Do you have what it takes to speak at Podcast Movement 2019?

Greetings PM Family,

Today is an exciting day for everyone in the Podcast Movement household! Each year in January, we open the doors to the PM Speaker Submission Portal, giving members of the community the opportunity to take the stage at Podcast Movement. While many large conferences have done away with an open submission process like this, we continue to do this to keep the event focused 100% on the podcaster community. However, please be warned that this is an example of “many are called, but few are chosen.”

This week’s newsletter will give you some insight into the PM19 Speaker Submission process, touch on the upcoming POC meetup discussions for PM19 that you are invited to be a part of (lead by Simplecast), and a chat about what it means to be a resilient podcaster!

Shall we begin?

Podcast Movement continues to grow, and we’re on pace for this year’s event to be the largest of them all. Naturally, this means that we will have more opportunities for you to learn, collaborate, and possibly SPEAK!

Have you heard the story about the frightened turtle? The turtle kept his head in its shell because it was afraid to take any steps. We know that a turtle cannot move unless it sticks its neck outside of its shell.

Don’t be like the frightened turtle. You are invited to be brave and stick your neck out there, take a step, and land yourself on one of the PM19 stages. However, the PM19 Speaker Submission process has some perceived myths. Let’s take a moment to debunk those myths quickly.

“I am new to podcasting and not sure that I am qualified to speak at PM19.”
Everyone has to start somewhere. You may be a few weeks into your podcast, but this particular chapter of the experience is crucial to others who are wanting to launch a show as well. You are navigating post-launch and finding solutions to questions that fellow new podcasters will likely run into. A lot of the podcast hosts who have been doing this for a long time have forgotten some of the initial steps in the beginning. The tools to get started continue to be updated. The resources available now were not as simple or even possible to other podcasters in the past. Your knowledge is valuable.

“I don’t want to create a solo presentation, but I don’t mind moderating or being on a panel.”
We welcome you to fill out the form! PM19 needs speakers for various types of stages and sessions.

“I just learned about Podcast Movement, and I should be a speaker this year’s event, but I have never attended before.”
We applaud your enthusiasm! Please note, the selection committee does look favorably upon speakers that have a proven track record of supporting the event and the podcast community as a whole. If you have never attended Podcast Movement before, it may make sense to consider registering, and you’ll receive a full refund if selected as a breakout speaker, or a partial refund if chosen as a panelist. Of course this is not a requirement, but our attendees love speakers who they know, like and trust.

“I should speak at Podcast Movement, but I’ve never had a podcast.”
We encourage everyone to share their experiences at Podcast Movement. However, the primary focus of the event is podcasting, and the best value for our stages will likely need to come from existing podcasters with various levels of skill. If your goal is to get your product or service in front of podcasters, we encourage you to consider a booth in the expo hall!

To get more details, or discuss exceptions,you are welcome to send an e-mail to us and we’d be happy to chat. Of course, if you still think you’d be a fit to speak at PM19, then please proceed with the speaker submission form. The selection committee is very picky though (we are talking about Simon Cowell picky). Please use your best judgement, and don’t look back!

We are sure that other questions exist and you are welcome to send them our way.

Do you have what it takes to speak at Podcast Movement 2019?

Now, let’s get to the fun part! One of the biggest factors for being selected to present on stage is to be creative and detailed with the submission process.

The selection committee frowns upon repurposed sessions from other conferences and regional events. Our attendees join us from around the world for Podcast Movement, and they expect the best of the best. We don’t want them seeing a presentation they’ve already seen, or something canned that they can find twelve places online.

They get sad when submittors did not take the time to review and understand the rules up front. You may be excited to sell your product from the PM19 stage if selected. Did you know that the rules do not allow this (even for paid sponsors)? #ItsGettingReal

Please do your best to use your imagination, innovation, and individuality in the submission form.

We ask you do select a Track for your session. We receive the most submissions for the Marketing and Monetization tracks, and thus they are the most competitive.

You will improve your chances of being selected to speak if the focus of your presentation is on topics that fit into some of the other tracks, including the Technical Track, and the Society, Culture and Advocacy track.

What’s that? Your Marketing and Monetization sessions are killer? Then bring it on! We look for great topics all over!

PM strongly supports inclusion. Your perspective (regardless of the level of skill) needs to be shared & heard. Other podcasters like you and the individuals in your circles need to see you, and hear your voice. It matters. It is also essential that you have an opportunity & supportive environment to meet people from larger organizations that have the platforms & resources to help you.

You may be saying to yourself this moment, “I am the turtle who is willing to stick out my neck and make a move. I want to submit my presentation right now!”

Please remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare. The rabbit didn’t take the race seriously. The turtle took his time. Do you remember the outcome?

You now have the information that will help to “complete and win the race”. Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, I give you the PM19 Speaker Submission Form!

Not interested in speaking, but want to make sure you don’t miss any of the talks?

You’re not alone. Nearly 3,000 podcasters and industry professionals from around the world are in your shoes, and they will be there doing just that!


And if you DO plan on submitting to speak, those selected to lead panels and breakout sessions get their registration cost fully refunded. There’s nothing to lose!

We just put together a new highlight video from last year’s big PM18 event…it gets us pumped for August, what about you?

PM19 Podcasters of Color Meetup Discussions

Podcast Movement is honored to team up with Simplecast to host this year’s POC meetup at PM19. Dane Cardiel from Simplecast has shared with us the following open letter.

I’d like to invite all podcasters of color in this community to a series of conversations to plan for #PM19’s Podcasters of Color Networking Event.

This year, Simplecast is partnering with Podcast Movement for this great event, and I’m excited by the opportunity to begin a discussion EARLY about how this can benefit such a fantastic community of creators. I’ll be hosting a series of discussions this month to talk about what you want out of #PM19, what you want out of this networking event, and more generally, how can our industry work toward not falling into the same traps video and other content mediums have before with under-serving creators of color.

If you’re interested in participating, please fill out the form, and I will be in touch shortly.…

If you have any questions, thoughts, or feedback that can’t wait, shoot me an email ([email protected]).

Thanks, Y’all!

Podcasts are sponsoring roads now! Thanks to Laura Petersen for sharing this pic.


  • The Podcast Movement meetup in Seattle, WA on Friday, January 18 will be the hot spot this winter in the Pacific Northwest! Seriously, we already have over 50 people planning to attend. We’ve had a blast at meetups with less than half that size in attendance. We are meeting up with fellow hosts from every type of possible niche at Optimism Brewery from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm PT. Please encourage your podcaster friends in the area to join us!
  • If you are planning to attend the 2019 NAMM show in Anaheim on January 24 – 27, please let us know! PM Co-Founder Jared Easley will be participating and would love to grab a coffee or possibly (likely) interview you for his podcast. Don’t be tricked into purchasing his coffee.

Final Thoughts: Resilience

One day a very lonely and single frog went to a fortune teller to see what his fortune would be. The fortune teller told the lonely frog “don’t worry because soon you are going to meet someone who will want to know everything about you… everything about you.

The frog was excited to hear that he was going to meet someone that wanted to know everything about him, so he asked the fortune teller ”when will I meet this special someone?”. That is when the psychic said, “you’re going to meet them next semester in Biology class.”

2018 may have left you feeling like that unlucky & lonely frog. You might feel dissected, dejected & disconnected. Last year may not have been the good fortune in life or podcasting that you hoped it could be.

It can be difficult to stay positive during these seasons in life, much less focus on resolutions for the upcoming months.

The desire from our team is to encourage you to consider focusing on resilience, instead of resolutions this year.

Your podcasting efforts will likely be tested in 2019. The numbers may not be where you want them to be. The audience engagement seems to have disappeared (or never was there from the beginning). The show that you love doing so much will present challenges that may cause you to question if the effort is worth it.

These situations and moments give us the opportunity to work through difficult times. It helps us to relate to others in similar situations. We find ourselves in positions where we do not always know the answers and need help.

The Podcast Movement community exists for that reason. The members of this alliance are battle tested. As a group, they are special someones that may not know everything about you, but they do know everything about podcasting.

The encouragement, connections, and insights from this brigade will help you and your podcast to be resilient through the days of good fortune and the times of lonely & unlucky frogs.

You belong here. We are grateful that you are a part of this collaborative spirit and circle of synergy. If you resolve to do anything this month and the next, we hope that it will be to practice resilience.

Keep sharing,
Team PM19

“Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment.” Jim Horning

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