PM Celebrates Women’s History Month + She Podcasts!

Women's History Month

March is known for a number of things. March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day may immediately come to mind for some, but did you know that it is also Women’s History Month!?!

We love and appreciate all of the women in the Podcast Movement family. We wish that we could give shoutouts to all of them in this newsletter, but that would make for one long post! Instead, we will do for a few what we wish we could do for so many!

In this newsletter we highlight ten women podcasters that rock, and announce the involvement of two of them at this years event in Anaheim!

Jaime Legagneur

10) Jaime Legagneur

One of our favorite podcasters that we met this year. Jaime has great energy and LOVES podcasting! She can’t get enough. You cannot miss her enthusiasm when you check out her show Curve the Cube which shares inspirational and motivational stories. Jaime is also the organizer for the Palm Beach podcasters meetup in South Florida! Definitely connect with Jaime at PM17 if you want to laugh, take a goofy picture and make a new best friend!

Josie Ong

9) Josie Ong

Josie Ong is the host of the popular Affirmation Pod show which is a podcast for self care and reflection. Josie uses affirmations, meditations, visualizations and actionable tips to help listeners to manage negative thinking, limiting beliefs and their inner critic effectively and consistently. Josie is also the organizer for the Vancouver Podcasters Meetup in British Columbia! Josie’s little boy is adorable as well.

Leah Darrow

8) Leah Darrow

You may recognize Leah Darrow as a reality show contestant from America’s Next Top Model. Leah is now the host of the Do Something Beautiful podcast which shares stories from inspirational people that add true beauty to the world! A recent review had this to say about Leah’s show, “A great podcast for finding true beauty in a world that has been swallowed up in the lies of materialism and vanity.” Leah travels and speaks a lot, and may be coming to a town near you!

Civilla Morgan

7) Civilla Morgan

Civilla Morgan is the host of the 21st Century Hannah podcast. The show discusses childlessness not by choice and infertility. It is the story of a large segment of society that is largely ignored and misunderstood. Civilla has lived this story. This show provides understanding, empathy, and grace for anyone who has experienced infertility. Civilla is also the primary organizer for the Central Florida Podcasters meetup! Side note: Civilla may or may not have more podcasting t-shirts than you do.

Jennifer Swanson

6) Jennifer Swanson

The communication diva! Jenn hosts the Communication Diva Podcast which provides workplace, job search and self-improvement topics that help you to succeed in the workplace (and in life!) through great and more effective communication. Jenn has been guilty of driving over 2 hours (each way) to attend a Podcast Movement meetup! We feel that level of commitment definitely communicates success!

Aimee Joshua

5) Aimee Joshua

Disclaimer – When you first meet Aimee Joshua at Podcast Movement she will likely ask you to hold up a fun homemade “Chasing Dreams” sign and take a picture! You should do it because you will be in great company! Aimee is not only appreciated as the host of the top rated/ranked Chasing Dreams podcast, but she also has an amazing reputation as an interviewer.

Dominique Townsend

4) Dominique Townsend

Dominique is the host of Diver[C]ity which is recorded at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. The podcast focuses on increasing awareness of the need for diversity and inclusion in the technology, entrepreneurship, healthcare, and corporate environments within the Music City. Domonique is also the founder of Meltdown Mama which is an organization that strives to transform the lives of ambitious working mothers who seek to rise in their career while maintaining a high quality life!

Amy Robles

3) Amy Robles

Amy has figured this podcasting thing out. Why? She is all about building authentic relationships. She is always encouraging others and willing to help whenever possible. Amy’s podcast is no different. Think Enriched shares steps to help organize, focus, and take care of those in your life while still making time for you. This show is the perfect fit for laughter and personal development, planning, priorities, time management, family, faith, and a whole lotta sass! Definitely connect with Amy this summer in Anaheim!

Addy Saucedo

2) Addy Saucedo

Addy is no stranger to podcasting. She hosted the DO IT podcast and a show for Addy also is the creator of The Podcast Planner, which is a guide to help podcasters create the right content and do it with consistency. Over four years of hosting podcasts, producing and managing over fifteen other podcasts, Addy witnessed many fellow podcasters lose momentum and give up. This led to the creation of her thoughtfully designed templates within the planner.

1) “She Podcasts”

It would be wrong to not acknowledge the achievements and leadership of Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman. The She Podcasts Facebook Group started in 2014. It is now well over 5,000 members and impossible to ignore. Elsie and Jessica have cultivated a thriving community for women podcasters to get quick answers, tips and resources from one another. Podcast Movement is proud to have Elsie and Jessica speak at this year’s event this summer in Anaheim!

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We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with the team at She Podcasts to bring two amazing sessions to the PM stage this August.

Elsie Escobar will be moderating an all star panel on The Culture of Podcasting: Exploring The Impact of Podcasts in Society and Culture.
The future and growth of podcasting is often discussed by the podcasting industry and public media around data that solely focuses on advertising, monetization and podcast download/listener metrics. The problems to be solved are heavily biased toward *the discovery problem* and the so-called *wild west* of podcast metrics measurement and almost exclusively from the producer, creator side of things.

Issues that the industry has not addressed are how socioeconomics and cognitive behavior impact the reality of podcast growth from the listener perspective, regardless of new discovery and measurement tools. This session will face these issues head on!

Jessica Kupferman is giving a solo presentation called Are You Ready for Sponsorships? How to Get Started Making Money TODAY!

  • What measurements really matter and what to STOP keeping track
  • What advertisers truly value from podcast advertising;
  • How to put together a pitch that potential sponsors can’t resist;
  • How to overcome the most common sponsor objections;
  • How you can measure a successful campaign;
  • What advertisers expect you to take care of, and what their responsibility is,
  • What you can do if your show ISN’T quite ready for a full-on paid sponsor yet;
  • And much more!

Please feel free to tweet congratulations to Elsie, Jessica and the rest of our Women Podcast Rock Stars above!

Who was not on the list but should have been? Please feel free to sing their praises and give them a shoutout in the Podcast Movement Facebook group!

We have more great updates coming next week!

Until then,
Team PM17

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