A new beginning: The Podcast Movement newsletter

We’re so excited to welcome you to the first (of the new-era) of Podcast Movement newsletters.

As you might know, we regularly send out emails that discuss all things related to the Podcast Movement conference, but sometimes it feels like all we talk about is the event. But the truth is, we feel like Podcast Movement is so much more than a conference… it’s a true movement of podcasters and of the podcast industry.

So that’s why we’re “relaunching” the newsletter into something that will of course still keep you up to date on the latest happenings in PM land, but will also let you know what else is happening in the larger community.

If you have something that you think would make a great story or article for a future PM Weekly newsletter, let us know!

In the Community – Podcast Movement Meetups

We’ve travelled the country the past few weeks, and got to hang out with lots of members of the community along the way! Check out a few shots from a few of them.

Washington DC

The PM Community meetup was held at Open City DC. All types of podcasts were represented, including Military Law MattersData DrivenBrookings Cafeteria and The True Voyage Soundcast.

Jas Hands from the popular The Brown Liquor Report said:

“DC meetup was like a finely blended cocktail. One part: exploring how I’ve found this kind of medium to be the best vehicle for our stories and views, to one part: listening to others from locally-based shows, with totally different interests, share how their style of storytelling. Blend well and serve over mics. The meet up broadened my horizons on what podcasting can be and I can’t wait to see what else Podcast Movement has in store.”


The meetup in Philadelphia had a really cool ambience courtesy of the Garces Trading Company on Locust St! Huge shoutout to Ryan Martin of Wealthadelphia for helping us to set this up.

This meetup had some podcast veterans on hand to share their perspective with newer podcasters. Learning from Christina Philburn of Whiskycast (active for over 12 years) was a treat!

Shoutout to Gabriella Vargas, Michael Szubrowski (Time is Me), Jessica Kupferman (She Podcasts), Erik Harbison (Aweber) and Matthew Passy (Pod to Pod) for making it a fun night!


Is everything actually bigger in Texas? As far as Podcast Movement Community meetups go, the answer was yes!. Four Corners Brewery provided an excellent location that not only brought together podcasters from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area, but as well as multiple other states and even other countries!

“I enjoyed the fun event and amazing networking” – Tatiana Smith (Talking Off the Couch)

“It was great getting together with so many talented folks.” – Ronei Harden-Moroney (Coffee Talk w/ Ronei)

“It was a blast! Had so much fun seeing everyone!” – Kimberly Brown Cain (the Naked Vibes Show)

If you’d like to host an official Podcast Movement meetup in your town, email us!

In the News – Meet the people who listen to podcasts at super-fast speeds

We’ve heard stories of podcast listeners who like to listen to podcasts at 1.5x or 2.0x speed, but we learned from Buzzfeed that some people listen even faster. And we were surprised to learn that your brain might thank you for it!

Spotlight – Inside a successful niche podcast launch

PM Community member Jeremy Enns helped fellow podcaster Hayley Akins launch her new show, Motion Hatch. He put together a great writeup and case-study detailing the methods he used to help get it off the ground.

Toolbox – Formatting your show notes, and knowing how they look in apps that your listeners are using?

Alban from Buzzsprout recently shared with us a tutorial he put together to help podcasters learn basic HTML to use in their show notes. Then a few days later, James Cridland wrote a great (and detailed) article comparing how these show notes look in many of the different listening apps our audiences are using. Both are well worth your time to check out!

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