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    Digging Deeper into Podcast Website Accessibility

    Hey, Wil, have you noticed an uptick in people talking about podcast websites recently? Just me? Is this just Baader-Meinhof whatever again? I have...

    Podcast Makeover: Hidden Entrepreneur

    While radio broadcasters are routinely critiqued and coached by their program directors in aircheck sessions, podcasters usually don't have the same opportunity to get...

    Starting a Podcast with Limited Tech Knowledge

    A client of mine called me up and swore that they were 100% sure they would never be able to podcast. They felt technology...

    How I Cut My Podcast Production Time in Half

    I had a podcast that I loved creating, but I felt like I needed to quit. Between kids and my regular job, the 10 to 20-hour production time per episode was severely weighing on me. I realized that I needed to study my category and audience to help guide me toward choosing an appropriate [narrative] pattern. By visualizing the data that I collected, I could actually see what was going on at a higher level. I’ve cut my production time in half because now I have clarity around the structure of my story and I’m not stressing about it.

    Post Production Simplified: The Most Basic, Powerful Editing Techniques to Boost Your Podcast Quality – Sarah Wendel, Chelsea Cox

    With the abundance of podcasts in the market and no regulation regarding audio deliverables such as the CALM Act regulating volume in the broadcast world, it’s incredibly important to teach those editing podcasts technically correct ways to achieve a better edit so their content is not shadowed by poor audio quality, distracting edits, or inconsistencies in processing and volume.

    How to Create the Perfect Mobile Studio and Travel the World with your Podcast – Chris Luecke

    The number #1 question I receive from my podcasting peers is “What do you use to record an in-person, traveling podcast?” Selecting the right recording equipment is one of the primary challenges faced by new podcasters. For mobile equipment specifically, even experienced podcasters that are considering taking their show on the road face the same issue.

    Podcast Makeover: Broadcasting Pros Critique Upcoming Podcasts – Panel

    It takes a lot of courage to have your podcast critiqued on stage by a panel of experts, but two podcasters are up to the challenge. This popular panel returns to Podcast Movement for the third year with must-see coaching tips from the best and the brightest.

    Deconstructing the Interview Process – Alexis Parris

    Many may put most or all of their energy just towards the actual interview, but it’s really the work behind the scenes that creates a successful interview, conducting the interview live is the easy part. You need to know what’s needed on the backend to produce a quality interview.

    Behind the Theme Music – Breakmaster Cylinder – Composer of the Reply All Theme

    Podster Magazine sat down for this interview with Breakmaster Cylinder in 2016!

    Behind the Theme Music with B.J. Leiderman – Composer of NPR theme music

    Podster Magazine sat down with B.J. Leiderman for this interview in 2016.

    Behind the Theme Music – Interview with Nicholas Britell

    Podster Magazine sat down with Nicholas Britell for this interview in 2016.

    Behind the Theme Music with Peter Doran – Composer of the Minimalists Podcast theme

    Podster Magazine sat down with Peter Doran for this interview in 2017.
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