Something to Celebrate During Tax Season

Tax Season, Speaker Submissions, and Industry/Community Updates

Greetings PM Family,

April 15 is right around the corner which means one thing to those in the United States: it’s National Tax Day. This is the day individual income tax returns are due to be submitted to the federal government.

Some citizens associate it with the dread of rushing to fill out complicated forms and, perhaps, making a payment to Uncle Sam.

But for most, it’s not that bad. Aside from the complicated forms, tax season generates $300 billion in tax refunds each year, a significant boost to the U.S. economy.

Do you see where this is going? You guessed it! This week’s newsletter has a Tax theme. We’ll cover some essential PM19 speaker selection updates, and community and industry updates as well.

No withholding, let’s get to it!

Filing Status: PM19 Speaker Selection Updates

We mentioned that tax day is not a favorite day for some people, but good news for others. We have to be honest with you about one of our favorite and least favorite parts of being on the Podcast Movement team.

The Podcast Movement Speaker Selection process is extremely difficult for our team, which includes both our full time staff, as well as a generous team of volunteer reviewers. These folks on the selection committee are tasked with a very difficult objective. This year, the selections were even more challenging due to nearly 800 submissions, with only around 70 speaking spots available to fill.

The team spent weeks pouring through the presentation proposals. It was exciting to see so many new and existing voices in the community with so many worthy topics and ideas. Naturally, this created a problem due to the limitation of opportunities on the stage. How do we say yes to some, and no to others, when it is easy to argue that almost all of them are high quality?

We made the selections the best that we could, and sent e-mails out last week letting everyone who submitted know what the decision was. We had numerous responses that were excited by the good news, and then of course others of disappointment.

If you are reading this and you are not sure if you were selected or not, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

  • Exemption: If you got a “No”, a few final spots could still become available – You read that correctly. Over the 4+ months between now and Podcast Movement, it is safe to bet things will inevitably change, and some of the selected sessions will fall through for various reasons. When this happens, we revisit the sessions initially declined to find speakers to fill those slots. We will reach out to the selected individuals as this occurs.
  • If you are reading this and did not submit, and all the above does not pertain to you, here’s why we think it’s important: the sessions you’ll be participating in at Podcast Movement 2019 are not just thrown together ones. They are very well thought out, with hours of preparation already taking place from the speakers, presenters, and panelists. This is how we can be confident that when you attend PM19, you’re in for the most educational experience in podcasting.

We are eager to share with you the sessions and speakers for PM19 starting in next week’s newsletter. We appreciate your patience, and promise that the presentations selected are indeed among the best offered over our six years of organizing this event.

The Audit: Industry and Community Updates

She Podcasts

  • Congratulations to longtime PM supporters and community members Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman – Elsie and Jessica recently reached their goal on their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for the She Podcasts group. We are excited about their win and wish them the best!


  • Recommendation from PM Community Member Eric Hunley – We appreciate suggestions from our community. Eric is a long time supporter of Podcast Movement. He recently found the following YouTube channel and wanted to let fellow podcasters know about this free resource.

Jimmy and the Magic Pizza Shop

  • Jimmy and the Magic Pizza ShopAn Article by Dan Misener
    A parable for non-technical people who want to understand the podcast industry’s move towards IAB 2.0 compliance.

  • 5 Things Podcasters Need To Know About Taxes – This is an older article from Blubrry, but still has some helpful insights for podcasters during tax season.

Contributions: NYC Meetup This Past Week

Special thanks to everyone that attended the meetup. It was great to see community members like Lee Uehara, Roseangel Perez, Monica Rivera, Shevelle McPherson, Colleen Batchelder, Shoniqua Alleyne, Tyson Hartnet, Ari and Matana Poupko Jacobs, Corey Boutilier, and many more!

The Balance

We were bummed to delay some speaker announcements this week, but we will not leave you hanging. We look forward to sharing some PM19 speakers starting next week. In the meantime, we always love interacting with you through our online community, upcoming meetups and we look forward to the possibility of seeing you at Podcast Movement this summer!

Personal(ly) interest(ed),

Team PM

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