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    Elena Fernández Collins and Wil Williams

    Elena Fernández Collins is a podcast critic, reporter, and forensic sociolinguist. Wil Williams is a podcast reviewer, consultant, and former audio editor. Together, they're a talented team of compassionate creatives that want to share what they've learned. Beyond their own sites, both write for the AV Club. Ely's work appears on The Bello Collective and Wil's on Polygon. From audio drama to accessibility in podcasting, their topics are complex and their writing thoughtful.

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    Podcasting in Public: Navigating Critique of Your Show

    This article is the first in a three-part series. We'll be covering three topics: critique, feedback, and call-outs. We’ll discuss the...

    Digging Deeper into Podcast Website Accessibility

    Hey, Wil, have you noticed an uptick in people talking about podcast websites recently? Just me? Is this just Baader-Meinhof whatever again? I have...

    Helping Your Discoverability: It’s Time for a Website

    Ely! Podcast Movement is over, and our audio fiction track went so well! But now I am very ready for sleep. You can find me...

    Making a First Im-PRESS-ion

    We're talking about talking to the press. Whenever I bring up reaching out to the press, I get this response almost like people don't realize they can? People seem to really undersell themselves and get really intimidated. Every podcast journalist I know wants this medium and its creators to succeed. So I think that's step one for getting people on the right track: journalists who cover podcasts want you to succeed.

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