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    PodMov Daily: Wednesday, August 24

    Episode 708: Your Midweek Update

    Podcasting News Roundup + PM22 Day Two

    The first full day of PM22 has been packed with insights – more below. In-person attendees, be sure to join us at Lit Lounge for this evening's party sponsored by Wondery. We’ve got free specialty cocktails, custom-printed podcast merch, and a DJ until 11:00.

    • “Live, host-read ads perform the best,” according to After These Messages, a new Sounds Profitable study presented yesterday by Tom Webster. Quality scripted or programmatic ads work almost as well, and Webster recommends mixing host and announcer-read ads in a campaign. The important thing is that the ad fits the show – do not “violate the listeners’ earballs.” The research is free to download.
    • Put a bit of your content on TikTok as soon as possible, suggested Gabriel Soto in this morning’s Edison Research keynote. A third of Americans have used the app at this point. Another key takeaway, louder (quieter?) for those in the back: We need to take care of the podcast ad experience to avoid driving audiences away. Eardrum-rupturing ad volume has got to go.
    • What makes Criminal stand out in a landscape of sensational and violent true-crime podcasts? In this morning’s keynote, creator and host Phoebe Judge explained how the show centers the human experience over crime. Producing her second (very different and delightful) podcast, launched in 2018, also had an effect: “I think making This is Love has made Criminal a better show.”

    Podcast Questions for YouTube, On YouTube

    “Let’s talk podcasts,” said YouTube’s Conor Kavanagh in yesterday’s Creator Insider update. Alas, he said only that the destination URL is meant “to help highlight podcast content and to help users discover new content,” and to “let us know if you have any questions.” A selection:

    • Dope! But how do I designate my dedicated second channel…as a podcast? Is there a category change to be made in YouTube studio?
    • Just curious how podcast content is selected for the new tab and what are the ways to get your content displayed there?
    • Is any work being done to tighten the definition of what a ‘podcast’ is on the podcast destination URL? I ask because the ‘Popular Episodes’ shelf has a bunch of clips of news reporting.

    Kai Chuk, Head of Podcasting at YouTube, will be speaking at Podcast Movement tomorrow at 11:30 am. There’s no telling what we’ll learn from his session “Finding Success on YouTube,” but millions of content creators are ready to start adapting their strategies.

    How Does Tomorrow Sound? Bright Ideas for Podcasting’s Future

    How will new tech shape our audio stories? Are interactive podcasts the future? How will content moderation evolve? The creative team at Podfly is venturing ahead of the curve. How Does Tomorrow Sound? is tackling blue-sky topics on the future of podcasting, from AI to social psychology.

    Hosted by writer and teacher Neleigh Olson, this six-episode series draws on fresh ideas from leaders across the industry. Conversations project 10 years out on technology, audience demands, and cultural shifts, then work back to the question: What can we do today to prepare for what’s ahead?

    How Does Tomorrow Sound? is for forward thinkers ready to adapt. When it comes to areas like AI, natural language processing, and spatial audio, understanding is our strongest asset. Listen to the first episode now and follow Podfly to hear what’s new.

    There's not a word yet for old friends who've just met.

    ― Jim Henson

    Here's what else is going on:

    • Game theory: Spotify will soon launch a major podcast in English and Japanese. Hideo Kojima Presents Brain Structure is a talk show hosted by the legendary video game designer (Death Stranding, Metal Gear). Podcasts aren’t yet mainstream in Japan, and Kojima’s voice should make for a powerful crossover.
    • Fast track: Futuro Studios is ramping up podcast projects after winning a Pulitzer Prize in May. They’re collaborating with NPR on a dual-language podcast The Last Cup (Spanish and English) coming this fall, and recently entered a funding and development deal with Apple Podcasts for original shows.
    • Power tools: “Podcast Show Notes” from the Black Podcasters Association is next Thursday, August 25. Danielle Desir Corbett (The Thought Card) will discuss the function of episode descriptions, which details to include, and how to optimize the benefits. $10 registration for non-BPA members.

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