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Welcome to Podcast Movement, where the backbone of the podcasting world – the producers, advertisers, marketers, and all the behind-the-scenes maestros – converge to push the boundaries of what's possible in podcasting. You are the unsung heroes who shape the podcasting landscape, and this is your domain for growth and innovation.

You’ve already proven your skills in the dynamic world of podcasting, and now it’s time to take your expertise to the next level. Podcast Movement is your gateway to the latest industry trends, advanced technology insights, and networking opportunities with top-tier professionals. Here, you'll find specialized resources designed to hone your skills, enhance your projects, and elevate your career in the podcast industry.

Whether you're looking to streamline production processes, explore cutting-edge strategies, or connect with potential clients and collaborators, Podcast Movement is your one-stop destination. We offer exclusive access to resources, events, and discussions led by industry veterans, providing you with the tools and knowledge to stay ahead in this rapidly evolving field.

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Some of our Best Event Talks for Industry Pros

We've got all kinds of tools for you here at . Here are a few that we think will be perfect for you to begin monetizing your podcast!

Programmatic Progress Report: Publisher Temperature Check

“Programmatic” doesn’t have to be a 4-letter word in the podcasting world. Marrying the overwhelming effectiveness of audio advertising with the efficiencies and scale of programmatic advertising benefit us all. So what’s taking so long? Where does the resistance lay? And who’s actually doing it today?

For Your Ears Only: What Brands Need to Know About Subscription Podcasting

The last several years have seen a massive influx of subscription streaming services — and podcasts are no exception. The launch of Apple Podcasts Subscriptions in 2021 made big waves in the podcast world, but podcasters have been experimenting with the subscription model for years (to varying degrees of success). At Pacific Content, we’ve been keeping an eye on this rise in subscription podcasts, but it hasn’t been clear how this new technology and trend would apply to our clients– until now.

How to tell if a Podcasts "Stats" are BS

There are more and more reports of individuals and large companies lets just say goosing the numbers of shows. Looking at ratings and reviews is worthless - it is so easy to buy those reviews. And there is no central location for stats in podcasting. If you are looking to do a deal with a podcast how do you know if the shows numbers are real? There are things you can look for and ask for that can put your mind at rest the show you are working with has legit numbers. And no a screen shot is not one of them. This session will go over different signs to look for to see if someone is artificially raising their numbers.

Podcast Legal 201

An intensive on advanced legal topics that small and medium-sized companies in podcasting need to know. Subjects include: data privacy, union agreements, film and television concepts production companies should be using and which ones to avoid like COVID, and how good deals die.

What we learned in 15 years of “podcasting” and why we want to kill it

Podcasting as a Brand Building Exercise. Audio-only? Video too? Maybe podcasts are just Content. It’s time to change your frame of thinking around this medium, and look at your podcast as the first step in a larger brand building exercise around a MESSAGE and/or an IDEA. Join A.J. Feliciano, Head of The Roost Podcast Network, as he shares insightful tips around brand and content strategy and its various revenue streams, and how your podcast should fit in.

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