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    Greetings PM Family,

    This week's newsletter is packed… we barely have room to say hello!

    We've got our final round of keynote announcements, speaker reveals, PLUS we're highlighting our networking events and parties for PM Virtual! And did we mention we have 40 scholarship winners?

    Whoah! Here we go.

    Final Keynote Sessions Announced

    We're honored to round out the PM Virtual Keynote Stage with these three amazing keynote sessions and speakers!

    Join Misha Euceph of Dustlight Productions in this conversation with Manoush Zomorodi of TED Radio Hour & Stable Genius Productions and Nora McInerny of Terrible, Thanks for Asking, in a conversation about intellectual property and the rights of creators.

    Neal Carruth of NPR leads a discussion featuring some of the top daily news podcasters about podcasting with the current news landscape, including Martine Powers of Post ReportsMary Harris of What NextPaige Cowett of NYT's The Daily, and Sean Rameswaram of Today, Explained.

    Join Australia's (by way of the UK) James Cridland of Podnews, as he leads a conversation around emerging international markets in podcasting. Joining him on stage will be Spain's Núria Net of La Coctelera Music, Kenya's Paula Rogo of Africa Podfest, and Malaysia's Norman Chella of Podlovers Asia.

    PM Virtual Preview:
    Parties, Networking Events and More

    Evening Parties & Networking Events
    Each evening at Podcast Movement, we've got something special planned! From special networking events, to parties, and even some Halloween fun!

    Opening Party – presented by Spreaker
    Monday, October 19 – 8pm ET

    Ghoul's Night Out – presented by Libsyn & She Podcasts
    Tuesday, October 20 – 6:30pm ET
    Join your fellow female and non-binary podcasters for a virtual meet-up with lots of frightening fun for everyone! Let's “get batty” with a Halloween costume party, let the DJ play some monster-mash-ups, we'll conjure up some spooky spirits (both cock-and-mocktails) and end the evening with some hair-raising tales, told by bewitching podcasters familiar with stories from beyond the grave.

    iHeartMedia Podcast Team live from USC
    Tuesday, October 20 – 9:00pm ET
    Class is in session, as USC Professor, and Cloud 10 Productions founder Sim Sarna welcomes in special guest lecturers, from iHeartMedia, Conal Byrne and Will Pearson. This is a live streamed session of Sim's podcasting class!

    New Media Show LIVE
    Wednesday, October 21 – 7:00pm ET
    Join hosts Todd Cochrane and Rob Greenlee, along with some very special guests, for this live episode of the New Media Show, live from PM Virtual.

    Podcasters of Color Networking Event – presented by ABC News
    Thursday, October 22 – 6:30pm ET
    Join a roundtable of members of the ABC team, including Eric Johnson, Suzie Liu, Lakeia Brown, as well as members of the PM community, as they discuss breaking through in podcasting as a person of color. After that, we'll have open networking to end the day right.

    Trick or Treat: The Podcast Makeover
    Monday, October 26 – 8:00pm ET
    Just like a visit to neighborhood doors on Halloween, first impressions are extremely important for podcasts too! During this event, we welcome four podcasters to “trick or treat” with our special guest judges, where the judges will review the first thirty seconds of each show's podcast episodes. But these judges are not just any judges, see if you can tell who they are under their special Halloween disguises! SUBMIT YOUR SHOW FOR CONSIDERATION.

    Networking Event – presented by Spreaker
    Tuesday, October 27 – 6:30pm ET

    Barstool or NPR? The Podcast Attribution Game Show
    Wednesday, October 28 – 7:00pm ET
    Are you tired of people telling you what to think? Endless pitches touting the benefits of dynamic ads, embedded ads, targeting, and creative testing. Why not sit back, relax, and let us challenge every deeply held belief you have to the core. “Barstool or NPR?” pits audience versus panel. We present an attribution case, and you the viewer must decide, was the result from Barstool Sports or NPR?

    Networking Event – presented by
    Thursday, October 29 – 6:30pm ET
    Join Doug and Greg from PodcastMusic, along with some special guests, for the latest in featured music licensing for podcasters.

    Closing Party
    Thursday, October 29 – 9:00pm ET

    Afternoon Activity Breaks
    Each event-day afternoon at Podcast Movement, we've got some fun activities before the final round of breakouts take place. From meditation to games, we've got you covered.

    OSSA Collective's Activity Break
    Tuesday, October 20 – 4:30pm ET
    Join the OSSA Collective for a live podcast launch!

    Fiesta App's Activity Break
    Thursday, October 22 – 4:30pm ET
    Check out the Fiesta App, complete with live contest & prize giveaway!

    ABC News Activity Break
    Tuesday, October 27 – 4:30pm ET
    Join Dan Harris of Ten Percent Happier for a guided meditation break.

    Your Expert Guest's Activity Break
    Thursday, October 29 – 4:30pm ET
    Join Julie Fry of Your Expert Guest for a round of Jackbox Games!

    Last Call to Sign Up for Optional Workshops

    Last week we shared a breakdown of all the workshops you can attend (most require additional registration or a PREMIER pass). We encourage you to review these and sign up for the ones that interest you most when you register, or sign up for the PREMIER pass to get them all! If you're interested in adding one or more to your current registration, just reply to this email!

    New Podcaster Workshop
    Monday, October 19 – 2:00 pm ET 

    Advertiser Bootcamp, powered by Right Side Up
    Wednesday, October 21 – 12:00 pm ET 

    Internal & Corporate Podcasting Workshop
    Monday, October 26 – 12:00pm ET 

    From Podcast Idea to Launch, and Beyond; from Podcasters Paradise
    Monday, October 26 – 3:30 pm ET 

    Content Marketing & Branded Podcast Workshop
    Wednesday, October 28 – 12:00 pm ET 

    Sound Design Intensive
    Wednesday, October 28 – 3:30 pm ET 

    Interview Guest & Host Speed Networking
    Wednesday, October 21 – 3:30 pm ET 

    Final Round of PM Virtual Speaker Announcements

    While we always love to highlight our speakers individually, with only days to go before the event, we're giving you an update with all of the newly announced speakers at once! Make sure to check out the full schedule and the full list of speakers to learn more about these amazing speakers, and the sessions they're taking part in.

    Alia Tavakolian – Spoke Media
    Amanda Holland – Cloud10 Media
    Amy Hudson – Spotify
    Anna-Olivia McClain – AO McClain LLC
    Brad Mielke – ABC News
    Brendan Monaghan – Megaphone
    Caitlin Van Horn – Simplecast
    Cameron Hendrix – Magellan AI
    Cameron Poter – Pleasure Podcasts
    Dot Cannon – Over Coffee 
    Elizabeth Moody – Granderson Des Rochers
    Eric H. Johnson – ABC News
    Erika Nardini – Barstool Sports
    Greg Fitzgerald – Right Side Up
    Jasmine Rayonia – Brooklinen

    Jason Sew Hoy – Supercast
    Jenna Weiss-Berman – Pineapple Street Media
    Jonathan Menjivar – Pineapple Street Media
    Josh Dean – The Clearing
    Juliet Litman – The Ringer
    Karo Chakhlasyan – Chartable
    Laura Mayer – Three Uncanny Four
    Liz Landau – NASA
    Mallory Rubin – The Ringer
    Max Linsky – Pineapple Street Media
    Mike Muney – Spotify
    Nick Adler – The Athletic
    Pat Kicklighter – Resonate Recordings
    Steve Hayes – The Dispatch

    PM Virtual Scholarship Winners

    PM Virtual had over 100 applications for scholarships, and they were all amazing! We are grateful to be able to give away 40 scholarships to some very deserving podcasters (and future podcasters)! Please help us congratulate those who were selected!

    Khye Tyson – Minding My Birthing Business
    Phill Agnew – Nudge Podcast
    Dalia Abdelwahab – RADUC
    Chris Kuborn – Sounds Great
    Michelle Beal – DJ Lady Mojeau
    Steven Phillips – Altered Geek
    Bettina Brown – In the Rising with Bettina Brow
    Manish Balakrishnan – NoCode Founder Podcast
    Bhuushan Paalikar – Akhanda Bharat
    Audra Agen – Women in the Arena
    Eric Yard – Raising Financial Freedom
    Faith Hauser – Pink Talk Podcast
    Nikhil Dintakurthi – UPSC Radio Telugu
    Tami Rumfelt – The Thing You Do Podcast
    Johanna Nuding – Casually Baked, the Potcast
    Jessica Schmidt – Tarotable Relationships
    Ariella Warner – Rebel Spark
    Eileen Omosa – African Women in Novels
    Tori Levine – Momxiety Club
    Carol Marquis – Mom Swipes Left
    Nigel Walton – Backable
    Rabbi Ilan Glazer – Lechaim! One day at a time. (tentative title)
    Annalisa Underwood – Damn The Torpedoes
    Katie McMahon – Voices Not Victims
    Emily Van Fleet – Twice as Less Not Perfect: A Messy Marriage Podcast
    Reginald Townsend – ChampionOverEverything
    Mehdi Jorfi – Science Rehashed
    Ashley Evans – Way Back Xenn
    Adilson Matias de Franca – Mathitevómenos
    Afua Boateng – The Code in My Fro
    Zoe Knowlton – Haunt Her? I Barely Know Her!
    Jessica Yanez – The Wine & Chisme Podcast
    Sasha Kapustina – We The Aliens
    DiDi Delgado – The Full Set
    Chrishan Wright – Blaxit Global
    Elizabeth Rands – Detours Ahead
    Amira Crawford – The Black Therapist Incubator
    Regena Rosa-Celeste – The Pearls of Peace Podcast

    We are excited about PM Virtual next week! Look out for a special edition of this weekly newsletter next Monday Morning. 

    Thanks for your support of this great community!

    Team PM

    “You cannot conquer what you are not committed to.” – T.D. Jakes

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