We celebrate Father’s Day with the official PM18 Mobile App, and more!

Greetings PM Family,

A few weeks back, Podcast Movement celebrated mothers, and this week we would like to show our appreciation and celebrate all of the fathers in our community! Did you know that podcasting and fatherhood have a lot in common?

  • A podcaster’s work can often feel like it is endless and, often, thankless.
  • It takes discipline to bring up a consistent show.
  • Your content can be viewed as a pillar of strength as you provide a form of support for your listeners and community.
  • Growing a “podcast” can be compared to raising a child in the sense that it takes time to develop a sound, well-adjusted show.

Speaking of “Sound & Well-adjusted”, we are excited to share with you some cool news this week. The Podcast Movement 2018 app is finally ready for you to download, plus it’s time to vote and select the speakers for this year’s Ignite event!

The PM18 Mobile App is Live

The Podcast Movement mobile app (Sponsored by Podfly) has received high praise in the past, and we’re excited to provide another great user experience this year.

The app will of course include all the essentials, such as the schedule, speaker and attendee profiles, venue and expo floor plans, and a directory of exhibitors and sponsors. However this year we’re excited to feature some popular returning, and all new, features:

  • The popular Social Feed, where you can chat with attendees on the Internal feed screen, or track all the action on the aggregator that pulls together the best from Twitter, Instagram and more.
  • The ability to schedule meetings with attendees and exhibitors, all within the app
  • Gamification with the all new Scavenger Hunt. Visit all of the exhibitors in Podcast Movement Central to earn points, and the chance to win some great prizes
  • Badge scanning, so you can exchange information with exhibitors and fellow attendees, without the need for business cards
  • PM18 photo filters, custom schedule creation, the ability to take notes right inside the app, and a whole lot more!

You can download the app now from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) store, and we look forward to interacting with you on the app! (Note your login email address will be the one you registered with on Eventbrite)

Vote on who will take the stage at Ignite!

Last week we told you Ignite was back (special thanks to Veritone One for making it happen, and for the free drinks)! And this week, we get to participate in one of the unique features of Ignite: you, the attendees, get to vote on the sessions that you’d most like to see take the stage on Monday, July 23!

Voting rules:

  1. Each Podcast Movement attendee gets one vote. (We are collecting email addresses to ensure no one votes twice)
  2. Only registered Podcast Movement attendees may vote.
  3. No cheating. Vote with integrity. If we see a pattern of cheating, that submission will be disqualified.
  4. Have fun! We have some awesome submissions. Give every submission a fair chance when you vote.

Sound like fun? If so, please cast your vote!

28 Day “Launch Your Podcast Challenge” winners announced

Congratulations to the winners of the May 2018 edition of the 28 Day Challenge! The winners will receive Standard Plus passes to Podcast Movement! Please consider checking out their new podcasts and giving them a virtual high five.

Adriana Flores-Ragade – LatinxAmerica
Clara Harris – Swamp Witch Studio Stories
Jessica Groff – Live Like a Mother
Lindsey O’Connor – The Curated Soul
Amanda Shauger – 30 Minutes
Andrea Jones – Savvy Social Podcast

Sometimes subtlety does not work, so…


Seriously, we love our kids…but we love the podcast community too…and we really feel like Father’s Day won’t be the same without you celebrating with us. The truth is, we just bought more rooms for the hotel room block, but those are already starting to go too. If you tried and they were sold out, try again, but do it quick.


Father’s Day Specials

Tribute: Podcast Movement wants to feature any father in this community that is a podcaster. Please consider filling out this form to be included in the upcoming Father’s Day spotlight that will be published on Sunday, June 17.

Celebrating Others: Congratulations to Hannah Hethmon, host of the Museums in Strange Places podcast, for winning an award from the American Alliance of Museums (the nation’s biggest museum association) for her independent podcast!

Good News: Our friends at the IAB put out the latest Podcast Advertising Revenue Study, and the news continues to be good. Don’t miss the IAB-lead panel we recently announced for PM18.

The Perfect Tie: Apple Podcasts currently hosts north of 550,000 active shows, a bump from the 525,000 the company reported back in April — that’s a considerable jump from the 3,000 programs it hosted when the program launched back in 2005. The new numbers include 18.5 million individual episodes representing 155 countries, in more than 100 languages. Check out this article from TechCrunch.

All About You! Would you like to be featured in the PM 2018 Event Magazine? If so, please fill out the following form! If you’ve attended before, you know that the official program for PM can be a lot of fun, and we’d love you to be a part of it.

Regardless of what season of life your podcast is in, Podcast Movement appreciates your labor of love. Thank you again to all of the dads for everything that you do for your families, and this community.

We have more exciting news to share with you this next week, including a few brand new big sessions and panels!

Dependable Attentive Diligent,

Team PM“Any Man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad.” – Anne Geddes

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