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Elena Fernández Collins

Elena Fernández Collins is forensic sociolinguist and a podcast critic and reporter. A busy and talented writer, they cover audio fiction at Bello Collective and write about podcasts for Podmass (The AV Club). Elena is also the creator of Audio Dramatic, a biweekly newsletter about audio fiction. At Podcast Movement 2019, they will be speaking at two panels and a fireside chat!

Why and When to Hire a Cultural Consultant for Your Podcast

By Elena Fernández Collins | Friday September 13, 2019

Don’t be demoralized reading this. Move forward with your eyes open not just to the world around you, but your own actions and decisions. And if you think, “Hey, maybe an expert opinion on this matter might help me out,” go out and hire a cultural consultant and talk to them. They’re storytellers, too, and you never know what the next story might bring.

A Map for Social Media & Your Podcast

By Elena Fernández Collins | Wednesday August 7, 2019

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: You have got to market your podcast. When you’re knee-deep in your second round of editing and trying to harness the power of that […]