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    Thanksgiving: “It's all fun and games until your jeans don't fit.”

    Greetings PM Family,

    October is Octover and November is here! We’ll address the Christmas tree next month, but today's newsletter is all about the poul-tree.

    November represents an opportunity to express gratitude in many ways. You may decide not to shave this month, or to put your lights up and listen to holiday music a little bit early. To many in the United States, the Thanksgiving holiday is a time to come together and enjoy a meal with loved ones.

    We're Thankful to Voxnest for the Live Stage at PM19

    Wait what? What's a PM19 Live Stage?

    With the growing interest in live streaming in the podcast space, Voxnest is a natural partner for Podcast Movement as it takes the next logical step: adding live streaming to the Live Stage at PM19. Using technology first launched by Voxnest in Spreaker Studio, Podcast Movement will be broadcasting all the sessions taking place on the Live Stage in real-time. A first for the event, the live discussions will offer audiences an engaging and immersive experience, no matter where they are.

    More details to come…but rest assured it won't be a turkey!

    Would you be thankful to get some feedback on your podcast?

    Three podcasters will get the chance to have their episode critiqued on an episode of Tuned In, Dialed Up, in a conversation with Wil and Gavin — and then have their episode on the Tuned In, Dialed Up feed. Applications are open all of November! Learn more and apply here.

    A Podcast Publication like Pecan Pie

    On November 19, Streamline Publishing is launching The Podcast Business Journal. As you may have guessed from the title, the online publication will focus on the business of podcasting, with headlines being delivered daily to your inbox. You can register hereIf you're a business owner, you can send all company press releases now to [email protected].

    Podcast Movement 2019 is 9 Months Away…
    but it's not too early to book your hotel room!

    Hold the cranberry sauce and stuffing, why should I book already?

    We've negotiated a special rate at our host hotel (and home of all PM19 sessions and activities), and our room block sells out every year!



    Giving Back: PRX to Lead Google Podcasts creator program

    Opportunity alert: PRX is offering up to $40K in funding and intensive training and mentorship from the best in the business through their global podcast accelerator. They are looking for fresh ideas from underrepresented voices in the industry, and are open to pitches from around the world and in any language. Both new and existing podcasts are welcome.

    Applications are due Nov. 18.

    About Those Turkeys

    The traditional Thanksgiving meal usually features Turkey. Turkeys can also represent a number of things ranging from excellence in bowling to a less than favorable nickname. We asked members of the PM community to share some “ Turkeys,” or things about podcasting that are disadvantageous.

    “I think after the dust settles and you get an episode out, regardless of what you say about it not mattering having a lot of listens, not getting a lot of listens is a humbling experience, but keeping realistic expectations helps keep one in check. And that is the only turkey I’ve encountered on this very cool journey thus far.” – Tony Testa – Finding Subjects Podcast

    “It's hard to find something to dislike about podcasting, because each episode you learn and improve and can fix what you don't like. I'd have to say some of the technical aspects get tedious – analytics type stuff I'm not super nerdy about. But it's such a fun journey and that defuses pretty much any issue :)” – Devani Anjali Alderson – i Create Daily podcast

    “I've experienced various frustrations with “peer to peer” recording solutions! However, I'm very encouraged by SquadCast in my early poking around; I plan to keep my Zencastr account open because I like that solution too, and I have found it is necessary to have two services.” – David Michael Quinones – Bird Road Podcast

    Where can I share my thoughts on this topic?

    We welcome you to share your “turkeys” in the Podcast Movement Community Facebook Group! At least we can all agree that podcasting is awesome even with a few turkeys.

    Upcoming Podcast Movement Community Meetups!

    Community meetups are currently being planned for Seattle, WA (January 2019), Anaheim, CA (January 2019), San Diego, CA (March 2019), Orlando, FL (March 2019), Las Vegas, NV (April 2019) and London, England (April 2019). We will share more information regarding dates and locations soon.

    You don't have to look very far to experience the angry spirit in our culture. We hope that this month will serve as a reminder not to be swept away by it all and not to focus on the voices clamoring around us day to day. Instead, we look to reaffirm a belief in the goodness of life, truth and this wonderful community! We choose to be thankful.

    Team PM

    “Podcasters during Thanksgiving are all about that baste, no treble”. – Gary Leland

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