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Brennan Tapp

Brennan is the Managing Editor of Podcast Movement. As the PodMov Daily newsletter czar, she is probably reading or writing at this very moment. Her career has spanned scientific research, academia, and fashion, with clients including The Neiman Marcus Group, Belo + Company, Baylor Scott & White, and Thomson Reuters. She’s glad to have found her home in podcasting and highly recommends The Memory Palace, which is best listened to on a night drive. She lives in Dallas with her fiancé and their cats, Sushi and Simon.

Pinna CEO Maggie McGuire on Truly Ad-Free Children’s Audio

By Brennan Tapp | Wednesday September 18, 2019

Maggie McGuire, the CEO of Pinna, is all about blazing new territory. Since taking the wheel of the company in January, the former Scholastic executive has set a high bar for children’s audio. What began […]

Peak Podcast? We’re Just Getting Started

By Brennan Tapp | Tuesday July 23, 2019

A recently published piece in The New York Times entitled “Have We Hit Peak Podcast?” has been quite the topic of conversation, garnering some mixed reactions. The subtitle removes all doubt as to the editorial angle: “If past experience (cough, blogs) is any indication, a shakeout is nigh.” No matter how one fits into the podcasting ecosystem, we can all see that the sheer number of shows has become overwhelming. However, not all podcasters get into it for money, fame, or to become an “influencer.” Discounting the creative joy of podcasting is a mistake.