Huge Evo24 keynote speaker announcement, and prices going up!

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Happy Thursday, PM Family,

This week we’re sharing one of those exciting things – the next Keynote Speaker announcements for this March’s Evolutions, and it’s one of our biggest ever.

After that, we’ll share more of the amazing speakers who will be leading sessions and panels at the event, PLUS we share news on an upcoming webinar that we’re hosting in conjunction with our friends from The Webby Awards. Lastly, we’re sharing more on our upcoming meetups next month in California.

Don’t quit now, it’s time to have some fun.


Amy Poehler is coming to Evo24!

We are thrilled to announce that the incredibly talented Amy Poehler will be a keynote speaker at Podcast Movement Evolutions this March! She’ll sit down with Jenna Weiss-Berman, EVP, Podcasts, Audacy and co-founder, Pineapple Street Studios.

Amy, renowned for her multifaceted career in comedy, acting, and writing, has recently taken the podcasting world by storm with her latest venture, Say More with Dr? Sheila, the first series in an improvised comedy franchise produced in partnership with Audacy and Paper Kite Podcasts.

This scripted comedy podcast sees Poehler flexing her improv muscles, as she portrays Dr? Sheila, offering hilarious advice and counseling to couples on relationship topics. Episodes feature incredible guests like Maya Rudolph, Rachel Dratch, and Ike Barinholtz, who serve as improv partners for Poehler. The second installment of the franchise, The Chris Chatman Do-Over, launched on January 11 and stars Ike Barinholtz as a controversial shock jock striving to improve his reputation.

Don't miss this opportunity to be inspired by one of the most dynamic voices in entertainment today!

Check out the latest Evo24 Speakers & Sessions!

We are thrilled to announce new additions to the lineup of speakers who will be participating in panels and breakout sessions in just two short months!

Podcaster Create Track
This track is open to all attendees with a Podcaster or Industry Professional badge and focuses on the creation side of a podcast.

  • Bad Friends, Good Producers: An Unfiltered Discussion about the Rapidly Growing World of YouTube-first Podcast Creation featuring Alessandra Catanese & Layne Pavoggi of 7EQUIS
  • Bringing the Past to Life: The Art Narrative Historytelling featuring Ben Mathis of Airwave, Chris Wimmer of Black Barrel Media, Greg Jackson of History That Doesn't Suck, & Lindsay Graham of Airship
  • From TV to Podcast: How Talking About Your Favorite TV Show Can Become Your Job featuring Jake Anthony & Matt Marr of Reality GaysMary Payne Gilbert of Pink Shade Podcast, & Wahima Lino of Docusweeties Podcast
  • How to grow a successful solo podcast: Lessons from top charts wellness podcasters featuring Fernanda Ramirez
  • IF YOU KNOW HOW IT ENDS, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG: Why podcasters should be taking more risks, not less, in narrative nonfiction storytelling featuring Henry Molofsky of Audacy’s Pineapple Street Studios
  • Storytelling and AI: how to craft a story without losing your soul featuring Dawn Fraser of The Moth & Harriett Jernigan of Stanford University

Podcaster Grow Track
This track is open to all attendees with a Podcaster or Industry Professional badge and focuses on the growth and marketing side of a podcast.

  • How to Build an Active Community with Lessons From the Broadcasting Community featuring Daniel Brezenoff & Ziba Perez of KLBP
  • How To Ignore the Noise and Just do the Things That are Going to Move the Needle for Your Podcast featuring John Kiernan of Podbean
  • Podcast Pitching 101 featuring Arielle Nissenblatt of Descript
  • The 5 Metrics That Show What's Broken and What's Working With Your Podcast featuring Seth Silvers of Story On Media
  • The Power of Cross-Channel Podcast Campaigns featuring Hala Taha of YAP Media
  • The Rise of AI & The Ethics of Editing featuring Quinn Greenhaus of Jam Street Media

Podcaster Profit Track
This track is open to all attendees with a Podcaster or Industry Professional badge and focuses on the monetization side of a podcast

  • Beyond the Top 500: Building Collaborative Paths for Indie Podcasters and Brands featuring Adam Gilbert of OSSA COLLECTIVE
  • Building Buyer’s Trust with Insights and Data in the Programmatic Podcast Advertising Space featuring Mattia Verzella of Spreaker from iHeart
  • How To Turn Your Side Hustle Into a Career: Monetize Your Podcast Like a Pro featuring Krista Williams of Almost 30
  • Maximizing Your Reach & Revenue through Emerging Podcast Listening APPS featuring Anu Bhardwaj of SHEQONOMI & Marla Isackson of OSSA COLLECTIVE
  • Network and Acquisition Deals: Mock Negotiation featuring Gordon Firemark of Firemark Entertainment Law
  • Transforming Podcasting: The Journey from Free to Subscription-Based featuring John Shields of The Economist

Industry Professional Track
This track is open only to Industry Professional badges and focuses on the business of podcasting

  • Behind the Mic: A Deep-Dive into Branded Podcasting featuring Fatima Zaidi of Quill & CoHost
  • Emerging Cross-Platform Opportunities – Major Advances in Podcast Monetization and IP Exploitation from Industry Innovators featuring Jeff Weiner of work x work, Kerri Kolen of Pushkin Industries, & Sarah van Mosel of Death by Duck
  • Global Distribution for Audio Discoverability: More Static in The System featuring Ryan Granner of Disney
  • Host-Read or Programmatic: Choosing the Right Podcast Advertising Strategy featuring David Segura of Glassbox Media
  • Music to their Ears: What Brands Want From Audio featuring Dan Granger of Oxford Road
  • The Power of Context: Brand Safety, Measurement, and Verification in Podcasting featuring Caleb Mansfield of ArtsAI
  • The VAST Opportunity for Revenue featuring Pete Jimison of Frequency
  • Transitioning to Consulting/Freelance: Business edition featuring Dan Misener of Bumper Media, Maggie Taylor & Meggan Ellingboe of Meggane.Co
  • Understanding Podcast Listener Segmentation featuring Chiara Sagramola of Spreaker from iHeart

Fundamentals Track
This track is open to all attendees and focuses on the basics of podcasting.

  • One Year Later: 5 Valuable Lessons from My First Podcast Movement Evolutions featuring Blake Pfeil of The All-American Ruins Podcast & Toya Coleman of That Wasn't in My Textbook Podcast
  • Why Podcast Structure Is Important featuring Anthony Weaver of About That Wallet
  • Writing for the Ear: How To Create, Launch, and Grow a Podcast featuring Stevie Manns of BlackRock Financial
  • You’ve Published your Podcast…Now What? How to Move Your Podcast Forward with Amplified Trajectory featuring Heather Cook of That Sounds Fun Network

We’ve got more to be announced each week… and keep an eye on our Speakers Page for the list that’s being updated daily!


Join Us for Evolutions this March and PM24 next August!

Podcast Movement Washington DC 2024 logo

Join podcasters and industry professionals from around the world for our two big events next year.

Evolutions is March 26-29 in Los Angeles, and Podcast Movement 2024 is August 19-22 in Washington, D.C. Learn more about the differences here.

Both events feature hundreds of educational sessions across curated tracks, an innovative expo hall showcasing the latest tools and technologies, and of course the best networking and parties in podcasting.


Join us Next Month in California for Some Meetups!

The PM team will be in California in February spreading the good word of Evolutions, and we’re hosting three meetups while we’re there. We hope you can make it out to one or some of them if you’re in the area!

Join us on Tuesday, January 23

Podcast Movement is partnering with the Webby Awards to virtually present this year's Webby Talk – The Race to Outpace. In this special edition of Webby Talks, the event delves into the swift pace of AI innovations, providing valuable insights on navigating this new era of the Internet, particularly within the context of audio and podcasts.

Following the presentation, there will be a fireside chat with Dan Franks, President of Podcast Movement, on how AI can empower and transform the landscape of podcasting. Discover the latest trends and strategies for harnessing the power of AI in the dynamic world of audio content creation.

RSVP HERE, and we’ll see you there!

What a week! Don’t forget to save your spot to Evolutions before prices go up tonight, and we’ll see you next week!

Team Podcast Movement


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