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    Wil Williams

    Wil Williams is a podcast reviewer, consultant, and former audio editor. The author of Wil Williams Reviews (formerly Podcast Problems) and a weekly podcast newsletter, their work also appears on Polygon and the AV Club.

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    What happens when your podcast calls for discussion of current events, but those current events hit a little too close to...

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    Right now, there's a chance you're stuck at home with no idea what to do. It's a scary, stressful time for...

    To Stay Sane and Focused, Be Your Own Listener

    In the months since going from working a day job to being a full-time writer and podcaster, I've gotten plenty of...

    Extra, Extra: The Power of Supplementary Material for Podcasts

    Your podcast listeners are here for the audio, no doubt about that -- but if you’re looking for engaging your audience more with your...

    Planning the Jump to a Full-Time Podcast Career

    About a year into my work in the podcast space, I started Googling things like, “how to freelance full-time,” “how to leave your day...

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