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Happy Thursday, PM Family, and happy Evolutions Month!

We’re excited to dive right into things today, including our final featured session, the schedule for our community meetups, and more!

Let’s March into it!


New Featured Session: Exploring the Future of Podcasting on YouTube

There has not been something that has created more of a buzz in the podcast industry in recent memory quite like YouTube becoming a part of it. So it goes without saying that when discussing the Evolution of podcasting, YouTube is a big part of the conversation.

So we’re more than excited to announce that the team in charge of the YouTube podcasting initiative will be taking the stage the morning of March 29 to share the latest, and future, of podcasting on their platform.

Don’t forget all the amazing keynote sessions taking place on the main stage as well!

Join Us for Evolutions this March and PM24 next August!

Podcast Movement Washington DC 2024 logo

Join podcasters and industry professionals from around the world for our two big events next year.

Evolutions is March 26-29 in Los Angeles, and Podcast Movement 2024 is August 19-22 in Washington, D.C. Learn more about the differences here.

Both events feature hundreds of educational sessions across curated tracks, an innovative expo hall showcasing the latest tools and technologies, and of course the best networking and parties in podcasting.


Community Meetups Are Live

Each year, Podcast Movement has always been the best place in the world to meet up with other podcasters and podcast industry professionals. This year at Evolutions 2024, we're continuing something we started last year with our official Community Meetups.

What's a Community Meetup, you ask? Community Meetups are hosted by event attendees, have a focused topic or area of interest, and will show up on the official event schedule so that other attendees can join up.

Check out a few of the meetups that are featured on this year’s agenda!

  • Independent & Self Employed Podcasters & Audio Makers Meetup
  • Women’s Industry Meetup
  • Podcasters en Español Meetup
  • Podcasters for Causes Meetup
  • TTRPG Podcasters Meetup
  • Community Builders Meetup
  • Professional Speaker Meetup

We can’t wait to have you join us throughout the four event days for our community meetups!

Pre-Con Workshop at Evolutions (Additional Fee)

Our partners at Culture & Code are helping start the Evolutions Experience on the Evo24 kickoff day, with these optional add-on workshops for anyone looking to deep-dive into the world of Generative AI.

You’ll gain expertise in prompting, sound editing, voice-over, and more. Each 3-hour generative AI workshop (same content offered in AM & PM Sessions) will make creative work easier for newcomers, faster for professionals, and better for executives who must navigate a new landscape.

Led by John Gauntt, an expert in podcasting and AI, you'll receive hands-on training to enhance your storytelling and technical skills. NOTE: these workshops are offered for an additional fee. For full details, visit the Eventbrite links below:

AM session 10am-1pm

PM session 2pm-5pm

Introducing: Basecamp

If the idea of going to your first Podcast Movement event, or even returning for another one, is a bit overwhelming, we’ve all been there! Will you know anyone? How do you decide on a session? Where do you go if you’re looking for a lunch or dinner buddy?

If you’ve got any of those questions, you’re not alone! That’s where Basecamp comes in. A safe and welcoming place to get your Evolutions Experience started right, and a home base that you can return to any time you need.

Attendee Orientation & Welcome Event – Open to New & Veteran Attendees

On Tuesday, March 26, affectionately known as Kickoff Day, the first official activity is at 2pm, and it’s a special orientation and welcome event open to all registrants. You’ll have the opportunity to meet a few hundred fellow attendees, many of them there for the first time, and also hear from Evolutions veterans on how to make the most of your week with us.

There’s only one offering of this, so please make plans to be there.

Basecamp Tables

These tables will be on the Diamond (upper) level, along the wall with the booths and lounges, and will be marked with signage and table tents. We encourage you to head that way any time through the event, whether it’s looking for someone to grab a bite with, wanting to connect with an expert or veteran, and more. Consider it your “Basecamp” when you don’t know where to go!

Special Stickers

A Basecamp sticker on your badge will let everyone know you are a Basecamper. This will help Podcast Movement veterans better welcome Basecampers and ensure you experience the very best of Evolutions.

Evolutions is one of the best weeks of the year for podcasters, and we don’t want you to miss anything. So take advantage of the Basecamp offering this March!

We’ve only got a few more of these newsletters to go before podcasting’s biggest event of the spring! Don’t forget to save your spot to Evolutions before prices go up tonight, and we’ll see you then!

Team Podcast Movement


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