Pinterest Tips for Podcasters

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Can you believe that summertime is upon us already? Podcast Movement will continue to heat things up this week with some helpful Pinterest tips to promote your podcast. We'll also introduce you to some of our newest Admins/Moderators in the Podcast Movement Facebook Group.

Pinterest Tips for Podcasters

As of the first quarter of 2020, Pinterest had 367 million monthly active users worldwide. PM family member Kelsey Henry shares the following reasons to consider using Pinterest to promote your podcast:

  1. Pinterest is a search engineIts algorithm can be learned and used to your advantage.
  2. Pins live forever. Other social media stories and posts fade after several hours, a day, or a few days if you are fortunate. Pinterest, however, is different. Your pins can be found years in the future.
  3. Pinterest posts can be automated. You can use scheduling tools to automate your posts, which makes things easier for you.

You will want to understand what Pinterest is and how to set up your account. We won't spend time on that stuff. However, the question remains, 

How does Pinterest attract new listeners to your podcast?

Cara Chase from the Pin Power Method did a podcast interview with Sarah Mikutel on the Podcasting Step By Step show about Pinterest. She shared the following in this episode.

  • Upload the graphic to Pinterest and add the URL and keywords there, then pin to a board.
  • Create the pin in Tailwind, Cara's preferred method. “Tailwind is one of the only Pinterest approved schedulers, and it's what I use to manage and maintain Pinterest accounts.” Note: Tailwind costs $12 a month.

Kim Sutton from the Positive Productivity podcast spoke earlier this year as a part of the Mass Media Summit with Scott Carson. She shared her podcast workflow for Pinterest in this session. Here are some of the highlights.

11:03 – Optimize your show notes and images for SEO purposes. Kim uses WordPress. She recommends the Social Warfare plugin for her pin descriptions. 

14:20 – Kim recommends having specific Pinterest boards for your podcast. She uses an Instagram template from Canva for her main board images. 

23:50 – Ideally, you initially pin your podcast episode to Pinterest on the same day as your podcast episode goes live. You can schedule that and other additional pins related to the show in advance using Tailwind. 

27:33 – Tailwind has a “Tribes Feature” that provides a collaborative way to share relevant content from other members. They reciprocate and share yours as well. Kim has experienced a lot of exposure using this. Her analytics show that the reach has been in the millions. 

31:49 – Kim uses the same name as her podcast episode for her Pinterest pin about the episode. You can have as many images for the episode as you want (these should be scheduled and not released all at once). 

32:12 – You can use the Headliner app to make a short video about your podcast episode and include this as a pin as well. Note: IGTV Live (for Instagram) allows a link to the episode in the description. No other free posts on Instagram allow this (under 10,000 followers), so definitely leverage this opportunity when using audiograms to share clips of your podcast episode on IGTV (32:52).

34:38 – Creating a pin – Use the title of the episode, include the episode description from your show notes, relevant hashtags, link to the podcast episode at the bottom, and the image or video for the pin. Pin this to your podcast board (or schedule it). 

39:00 Kim answers various questions.

Main takeaway: Pinterest allows you to keep your podcast episodes evergreen. It is a search engine that provides greater visibility to your show. 

Here are some recommended Pinterest boards and Pins to take a look at as examples.

Who are some podcasters that are doing a great job with promoting their podcasts via Pinterest? We would love to see and share other examples.

An Intro to New PM Facebook Group Moderators

The Podcast Movement Facebook Group continues to grow! We recently celebrated over 37,000 members. We welcome you to share your podcast link in this celebratory post. Note: You must be a member of the group to access this link.

We continue to add more community members to our admin/moderator team for the Facebook Group. We are fortunate to have some great new additions. Please feel free to connect with them if you haven't already! 

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