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    Peak Podcast? We're Just Getting Started

    A recently published piece in The New York Times entitled "Have We Hit Peak Podcast?" has been quite the topic of conversation, garnering some mixed reactions. The subtitle removes all doubt as to the editorial angle: "If past experience (cough, blogs) is any indication, a shakeout is nigh." No matter how one fits into the podcasting ecosystem, we can all see that the sheer number of shows has become overwhelming. However, not all podcasters get into it for money, fame, or to become an "influencer." Discounting the creative joy of podcasting is a mistake.

    The Story Behind the Latin Podcast Awards

    Felix, a leader in the podcasting community, runs a podcast network called AudioDice, and has spoken at Podcast Movement. One of his major achievements has been starting the annual Latin Podcast Awards, an event that celebrates multilingual creators from all over the world. In anticipation of the 3rd annual Awards, and to kick off our newsletter, we’re setting the spotlight on Felix’s journey to podcast success.

    Your Story is Awesome, but You're Probably Telling It Wrong – Matt Marr

    By now being vulnerable and sharing your story are catchphrases that we've all heard. But have you ever heard someone's story and realize you bored, you don't relate, or you just don't care? Their story is probably really really REALLY awesome, but they are just telling it wrong.

    Interview with Nora McInerny – Terrible, Thanks for Asking

    Nora talks about loss, life, and love with candor, encouraging us to get comfortable with uncomfortable subjects.
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