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This week’s newsletter kicks off with a big PM18 announcement. We are thrilled to introduce a new track to our session offerings starting this year in Philadelphia. One of our goals when we held the first PM in 2014 was to be an event for the community, and we think this new track reflects that not only in the content it will cover, but in the way the idea came about!

The suggestion for this new category came from one of the most respected members of the podcast community, Podcast Hall of Famer Elsie Escobar. We asked Elsie if she would be willing to share some of the backstory and heart behind her encouraging us to add this track.

Every year, the conversation about the podcasting industry expands.

Mainstream media continues to pay attention.

Public media recognizes its power to re-ignite a stagnant industry through podcasting.

Money is being poured into emerging companies that are looking to shake things up in the space.

Existing media companies are adding serious support to podcasts.

Premium newsletters, blogs, Medium articles, and more continue to cover the podcasting space, but something is still missing.

The root of podcasting is in its continued impact on society, culture and new media and its ability to give a voice to those that are often left voiceless.

As podcasting matures, the industry is ready, and has been prepared to bring forward more impactful conversations beyond discussing:

  • How to make a podcast?
  • What gear do you need?
  • How do you get more listeners?
  • What are the viable business models?

But more importantly, the Podcasting Industry can handle expanding the conversation beyond advertising and new ways to measure downloads.

That is not to say that the above subjects are not relevant. They are and will continue to be, but it’s time to strengthen the conversation.

Podcasters have a history of being culture shifters, change makers, fringe dwellers, and risk takers. There is a wealth of podcasts out there that have had a massive impact on society, culture, inclusion, diversity and creating communities of belonging.

This year, Podcast Movement leads the industry by offering the opportunity to podcasters whose work is heavily embedded in social and cultural topics, serving underrepresented populations and to those addressing social justice issues through podcasting by adding another session track: Society, Culture & Advocacy!

For those of you that know first hand the power of podcasting through the content of your show, how it’s created access for those that often aren’t being heard, the power of communities of inclusion and belonging, share your wisdom with the Podcasting Industry.

Your expertise is necessary! Apply to speak today.

To hear more from Elsie, check her out on She Podcasts and Libsyn’s The Feed.

Podcast Articles, Happenings and Tips

  • Are you a podcaster looking for guests, or looking to be a guest on other shows? If so, please review and comment on this post in our FB group!
  • The ABC television network has a new comedy series about podcasting that is loosely based on the story of Alex Blumberg’s creation of Gimlet Media (as shared in Season 1 of the podcast Startup). The trailer for Alex, Inc is funny, so definitely check it out if you need a laugh.
  • Pandora launched its Apple Music competitor last spring. Now it sounds like building the “podcast genome project”, and helping podcasters monetize their shows more easily is next on their radar!
  • For community members Seth Resler’s podcast, he uses a number of production elements — called “sweepers” in the radio industry — to separate segments. If you’ve ever wondered how you make these types of production elements, here are his examples.
  • Tell Buzzfeed about the podcasts that you absolutely love and want others to listen to (aka. have a listener or buddy recommend your show), and it might be featured in their 2018 BuzzFeed podcast list.

Podcast Movement is for the community, and if you’re getting this, you’re included. Secure your place at PM with the Super Early Bird Discount Registration Sale, going on now.

Register for a low price, and don’t miss any of the fun.

We encourage you to consider submitting a presentation for PM18 in Philadelphia if you haven’t already! Also, remember to invite a friend that is interested in starting a podcast to join the free 28 Day Challenge starting on Feb 1.

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