Holiday sale ends tonight, plus Evo24 speakers are announced!

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Happy New Year, PM family!

Welcome to the first edition of the Podcast Movement Weekly for 2024! We're thrilled to bring you a blend of exciting updates and last-minute opportunities as we step into a year full of possibilities.

First, don't miss out on our Holiday Sale, which is in its final hours and ends tonight! It's your last chance to grab some amazing deals that we've specially curated for our podcasting community. And don’t sleep on our team discounts and payment plans, both of which can be combined with the holiday sale! LEARN MORE & REGISTER.

Next, we are ecstatic to announce the first round of talented speakers who will be taking the stage at Evolutions. These voices are set to inspire, educate, and lead us into the next era of podcasting.

Let’s get started ringing in this week’s newsletter.


Introducing the First Round of Evo24 Speakers & Sessions!

Last newsletter we announced that Hrishikesh Hirway would be the first keynote speaker taking the stage this March in Los Angeles, and today we’re excited to share the first round of speakers taking part in panels, breakout sessions, and expert talks. Below you’ll find the title of some of the latest sessions, the track they’ll be a part of, and the new speakers that are being announced as a part of those sessions!

Fundamentals Track
This track is open to all attendees and focuses on the basics of podcasting.

  • Creating a podcasting workflow for remote teams using low-code apps and collaborative tech featuring Teresa Carey of NASA
  • Let’s Get Personal: Personal Branding For Podcasters featuring Sun Yi of Night Owls and Night Owl Nation
  • Level Up Your Pod-Tential: From First-Time Mic Checks to Chart-Topping Success featuring Anya Smith of RightOffTrack LLC
  • One Year Later: 5 Valuable Lessons from My First Podcast Movement Evolutions featuring Fede Vargas of My Most Authentic Life
  • The Big Ask: What to Ask for to Build Your Podcast (and How!) featuring Roni Gosch of Podbean
  • Things Your Podcast Editor Wants You To Know featuring Jennifer Longworth of Bourbon Barrel Podcasting
  • Why Your Podcast Needs a Newsletter & Substack for Podcasters featuring Courtney Kocak of Podcast Bestie

Podcaster Create Track
This track is open to all attendees with a Podcaster or Industry Professional badge and focuses on the creation side of a podcast.

  • A Podcaster’s Book of Spells for Generative AI featuring John Gauntt of Culture and Code 
  • How to Earn Attention: Unconventional Strategies for Brave Podcasters featuring Steve Pratt of The Department of Differentiation
  • Producing Like a Pro with Twenty Thousand Hertz featuring Dallas Taylor of Twenty Thousand Hertz
  • Storytelling and AI: how to craft a story without losing your soul featuring Laura Joyce Davis of Stanford Storytelling Project
  • Why Did This Grab You? What makes a good podcast? featuring Dave Jackson of School of Podcasting / Libsyn
  • You Podcast Is Different In Every App (and What to Do about It) featuring Stephen Robles of

Podcaster Grow Track
This track is open to all attendees with a Podcaster or Industry Professional badge and focuses on the growth and marketing side of a podcast.

  • Growing a Brand Beyond Podcasting featuring Maribel Quezada Smith of Diferente Creative, INC
  • How to Build an Active Community with Lessons From the Broadcasting Community featuring Kris Kosach of KLBP
  • Podcasting in the Relationship Economy: The Power of Authentic Community and Collaboration featuring Lou Mongello of WDW Radio
  • The Trojan Horse Strategy: How to Pick a Profitable Niche (That Doesn't Feel Limiting) featuring Justin Moore of Creator Wizard

Podcaster Profit Track
This track is open to all attendees with a Podcaster or Industry Professional badge and focuses on the monetization side of a podcast.

  • Crowdfunding: Let’s Get that Money for Your Podcast featuring Anna DeShawn of The Qube
  • Events as Revenue Catalysts: Unlocking New Profit for Your Podcast featuring Isaac Watson of Kickass Conferences
  • Size Doesn’t Always Matter: Profit Beyond Numbers with Smart Strategies featuring Dr. Nazanin Moali of Sexology Podcast, Elaine Lou Cartas of Color Your Dreams, Melissa Vogel of Busy to Bomb Fit Mom, and Veronica Cisneros, LMFT of Outside The Norm Counseling

Industry Professional Track
This track is open only to Industry Professional badges, and focuses on the business of podcasting.

  • How To Tell If A Podcast's “Stats” are BS – 2024 featuring Rob Walch of Libsyn
  • Upleveling Audio Performance with Video featuring Christine Hoffmann of The Daily Wire

Expert Talks Stage
These 15 minute talks are open to all attendees, and let you get up close and personal with podcast and industry experts!

  • Capturing Lives through Podcasting: A Guide to Recording People's Stories featuring Ti King of Arkansas Podcast Collaborative
  • Elevating Your Podcasting Game: Tips on How to Stand Out featuring Charene Herrera of Media Adventure Queen and County 10
  • Goodbye, Next to the haters! featuring Archita Fritz of Ready Set Bold and Olivia Cream of Nortek
  • How to Become a Top 100 Podcast in your Category in Apple Podcasts featuring Sarah St John of
  • Keeping it Real Goes Right; Authenticity in Podcasting featuring Jasmin St. Claire of Krazy Train with Jasmin St. Claire
  • Proven Listener / Customer Experience Tactics For Boosting Podcast Results featuring Stacy Sherman of Doing CX Right®‬
  • Sponsorship Success: How to Cultivate Lucrative Partnerships with Over 60 Sponsors as an Independent Podcaster featuring Kira Dineen of DNA Today, LLC
  • Using Human Psychology and Analytics to Grow Listener Engagement on Social Media featuring Ana Xavier of The Podcast Space
  • Your Logo is Not Your Brand: Brand Building and Integrated Strategies to Amplify Your Podcast featuring Anika Jackson of Your Brand Amplified

We’ve got more to be announced each week… and keep an eye on our Speakers Page for the list that’s being updated daily!


Join Us for Evolutions this March and PM24 next August!

Podcast Movement Washington DC 2024 logo

Join podcasters and industry professionals from around the world for our two big events next year.

Evolutions is March 26-29 in Los Angeles, and Podcast Movement 2024 is August 19-22 in Washington, D.C. Learn more about the differences here.

Both events feature hundreds of educational sessions across curated tracks, an innovative expo hall showcasing the latest tools and technologies, and of course the best networking and parties in podcasting.


Our all-new weekly newsletter, The Noise Gate, is off to an amazing start. Writer Doug Fraser has been bringing readers on a journey aimed at helping them become better creators… and the feedback as been great!

If you’ve not yet checked it out, here’s what you’ve missed:

🌊 Creativity’s Changing Tides + Add to Cart’s SuChin Pak

🎁 Pain is a Gift + CreativeMorning’s Brian Thompson

🥳 My Favorite Productivity Trick + Sound School’s Rob Rosenthal

New issues come out every Tuesday…. subscribe so you don’t miss an issue!

Finally, we just announced THREE new upcoming meetups in San DiegoWest Hollywood / Santa Monica, and Studio City (Los Angeles). Check them out below!

We can’t wait to share more about Evolutions next week.

Team Podcast Movement


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