Ignite Podcast Movement, Podcast Pavilion and Podcast Pickup Lines!

This week we are announcing Ignite Podcast Movement, the PM17 Podcast Pavilion, and sharing some of the best Podcast Pickup Lines from the Podcast Movement Community Facebook Group.

It Starts with a Spark
Five Minute Talks

PM alum John Lee Dumas from EOFire always starts out his podcast by asking his guests if they are prepared to Ignite. Podcast Movement can honestly say that this summer we are prepared to Ignite, but not quite the way that you might be expecting.

We are excited to bring the popular Ignite event to
Podcast Movement on Tuesday evening, August 22!

Ignite is a unique speaking event where a series of speakers get on stage for five minutes each to share a Spark. A Spark is a 5 minute talk that consists of 20 slides. Each slide is on a 15 second auto advance. Ready or not, the next slide is on the way!

Each Spark is designed to educate and entertain. You, the attendees of Podcast Movement, vote and choose who gets on stage! Each speaker learns the rules, submits a topic, and then you vote for your favorites. The top voted speakers make it on the main Podcast Movement stage for Ignite! But the real winners are those who show up, enjoy the Sparks – and maybe a drink ticket – at Podcast Movement.

Example Ignite Talk – https://youtu.be/iRSOpxjRJUI?t=30s

Do you want a chance to speak on the main stage at PM17? If so, please fill out the speaker submission form here.

PM gets its own
Podcast Pavilion!

Podcast Movement has always been a great place to talk about and learn about podcasting, but we’ve always lacked in opportunities to actually podcast…until now!

While we received a great response from the podcast booth at our previous events, this year with the help of TalkShoe, we’re introducing the PM17 Podcast Pavilion! You’ll have the opportunity to sign up to record your podcast live, from the middle of the action, and stream it live via the TalkShoe platform. PM alumni Steve Stewart will be at the helm, and it will be a blast.

We’re also excited to announce that the stations will feature microphones from our friends at Shure, and you’ll be able to enter to win these same microphones free in the coming weeks!

Stay tuned to future newsletters to learn how you can sign up to do your podcast live from PM this summer.

Don’t miss out on the fun Tuesday Night events, recording live at the Podcast Pavilion, and of course Podcast Movement’s workshops, panels and sessions!


The Podcast Movement Community Facebook Group always has ongoing educational and informative conversations about all things podcasting. This past weekend was no different, as a lively discussion ensued regarding “Podcast Pickup Lines”.

Here are a few that made us laugh:

“You and my podcast have a lot in common. You can both be found in the “What’s Hot” section.” – Jeff Brown

“Did it hurt when you fell from SoundCloud?” – Gary Leland

“Baby, if you were a podcast, I’d subscribe to you on every device I own.” – Jason Velazquez

“Why don’t you back that RSS up on over here?” – Aaron Weinbaum

“I’ll show you my downloads if you show me yours” – Edie Berg

“Want to come over and eat a Blue Apron meal? I have an offer code.” – Bryan Orr

“I’ll need a two-factor authentication, because you are unreal” – Jon Harrison

“I’d share an earbud with you”. – Daniel J Lewis

“All your links are pretty links.” – Cesar Abeid

“Would you like to record in PERSON or do a DOUBLE ENDER?” – Unknown

Do you have any good podcast pickup lines? Feel free to share them or participate in other podcasting related conversations in the Podcast Movement Community Facebook Group!

We have more exciting announcements coming next week including, including a slew of new speakers, another new addition to the PM experience, and more!

Until then,
Team PM17

Important dates:
April 25 – Registration cost increases AT MIDNIGHT

August 22 – PMx Competition, Optional Workshops, First Timers’ orientation, Ignite Podcast Movement, and more!

August 23-25 – Podcast Movement 2017

July 24-26, 2018 – Podcast Movement 2018 (mark your calendars)

15 Days 2 Hours 15 Minutes 41 Seconds until the Holiday Sale ends!