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    Podcast Movement Media Kit

    Welcome to the Podcast Movement Media Kit. We want to make it easy for you to use the PM branding across different mediums. Here you will find brand guidelines, logo rules, and downloadable assets.

    About Podcast Movement

    Podcast Movement began in 2014, when four podcasters and entrepreneurs had an idea. With a Kickstarter campaign and a positive attitude, they set out to create a vibrant event “for podcasters, by podcasters.” In the years since, PM has grown with the community's support to become the ultimate annual destination for diverse speakers, education, networking, and groovy parties. But what, you ask, are we up to the rest of the year?


    Every summer since 2014, Podcast Movement has gathered thousands of passionate podcasters and industry professionals from around the world under one roof to learn, grow professionally, and most importantly evolve and improve the podcast community.

    With over 10,000 podcasters joining us over the last eight years from over 35 different countries (and growing), we are excited to continue the mission for years to come!

    PodMov Daily

    Launched in July 2019, PodMov Daily is a free morning email with fresh industry news, resources, events, and ideas. Expect a variety of relevant, educational content in bite-sized format — designed for you and the community we love.

    Podcasters are busy people, and our community is complex. With 23,000 subscribers and counting, PodMov Daily keeps you in the loop without slowing you down. Move with us!

    Each Sunday, PodMov Daily en Español features selected translations of that week’s PM Daily articles.

    Podcast Movement University

    Podcast Movement University is a hub for podcasting education, here to organize the community together for conversation and learning.

    From launching a show to finding sponsors, the free PMU platform offers expert content for every interest. Join us for live presentations from around the industry every week.

    Brand Guidelines

    This section will provide you with a set of rules and guidelines for how Podcast Movement shows up in all internal and external collateral. Our goal is to provide a clear brand identity with elements such as logos, colors, and general rules in applying them across all media types.

    Logo Usage

    To maximize the potential of the Podcast Movement identity, fast and easy brand recognition is a must. Please follow these logo usage guidelines to ensure consistency of presentation. Questions? Contact Shannon at [email protected]

    Usage Guidelines

    Do not change the logos' colors

    Do not distort, warp, deconstruct or rotate the logos in any way

    Do not alter the logos, including replacing words or typefaces


    Here you will find general assets as well as for our newsletters (PodMov Daily and PodMov en Español), Podcast Movement University, and the next events: Podcast Movement Evolutions, and PM23.

    Podcast Movement

    Evolutions 2023

    PodMov Daily Newsletter

    Podcast Movement University

    General PM Logo


    Podcast Movement

    Evolutions 2023

    Podcast Movement University

    If you have questions about this guide, need additional elements, or want to make sure your communication fits the Podcast Movement brand, please contact Shannon at [email protected]

    To apply for credentials, the assigning Editor/Producer must fill out the following online application form: