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PM23 Tracks & Topics, new Keynotes, and more!

It's Wednesday, and you know what that means: more exciting announcements for the biggest event in podcasting, Podcast Movement 2023!

If you're new to Podcast Movement, you might not be familiar with how the event is structured and how to make the most of it. But don't worry, we'll fix that today. We are also excited to announce our two new main-stage sessions for PM23, along with even more amazing speakers who have confirmed their participation in breakout sessions and panels.

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The New Rules of Podcasting on YouTube – Latest Research

This brand-new research study from Coleman Insights and Amplifi Media dives into the perceptions and habits of consumers that use YouTube for podcasts. We’ll answer burning questions and show how to make YouTube work best for your podcast.

What drives behavior? Why do podcast listeners choose YouTube over other platforms? Do certain categories perform better than others? Are people finding what they are looking for? How does discovery work? What can we learn to make YouTube effective?

If you’re a podcaster trying to figure out your YouTube plan (and whether or not to have one), this session is for you. We’ll share the new rules of podcasting on YouTube and give actionable information to craft a clear strategy.

Coleman and Amplifi would like to thank Locked On Podcast Network for sponsoring the study and helping to make it possible to bring to PM23!

Comedy Comes to Podcast Movement

On Thursday, August 24, the final day of Podcast Movement gets started with some laughs…or at least we'll feature podcasters who are responsible for lots of them.

Join June Diane Raphael of How Did This Get Made? and The Deep Dive;Ashley Ray of TV, I Say w/ Ashley Ray; and Adam Sachs, SVP Comedy & Entertainment Radio and Podcasts, SiriusXM; for this discussion of why comedy remains the number one podcast genre.

Topics & Tracks at PM23

In addition to the main stage sessions that kick off each day of Podcast Movement, the days are packed full of sessions across our six main track stages. Below you'll find a brief overview of each of those six, as well as a link to check out the sessions already announced for each track!

Creation Track – Presented by Amazon Music
Whether you’re creating a show from scratch or looking for ways to improve, this track will teach you everything you need to know about the ins and outs of podcasting. There will be sessions for both beginners and professionals that will help you and your show.

Industry Track – Presented by SXM Media
Podcast Movement prides itself as the conference that gathers experts from the industry to present sessions in an environment unlike anywhere else. This track focuses on “the business of podcasting” more than any of the others.

Marketing & Growth Track – Presented by Mowpod
Creating great content is part of the battle, but the next big hurdle is making sure people hear what you’re putting out there! This track offers some of the tips and tricks that the world’s most successful podcasters use. Learn the latest techniques, from social media and email marketing to using new technology, to get your voice heard.

Monetization Track – Presented by AdsWizz
We know that many podcasters are looking for ways to profit from their art form in this industry. While it may not be easy, this track brings in experts to teach you the different ways you can do it. Learn about getting sponsors, crowdfunding your podcasts, new advertising technologies, and more with these sessions.

Society, Culture, and Advocacy Track
This track encourages speakers and attendees alike to address some of the most difficult and most important topics head-on. From discussions around diversity, racism, and harassment to bringing a voice to underrepresented communities, we look forward to them happening at this year's conference.

Technical Track – Presented by Focusrite
Podcast Movement will be home to some of the best technical experts in podcasting. Whether you’re looking for ways to podcast from mobile devices, trying to figure out what plugs into where, or need a few handy tips on editing your content like a pro—you’ll find sessions on various topics throughout the week.

Join Us for PM 2023 This Summer

Prices go up TONIGHT for PM23 this AUGUST IN DENVER, CO

If you're not yet signed up to join over 3,000 podcasters and professionals from around the world this summer, what are you waiting for? Grab your passes before prices GO TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!

Podcast Movement 2023 features hundreds of educational sessions spread across carefully curated tracks, amazing expo halls to discover the latest podcasting tools and technologies, and of course the best networking events and parties in podcasting!

More Speakers taking the Stage!

In addition to the sessions we announced above, we've got some amazing new speakers to announce in this week's update.

Remember, some of these sessions are brand new, while others have already been announced, in which case these are the newest participants in those sessions.

Best Practices for Video Podcasting w/ Alanah Joseph of HubSpot

Beyond Downloads: Advanced Podcast Analytics for Greater Audience Insight w/ Heather Gordon of Acast, Mattia Verzella of Spreaker, and Sean King of Veritone

Brand and Expand: Tips and Tricks on Children's Podcast IP Expansion and Brand Building w/ Dorothea Gillim of WGBH, Heather Alexander of Audible, and Lynn Kestin Sessler of Nickelodeon

Brand Your Podcast Like A Pro w/ Jonathan Ogle of The Infinite Agency

Creator Culture: How to Develop a 360° Podcast Strategy w/ Shea Simpson of Wondery

Don’t sell out: Building an authentic following while turning a profit w/ Alie Ward of Ologies, Joe McCambley of Saatva, and Travis Dunlap of WME

Expanding the Audio Universe: The Evolution of Kids Podcasting w/ Chad Chenail of ATK / Chompers and Tracy Kaplan of The Ten News

Frequency Capping & the New DAI w/ Courtney O'Connor of Veritone One and Peter Birsinger of Podscribe

From Concept to Cult Following: Lessons from Top Podcast Networks w/ Nathan Otoski of iHeartPodcasts and Robert Morandi of Audacy

From Social Media Influencer To Podcaster: Lessons on How to Succeed Across Both Mediums w/ Bramty Juliette and Luis Nestor of BramTEA, and Mike Morse of YEA Networks

How listeners want you to use ChatGPT (and how they don’t) w/ Jonathan Fields of The Good Life Project

Insider Tips from Top Podcast Agencies to Power Your Show w/ James Cridland of Podnews

Is programmatic taking over podcast advertising? w/ Scott Porretti of Katz Media and Sheryl Worsley of Bonneville International

It Pays to Podcast w/ Jen Matichuk of Memberful and Lisa Laporte of

Legal Stuff with The Top Lawyers in Podcasting w/ Lindsay Bowen of Lindsay Bowen, Esq.

Narrowing your Niche: Carving Your Space in the Podcasting Landscape w/ Alan Black of Canadaland and Alanah Joseph of HubSpot

Podcast Makeover: The 30-Second Challenge w/ Seth Resler of Jacobs Media

Represent! Represent!: The Rise of Cultural Sensitivity Editing in Podcasting w/ Stacey Parshall Jensen

The Branded Podcast Blueprint: Strategies for Building Authentic and Engaging Content w/ Jonas Woost of Bumper

The Magic of Thinking Big: How to Boost Your Podcast's Reach and Engagement w/ Greg Wasserman of Castmagic and Sarah van Mosel of iHeartMedia

The Nuance of Narrative: Unraveling the Art of Storytelling with Successful Podcasters w/ Bob Kane of Advertisecast and Jordan Harbinger of The Jordan Harbinger Show

The Tech Innovations Reshaping the Industry w/ Jeanine Wright of Wondery

We'll continue to share more participants as the event draws near, but check out the entire list of speakers announced so far!

To wrap things up, we wanted to remind everyone of our Community and Event Codes of Conduct. As the online community continues to grow and evolve, and our next big in-person event gets closer, it's never a bad time to make sure that we are all respectful of one another.

With that said, we hope your week is going great, and we can't wait to be back in your inbox soon!

Chat soon,
The Podcast Movement Team

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