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    Our Story

    Podcast Movement began in 2014, when four podcasters and entrepreneurs had an idea. With a Kickstarter campaign and a positive attitude, they set out to create a vibrant event “for podcasters, by podcasters.” In the years since, PM has grown with the community's support to become the ultimate annual destination for diverse speakers, education, networking, and groovy parties. But what, you ask, are we up to the rest of the year?

    Welcome to the front page of podcasting, designed for you and the community we love. PM has become the hub for podcasting news, resources, and thought leadership. You'll find fresh material every weekday, including guest articles from creators and critics across the industry. We're so excited to share this project that we made it even easier to stay informed: Introducing PodMov Daily.

    PodMov Daily is our all-new publication, an email newsletter in the spirit of that first goal. Each morning in your inbox, you'll find breaking news, curated topics, and community updates, served in bite-sized format. Expect a variety of content relevant to podcasters of all stripes, plus fun recurring segments like a quote of the day. Earn sweet rewards for referrals, and keep an eye out for exclusive perks.

    Podcasters are busy people, and our community is complex. PodMov Daily keeps you in the loop without slowing you down. Move with us!

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    Amazing Team

    Alianza Clyne

    Customer Support & Success


    Brennan Tapp

    Managing Editor

    Brennan joined Podcast Movement as Managing Editor in Spring 2019. Her writing and editorial career has spanned scientific research, academia, and fashion, with clients including The Neiman Marcus Group, Belo + Company, Baylor Scott & White, and Thomson Reuters. She's glad to have found her home in podcasting and highly recommends "The Memory Palace," which is best listened to on a night drive. She lives in Dallas with her cats, Sushi and Simon.

    Chris Hartnett

    Head of Event Operations


    Dan Franks


    Dan Franks is the co-founder and president of Podcast Movement: The Worlds Largest Community of Podcasters. He is a recovering CPA, having spent 8 years in public accounting. Dan was formerly the Business Manager and Director of Live Events for Midroll Media, and spent his twenties traveling the world as a professional wrestler. When not running live events or jet setting in spandex, Dan spends his time with his wife and daughters in beautiful Dallas, Texas.

    Jared Easley

    Head of Community & Content

    Jared Easley is the co-founder and Head of Community and Content at Podcast Movement. Jared is the host of the top rated and ranked podcast “Starve the Doubts,” which features conversations related to personal and professional development (interviews include guest such as Simon Sinek, Gary Vaynerchuk and Seth Godin). Jared has been featured in such publications as, Huffington Post and the South Florida Business Journal. He is also a traditionally published author. His recent book, Stop Chasing Influencers, is an Amazon and Publishers Weekly Best Seller.

    Jess Agostino

    Event Producer


    Kristy Scott

    Head of Sales


    Shannon Poe

    Media Coordinator

    Shannon Poe joined Podcast Movement in June 2019 as a Multimedia Intern. She recently graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University, where she worked as a journalist for university newspaper The Pine Log. Shannon specializes in video and social media integration, operating PM19's Live Stream backstage. As part of her dual internship, she has also made social media posts for The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.