Will you go to prom with us?

Well PM family, it’s that time of year: prom season! (For our community members outside of the United States, Prom is a semi-formal (black-tie) dance for Junior and Senior High School Students.)

And whether you’re going into your Freshman year at Podcast Movement, or you’re a fifth year Senior (has it been five years already?), you’re invited to this special occasion. And to celebrate, we’re glamming up this week’s announcements in tuxedos, elegant dresses, corsages and more!

If you need some more fun “promposals” in your day, here a compilation video of some fun ones.

Rock the CastBox

We’re extremely excited to announce that PM will be presenting our own version of prom, and it’s all brought to you by our friends at Castbox. Okay, it isn’t really a prom, but it will absolutely be the party of the year that everyone is talking about before, during and after PM18. We will announce the location soon, but needless to say it will be an epic evening on July 25 that you won’t want to miss.

CastBox (in case you didn’t know) is an award-winning global podcast platform that enables anyone to easily find, access, create and enjoy spoken audio content. CastBox gives users access to endless content in multiple languages, anywhere, through any device. CastBox’s proprietary technology includes features like curated podcast recommendations and in-audio deep search to customize the listening experience. Since its launch in 2016, Castbox has 15M users and 1.8M daily active users. 

You might have met the team at PM17, but if not, this is the year you need to make it happen. Learn more about Castbox, and download the app here!

Aaron Dowd (Simplecast) – Most Likely to Turn Passion into Career

Session – Make a Living Editing Podcasts: Lessons Learned and Future Opportunities

Professional podcast producer/editors will share lessons learned from their past years making a living (remotely or locally) helping people start and grow podcasts.

Aaron Mahnke (Lore) – Most Likely to Turn His Podcast into a TV Show…and Book…and…

Session – Don’t Just Podcast: Building an Empire Around Your Show

Aaron is the guy who started a podcast, it became a huge hit, and then his podcast became a show on Amazon Prime. He is also a Podcast Movement alumni keynote speaker. Yeah, we like Aaron.

Ankur Nagpal (Teachable) – Most Likely to Teach Online Courses

Session – How Podcasters Can Create and Sell Online Courses

​Ankur built Teachable from the ground up, and loves helping podcasters turn their podcast into more than just a hobby.

Brendan Monaghan (Panoply Media) Most Likely to Become a CEO

Session – In Conversation: Podcast CEOs on Growing Podcast Networks

In this fireside chat, the Chief Executive Officer of Panoply and President of HowStuffWorks will share what they’ve learned from scaling their networks and where they go from here.

Damona Hoffman (Dates & Mates) – Most Likely to Be Prom Queen

Session – Longevity not Laziness

This session is for experienced podcasters who need inspiration and insights to drive their podcast into the future without driving themselves into the ground.

Elsie Escobar (She Podcasts) – Most Likely to be in the Podcast Hall of Fame

Session – You Know How To Grow Podcasting? It Has Nothing To Do With Apple Podcasts

How socioeconomics and cognitive behavior impact the reality of podcast growth from the listener perspective, regardless of discovery and measurement tools.

Erica Mandy (The Newsworthy) – Most Likely to Host a Twitter Chat for #NABshow

Session – Podcast Scripting Made Easy: How to Write Like You Speak & Speak Like You Didn’t Write It

Should you write a script for your show, and if so, how can you be sure you’re implementing it successfully?

Gordon P. Firemark (Entertainment Law Update) – Most Likely to Become an Entertainment Lawyer

Session – Legal Issues for Podcasters and Content Creators

This session will address the commonly asked questions by podcasters and will enable podcasters and content creators to protect themselves, their content and their guests.

Harry Duran (Podcast Junkies) – Most Likely to Help Others

Session – New Podcaster Primer

This is the place to be if you are new to podcasting. Harry will join Corey Coates and Jennifer Longworth to deliver this entertaining and informative preliminary session to help prepare new podcasters for the next few days of the conference.

Jennifer Longworth (Podcast Editor) – Most Likely to Produce Top Podcasts

Session – New Podcaster Primer

This is the session for new podcasters to develop some basic podcaster knowledge that will equip them to get the most out of the event. Don’t know the difference between podcast host, web host, and media host? Then this primer is for you.

Julie Kinn (Military Health Podcast) – Most Likely to Help the Military

Session – 6 Ways Podcasters Can Leverage Psychology for Growth, Influence, and Improvement

During this Table for 3 conversation around the six key topics, the speakers will introduce a relevant psychological study, share concrete examples of how to apply the principles to your own show, and invite participation and engagement from the audience.

Lillian Karabaic (Oh My Dollar!) – Most Likely to Appreciate Ziggy Stardust

Session – Breaking through Creative Blocks like David Bowie

How can we use David Bowie’s creative methods to navigate the Labyrinth of Apple Podcasts?

Mark Asquith (Podcast Websites) – Most Likely to Live in the UK but Travel to the US every other week

Session – Beyond Downloads: Creating a Niche Brand & Active Community that Sponsors Adore

This session will guide podcasters through the process of escaping their audio-only confines to become a robust brand within their niche, being recognized as an industry leader and building a community that sponsors will pay to talk to, even with downloads in the hundreds, not the thousands!

Melissa Sorg (Sorgatron Media) – Most Likely to Run a Podcast Network

Session – Low-Budget Marketing Options For The Beginner Podcast

Now that you have a podcast, how do you get people to listen to it? You may not have the numbers to support a formal sponsorship option. How do you get your podcast out there without breaking the bank?

Nathan Barry (ConvertKit) – Most Likely to do a Webinar with Pat Flynn

Session – Email List Building for Podcasters

Nathan built Convertkit from nothing to one of the biggest email service providers in the world. Now, he loves helping content creators build their email lists, and use them effectively to grow their shows.

Nikki Silva (The Kitchen Sisters) – Most Likely to Join Radiotopia

Session – Sonic Sisters Sharing Stories—Amplifying Our Diverse Cultural Landscape

A discussion around how podcasters can bring voice to a diverse cultural landscape.

Rich Jones (Paychecks and Balances) – Most Likely to Wear a Podcast Movement Shirt (and we love it)

Session – New Attendee Orientation

If you’re new to Podcast Movement, or just want to make sure you get the most out of PM18, you can’t miss one of the two orientation sessions on Monday, July 23.

Sarah Wendel (Astonishing Legends) – Most likely to Share Last Night’s Nightmare with You

Session: Post Production Simplified: The Most Basic, Powerful Editing Techniques to Boost Your Podcast Quality

Technically correct ways to achieve a better edit, so content will not be overshadowed by poor audio quality, distracting edits, or inconsistencies in processing and volume.

Sean David Johnson (Inside Pop) – Most Likely to Know More than You About Pop Culture

Session  – Podcasting in Desperate Times: Strategies for Non-Political Podcasts in a Political World

How Pop Culture responds to tragedy and pressing issues across the country. Your non political podcast can still address current events if you do it the right way.

Sultana Ali (After the Fact) – Most Likely to Teach at a University

Session Panelists – Storytelling for Wonks: Podcasting the Facts

“How to use facts and data in telling stories” is just one of several talking points for this session. Even if your podcast subject might be dry, there are ways to keep it entertaining!

Next week, another announcement of amazing speakers coming to Podcast Movement this summer.



We know that we’re not for everyone, but we’d love to be for you! Podcast Movement 2018 is just over three months away, and we need to buy our dresses and rent our tuxes, so we kind of need to know. Please?


Things you should:

Cupid Shuffle to: The 28 Day “Launch Your Podcast” Challenge is back, and begins again on May 1! Now is your chance to register for an opportunity to not only start your podcast but to also win a registration to Podcast Movement! If you are ready to finally launch your podcast, with support from a tight-knit community of fellow beginners, this is for you! Sign up at podcastmovement.com/challenge

Pose for Embarrassing Photos at the Red Carpet Backdrop: The window to apply for the Podcast Movement 2018 Scholarship is almost over. If you are eligible, then you owe it to yourself to give it a good old-fashioned try. You can delay, but you will miss it and then be disappointed. Carpe Diem friends – seize the day and make it happen.

Shake your RSS at: Pandora Doubles Down on Podcasts – If Pandora pulls off its podcast ambitions, it would be a significant step for improving how people discover podcasts and how advertisers target a newer demographic via streamed content. As it currently stands, competitors like Apple Music and Spotify offer podcast charts to scroll through, but they’re not personalized to a person’s tastes. Pandora looks to change that.

Discuss at the Punch Bowl: The most effective Apple-specific podcast promotion tool we’ve ever seen, from panelist at PM18 Dan Misener! Optimize your podcast website for iOS with a single line of code.

Study Before Drinking the Punch: Last week at NAB, a panel of industry professionals discussed what was next for podcasting in 2018, and it revealed some interesting data never before seen.

Thanks for taking a ride in the limo with us this week. The after party, as always, will be held at the Podcast Movement Community Facebook Group hotel. You looked marvelous, and your date was pretty cool as well, so you all are invited.

Be home by Eleven!

Team PM18

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