Ivy Envy)

Community Meetup Reminder

Orlando Meetup – The PM community meetup in Orlando will take place this Saturday evening, February 10 from 7 pm to 10 pm. The meetup will be at Kings Dining & Entertainment – Orlando, 8255 International Dr, Orlando, FL 32819. This is about a ten minute walk for anyone that is in town staying at the Wyndham hotel.

San Diego Meetup – Team PM will be in San Diego for Social Media Marketing World at the end of the month. We are hosting a PM community meetup on Tuesday evening, February 27 from 7pm to 10pm PT. Please make plans to join us if you are in the area or if you have podcast friends who are in the vicinity.

Next week we are excited to shine the spotlight on several of our Podcast Movement community members as a tribute to Black History Month. If you know of a podcaster in our community that should be recognized, please let us know!

Looking forward to next week,
Team PM18

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