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    Create Impact & influence with Free Social Media Marketing Tools & Tactics That Actually Work

    Podcast Movement Evolutions 2020

    with Allison Melody & Whitney Lauritsen

    Session Description:

    In this session, attendees will learn how to utilize the power of social media to build a community around their shows and create authentic raving fans! 

    Instagram: With the new algorithm changes, the old Insta hacks are no longer working. It's all about the “save” feature. We will cover how to create savable, shareable content that ranks you higher in the algorithm and thus gets your content shown to more people. 

    Going Live: With multiple forms of free streaming available right from your smartphone these days, we will discuss how to build your audience and get more eyes on your content by going live on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

    Collaboration: We will discuss why it is imperative to collaborate with others inside and outside of your niche through YouTube videos, podcast interview swaps and more PLUS best practices to reach out to brands and shows you want to connect with.

    Session Notes:

    People always ask…

    “What should I post on social media to have an impact and get more followers?

    “What should I podcast about on my solo shows to get more listeners?”

    “What is the secret sauce to getting more downloads?”

    The answer is simple.

    Whatever you are thinking about posting, talking about, or writing ask yourself one question:

    Are you moved by your message?

    Did you guys see the Oscars Sunday night?

    When Joaquin Phoenix won his Oscar for Joker and used the stage as a platform to speak about animal activism, gender inequality, the environment, and racism, and brings himself to tears… he is moved by his message.

    When Kelly Clarkson returned to the American Idol stage to perform “Piece by Piece” live and is brought to tears by the words of her own song and takes a moment to apologize in the middle of it… she is moved by her message.

    When Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith expressed their love for one another on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast after discussing Kevin's near fatal heart attack and have a deep conversation about life and death… they are moved by their message.

    When I read the first chapter of my book, Food Heals about losing my parents to cancer by the time I was 25, and completely rebuilding my life from scratch, I still cry every single time. I am moved by my message.

    And if we are moved by our messages, others will be too.

    I'm not saying that everything you post has to make you cry. But will it elicit a feeling from your audience? Will it make them laugh? Will it inspire them? Will it challenge them? Will it give them CHILLS? If the answer is yes then your content will have an impact.

    The more often you are moved by your message, your audience will be too. And the listeners will come. The downloads will follow. The engaged audience will appear.

    Your impact, influence, and income will grow when you are moved by your message.

    How to Figure Out What Your Message Is:

    Consistently Experiment.

    This will help you gain clarity.

    Make notes in your life of when you feel clear on your message, when you are moved by your own message or the messages of others. This will help you gain clarity and insight into what your messaging should be.

    Exercise: Grab a pen and piece of paper and ask yourself:

    What is the message that feels important right now?

    What are you feeling the most passionately about?

    What do people most ask you about?

    What do people thank you for?

    Share Your Message.

    You will reach the most people when your message aims to inspire, educate or inform.

    Once you understand your message, it’s time to spread it! In order to spread your message effectively you've got to learn to work with the platforms and create content that these ever-changing algorithms favor.

    So let's talk about what is working right now in 2020 on these platforms.

    Create savable, shareable content. (Carousel posts, recipes, workout, things that keep people on the platforms longer, things that make people hit the SAVE or SHARE button)

    Be Consistent. Consistency looks different for everyone. What is one thing you can commit to on a monthly, weekly or daily basis?

    Collaborate. Is there someone in this room you can collab with? Interview each other on your podcasts, make youtube videos together, go live with each other. Promote each other's work.

    Be open to trying new platforms. What if Tik Tok becomes the new Instagram and you were an early adopter? Often it is easier to “go viral” on newer platforms.

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