Evolutions Scholarship Applications Now Open, and Prices Going Up!

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Official Evolutions countdown: 57 days

As you may have noticed, we're back to our original weekly updates leading up to Evolutions 2023.

On the block this week: Evolutions scholarship applications, the latest round of speakers, and the super early bird sale ending TONIGHT.

Let's take a look.


Evolutions Scholarship Applications Now Open

Podcast Movement was created in 2014 so that the entire community could gather each year in a place to call their own. Of course, many new and/or aspiring podcasters want to join us, but not all are in a financial position to make it happen.

Every year, we try our best to help those who are willing, able, and serious about attending Podcast Movement by working with them to make the event financially accessible. We will always attempt to do for some, what we wish we could do for everyone.

What is the scholarship and what does it include?
It's important to note that this scholarship only applies to a Podcaster Pass for Evolutions 2023 this March 7-10. The Podcaster Pass does not include hotel or airfare, and the ticket is not transferable.

Who is eligible?
As a brand new or yet-to-launch podcaster who LOVES podcasting, you may be eligible for our scholarship. Having an active track record of being part of the Podcast Movement Facebook Community helps!

Who is not eligible?
The scholarships are reserved for those who have never before attended a Podcast Movement event, have not yet signed up for Evolutions 2023, and are not in a position to attend the conference without financial assistance.

How can I apply?
Learn more and submit your application by Friday, January 20 at midnight. We will announce the recipients in our weekly newsletter on January 25.

We've got another round of amazing podcasters and industry professionals to share to the official Evolutions lineup.

Tom Webster of Sounds Profitable presents How Video Podcasting is Opening the Door for Listeners, Creators and Advertisers Alike

Jen Moss and Roger Nairn of JAR Audio present Branded Podcasts That Don't Sell Out: How to Make Meaningful Work with Clients

Leslie Merklinger of CBC Podcasts presents 10 Lessons from 100 Launches

Kevin Y. Brown of Afripods presents Africa X Podcasting: The Emergence of Industry

Theresa Gonzales of Latinasb2b.marketing presents AI and Podcast Advertising: How to fight Algorithmic Bias in Podcasting

Chris Mottes of Hindenburg presents Audio Recording Standards for Podcasters are Fun!

Jase Lindgren of Multiamory LLC presents Your Listeners are Falling Asleep! How to Hook Your Audience with Energy and Presence

UnJu Paik of Wondery presents Building Podcast Franchises

Leah Sutherland of Wheelhouse DNA presents Defining “Podcast” in 2023 – When the Listeners Have Become Viewers

Rae Palermo of Megaphone Publisher Solutions presents Ears forward: Is Audio Ad Tech Keeping Creators Top-of-Mind?

Andrea Marquez of This is Small Business presents Empowering Diverse Voices through Podcast Storytelling

Annalise Nielsen of Pacific Content and Jason Sew Hoy of Supercast present For Your Ears Only: What Brands Need to Know About Subscription Podcasting

Matty Staudt of Jam Street Media presents Let's Build A Network

Kelly Chappie of There She Goes presents How Podcasting Amplifies the Voices of Women and Marginalized Creators

Bert Weiss of Pionaire Podcasting presents How to be More Listenable

Mike Russo of PRX presents How to Make Your Content More Accessible

Hector Santiesteban of Amplafy Media presents How to Save 10-15 Hours Every Month by Automating and Streamlining Parts of Your Production Process

Krystal Proffitt of Proffitt Media presents How to Talk to Yourself: Lessons Learned from Recording 1,000 Podcast Episodes

Rob Walch of Libsyn presents How to Tell If a Podcasts “Stats” are BS

Deondric Royster of Signal Awards presents Impact of Awards Within the Podcast Industry and joins The Art of Relationships for Black Creators

Erin MacIndoe Sproule of Lower Street presents KPIs That CYA: Branded Podcasts and the Metrics That Matter

Geoff Isenman of Some Spider Studios presents Launching and Scaling a Podcast Network… While Managing Interest from Acquirers

Sean Kilby of Betches Media presents Organizing Your Podcast Offerings in a Social-First Media Environment

Dan Granger of Oxford Road presents It's not Brand Safety. It's Brand Suitability and Pitching Large Brands on Podcast Buying

Lindsay Bowen presents Podcast Legal 201

Sharon Taylor of Triton Digital presents Podcasters Predict: The New State of Podcasting and The Future of Podcast Advertising: The convergence of brand safety, brand suitability, and contextual targeting

Dusty Weis of Podcamp Media presents The First Podcast to Fly with the Blue Angels: Lessons for Landing Your Dream Interview

Robyn Meyers of AdsWizz presents Programmatic Progress Report: Publisher Temperature Check

Mac Malik of YouTube Kids and Sanden Totten of American Public Media present Screens Up: Bringing Children’s Podcasts into Video

Margaux Natiello of Athletic Greens presents Pitching Large Brands on Podcast Buying

Andy Lipset of SpokenLayer presents The Future of Podcast Advertising: The convergence of brand safety, brand suitability, and contextual targeting

Clarence Levy of Sabor! Music Enterprises, LLC presents Seasons, Sound, and Scripts: How to Increase Engagement and Monetization of Your Non-Fiction Podcast with Storytelling

Bryan Green, Dave Hanley, and Trevr Smithlin of AdvertiseCast present Should I Make That Network Move?

Colin Thomson of Kast Media presents Thanks for Joining, See You Next Year! Building Paid Subscription Programs for Seasonal & Narrative Shows

Gordon Firemark of The Podcast Lawyer™ presents The (Legal) Eagles' Eye View

Tiffany Ashitey of Acast presents The Art of Relationships for Black Creators and Upping the ante: Why Sports Betting Brands are Investing in Podcast Advertising and How Acast Uses Geo-Targeting to Safely Serve the Content to Audiences

Heather Gordon, Christiana Brenton, and Elli Dimitroulakos of Acast present Upping the ante: Why Sports Betting Brands are Investing in Podcast Advertising and How Acast Uses Geo-Targeting to Safely Serve the Content to Audiences

Mike McVay of McVay Media Consulting presents The First Five Minutes: Custom Coaching Workshop From Top Industry Execs

Courtney O'Connor of Veritone One and Grant Durando of Right Side Up present The Future of 3rd-Party Verification in Podcasting

Jonathan Hurley of Hindenburg presents Use Sound Design to Take Your Podcast to the Next Level

A.J. Feliciano of The Roost Podcast Network presents What We Learned in 15 Years of “Podcasting” and Why We Want to Kill it, and Defining “Podcast” in 2023 – When the Listeners Have Become Viewers

Marques Pfaff and Reggie Risseeuw of Advertisecast present Whats a Pixel? And What Do I Do With It When I Get It?

Check out the full list of announced speakers here, and stay tuned for the next PM Community Newsletter for the next round of speakers at Evolutions 2023.

The Super Early Bird sale ends TONIGHT!

Join podcasters and industry professionals from around the world for Evolutions 2023, this March 7-10 in Las Vegas. Register by midnight and save over $200!

We're working on some amazing plans to power your next year in podcasting.  Register early to get the biggest savings!

A great way to stay involved in the community is to join our PM Facebook group – It's THE place to connect with other podcasters in the community, get PM updates, and information on future PM meetups!

TL;DR: Evolutions scholarships are currently open and close on January 20, and we announced a new block of speakers and sessions.

(psst.. don't forget to register before midnight so you can save over $200 on your ticket)

Until next time,
The Podcast Movement Team

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