Happy Early Mother’s Day from Team PM

Mother’s’ Day Spotlight, More Speaker Announcements and Industry/Community Updates!

Greetings PM Family,

We try our best to share some updates and insights each week using a theme, attempt at humor, as well as a few puns. The goal is always to relay information in a fun way. This week we take this opportunity to honor Mother’s Day. If you haven’t already, please text your mom, or any other mother figure in your life, a Happy Mother’s Day (Note: Sending Flowers is better).

Mother’s Day

We have a lot of reasons to show love to our moms including their ability to be patient, tell stories, listening skills (some podcasters could learn from these), and not to mention that we wouldn’t be here without them!

We have a number of amazing mothers in this community. We will acknowledge a few of them, share some additional speakers for PM19 and review some industry/community updates!

A special thank you to fathers, mother figures, and those without children as well!

Podcast Movement has a great appreciation and respect for all parent figures. We understand that some fathers are pulling double duty as a parent, and oftentimes there are other family members or friends play the role of mother. We appreciate your contributions to your family!

We also want to extend a lot of love and gratitude to our community members who do not have children, either by choice or otherwise. We recognize you, and you are valued and belong in this community.

“I’m going to count to three…” – Mom

Mother’s Day PM Family Spotlight

Our team loves to shine the spotlight on members of the community. We wish that we could highlight everyone. Here are a few mothers from the PM family that we celebrate this mother’s day. We hope that you will send them a word of encouragement. We also hope that you will show kindness and appreciation to fellow mothers not just in our community, but in your network as well (not to mention your own families).

Emily VotrubaPodcaster Intros, Outros and Music – Emily helps podcasters with their intros and outros. She is a super talented musician as well. She battles Multiple Sclerosis, but that does not hold her back at all. PM is proud to support this rising star (we hired her for VO work with PM18). We appreciate her involvement in our community. We encourage you to reach out to Emily if you need help with your podcast intros and outros.

Heather VickeryThe Brave Files Podcast – Heather Vickery is an award-winning business owner and Success Coach. She leverages her entrepreneurial skills and expertise to coach individuals towards greater personal and professional fulfillment. A celebrated public speaker, Heather inspires audiences and empowers attendees with the tools they need to choose bravely and live courageously. The mom of four is the author of Gratitude Journal: Shift Your Focus, and she’s the executive producer and host of The Brave Files Podcast.

Suzette R. VearnonEnough Factor Podcast – Suzette is a relationship solutionist with a MusicMath approach to relating. Suzette’s story did not have a fairy tale start but had a fairy tale ending. With two failed marriages and a proclivity towards unavailable men, the likelihood that she would have the true love she so deeply desired was minuscule at best. It wasn’t until she felt compelled to seek help that she began to connect the dots. True love was not a result of meeting someone else’s ideal; it was singing her song and trusting that the right man would hear it. With this, she marched back into the dating world and this time, met the man who is now her dream husband.

Mary Peterson CookThe Indulgent Life Podcast – Mary strives to provide resources and inspiration to help her listeners live an indulgent life. The podcast is an opportunity to learn how to respectfully parent your child and encourage them to learn in a way that is fun and natural.

Sandy WesselThe Working Mom Podcast – Sandy felt there was a support system missing for working moms. She was a stay at home mom for a short time due to a layoff. Sandy found many support groups to join during that time. Once she returned to work, she saw a severe lack of support systems for mothers like herself. Sandy created support, encouragement, and a place to overcome struggles through her podcast The Working Mom.

Brittney WalkerRaising Arizona Kids – Brittney is getting ready to launch a parenting podcast hopefully this month! She stays busy with her family (6 children) and her work with Raising Arizona Kids.

Kiana BaldwinBoy Mom Hustle Podcast – Kiana is a Solo Boymom of a three-year-old boy named Dash. She created the Boy Mom Hustle podcast when ready to work for herself. She wanted to create a non-judgment zone to help other parents have a more relaxed day.

Alice YooSkylar Yoo Brand – Alice is starting a mental health podcast which is about thriving people who have experiences in mental illness. She wants to show people that you can have a mental illness and still live a life you love. Alice is one of our most generous contributors to the Podcast Movement Facebook Community.

Jenipher Lyn GallardoRainy Day Diaries Podcast – Jenipher Lyn is an artist, author & podcast host who believes the more genuine encouragement in the world, the better! Her purpose in life is to help others feel less alone in this world. She accomplishes this in her artwork, her mental wellness podcast for creatives, Rainy Day Dairies & her empowering new book, “Find Your Rainbow.”
She can be found drawing and eating cupcakes in the middle of Florida with her amazing husband, new baby, Oliver, and her enormous cat.

Darece HiattBreaking Chains: Surviving to Thriving the Real Stories (coming soon) – Darece’s podcast will deal with recovery and being a sexual assault survivor. She plans to have guests on and will do interviews on these topics.

PM19 is One Proud Mother – Speaker SelectionsPM19 Speakers PagePM19 is like a proud mother every week as we continue to brag (perhaps “share” is a better word) more awesome speakers and panelists added to this summer’s lineup! We’ve included more industry leaders from amazing podcasts and podcasting organizations! We are eager to learn from each of them at Podcast Movement!


“Don’t Make a Mess In The Kitchen” – Mom / Industry and Community Updates

Acast Access

  • Acast Launches Acast Access to Make Paywalled Podcasts Available on Any Player – An Article by Anthony Ha – Acast is launching a new way for publishers to put their podcasts behind a paywall. Acast will be at Podcast Movement this summer, so make sure to say hello!

Pacific Content and Rogers Media

  • Pacific Content acquired by Rogers Media – An Article by Steve Pratt – Pacific Content will continue to operate the way it always has. Pacific Content plans to leverage resources from Rogers Media to deliver more value to their clients and a lot of career opportunities for their team members. We’re excited to have Steve speaking at PM19 this summer, so seek him out to congratulate the team!

  • Spotify Tests Placing Podcast Episodes Alongside Music Recommendations – An Article by Ashley Carman – Spotify is introducing the Daily Drive, which features curated music that fits your interests. Alongside the songs will be short news podcasts. We’re partnering with Spotify for some cool things this August at Podcast Movement, so keep an eye out and plan on meeting them this summer!

“So, I Stepped Away for Like Two Seconds…” – The Beginning of Most Good Mom Stories

Podcasts can be like small children. We can learn a lot of great lessons from mothers that apply to be a better steward for our podcasts. Let’s remember to show appreciation to our mothers, and the mother figures in our lives, in the meantime.

Let’s remember to show compassion and kindness for the women around us who may not have children (either by choice or otherwise).

Mother’s Day is not just a time to celebrate our mom, but to also put into practice the characteristics learned from her. We will be wise to apply these lessons daily and to those that we come in contact with through our podcasts and communities.

Happy (early) Mother’s Day,

Team PM

“To describe my mother would be to write about a hurricane in its perfect power. Or the climbing, falling colors of a rainbow.” — Maya Angelou

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