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    PM Celebrates International Women's Day

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    Greetings PM Family!

    We celebrated International Women's Day this past Sunday, March 8. However, we wanted to extend the celebration a few days to recognize some essential members of the PM team.

    We will also share the latest updates regarding the upcoming April PM Meetup in Las Vegas.

    Come on now!

    These Amazing Women Make PM Awesome

    The Podcast Movement team has helped create a culture, media, community, and various events that are changing the podcast world. Today, we want to recognize the PM women who have made massive contributions to these efforts. Let's celebrate some of these amazing women! 

    Brennan Tapp – Brennan is the Managing Editor for the PodMov Daily newsletter. The newsletter is the fastest-growing newsletter in the podcast industry. She has a unique ability to curate and share compelling stories. Brennan and her fiancé live in Dallas, TX. 

    Kristy Scott – Kristy is our superstar Head of Sales. She is the primary contact for any businesses or organizations that collaborate with Podcast Movement through ads in our newsletters, exhibiting, sponsorships, and much more. Kristy and her family live in Southern California.

    Shannon Poe – Shannon wears many hats, but she is most visible (or invisible) when she is posting for the Podcast Movement Facebook Page, Instagram, and Twitter account! Shannon is super creative, fun, and witty. She also lives in Dallas, TX. 

    Alianza Clyne – You have likely interacted with Alianza if you have reached out to Podcast Movement support. Alianza is our primary support person. She goes above and beyond daily to make sure that community members have their questions answered and problems resolved. Alianza lives in Atlanta, and is awesome!

    Jessica Agostino – Jess is a digital nomad and one of the brightest minds in the event planning and execution space. She has worked on our team for multiple events, and we couldn't be happier to have such a fantastic and proactive problem solver, as well as a team player as a part of the logistics of our events!

    Julie Leithoff – Julie is the cornerstone. We are not sure how Podcast Movement ever happened before Julie joined the team. Julie and her team handle all things A/V related to our events. She is organized and unbelievably good at what she does. We plan to work with Julie for as long as she will have us! Julie hangs her hat in Omaha, NE.

    Shalonda Hunter – You have probably met Shalonda if you have attended Podcast Movement in the past. She does an incredible job live streaming and capturing content for our various social media channels during our lives events. Shalonda lives in New York City.

    Michelle Jackson – Michelle is a fantastic podcaster, entrepreneur and author based in Denver, CO. We added Michelle to this list because she is a speaker at many of our events, but is also an essential moderator in the Podcast Movement Facebook group. We encourage you to connect with her if you haven't already.

    Dot Cannon – Dot is in charge of several of our networking events that occur at Podcast Movement. She is also one of the moderators for the Podcast Movement Facebook group. Dot has supported PM for several years now, and we are fortunate to have someone so generous and caring as a member of our extended team and PM family! She also recently celebrated the 250th episode of her Over Coffee podcast!

    Jeannette Franks – Jeannette is the wife of PM president Dan Franks. We couldn't leave Jeannette off the list because of her many contributions behind the scenes to help keep PM on the right path.

    Rachel Mercado Easley – Rachel is the wife of PM VP Jared Easley. Rachel supports the event wherever she can on-site during the conferences. She has also been a significant supporter of Jared throughout the years when Podcast Movement was only an idea, then became a small startup and now a growing business! 

    We appreciate these amazing women and all they do to support Podcast Movement and the community!

    CANCELED: Podcast Movement Meetup in Las Vegas – Tuesday, April 21

    Members of the Podcast Movement team will be in Las Vegas for the upcoming NAB show

    We are planning our annual Vegas meetup for Tuesday evening, April 21 from 6-9 p.m. PT at Huntridge Tavern! Please make plans to join us if you are in the area. If not, please feel free to share with a podcast friend that is nearby. 

    The meetup is canceled due to the cancelation of the NAB show. NAB released the following statement earlier today.

    In the interest of addressing the health and safety concerns of our stakeholders and in consultation with partners throughout the media and entertainment industry, we have decided not to move forward with NAB Show in April. We are currently considering a number of potential alternatives to create the best possible experience for our community.

    RSVP Here

    31,000 Members in the PM Facebook Group!

    The PM team remembers when we were blown away by having 5,000 members in the PM Facebook group

    You have taken this community to the stratosphere and beyond. Thank you for your support, generosity, and commitment to a safe environment for experts, beginners and everyone in-between.

    Please celebrate with us by sharing your podcast link in this celebratory post.

    We want to see you shine. We want your show to be epic and have an impact. 

    One of the best ways for this to happen is to surround yourself with the sharpest minds in podcasting from every level. 

    • Hobbyist podcasters can learn from the enterprise level podcasters.
    • Independent podcasters can learn from broadcasters getting into podcasting.
    • Small networks can see how the larger and more established networks launch their shows, do their ad reads and engage with their audiences.
    • Professional podcasters can gain creative ideas from the hobbyists that are trying different things, even though on the surface they're so different.

    It's easy to get stuck and discouraged. We need each other to dream bigger and take actionable and responsible steps toward using our resources, time, and energy to get the best results. 

    Podcast Movement is the only podcast conference where all of these circles come together. Attendees not only learn alongside each other but FROM each other. Your voice matters and you have the opportunity to entertain, inform, and inspire fellow podcasters. 

    Join us in Dallas. You will not regret it, and we cannot wait to see you.

    You've got this, 
    Team PM

    P.S. We also want to give a quick shoutout to PM family member Kimberly Fox! She successfully organized the first podcasting event this past weekend in Cairo, Egypt! 

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