Podcast Movement 2020 is back this summer! Learn More & Register Here

Podcast Movement 2020 is back this summer! Learn More & Register Here


    Evolutions keynotes, PM20 speaker submissions open, and more!

    Greetings PM Family,

    Podcast Movement is proud to take a moment to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his peaceful struggle for civil rights helped pave the way for healing that continues to this day. Our society is still a work in progress, and we’re grateful for his leadership and sacrifice.

    This week we share additional keynote speakers for Evolutions, uncover the Expo Bonus Stage presentations, review the “Did You Know?” segment on facts about Evolutions, and provide the link to the open speaker submissions form for PM20 in Dallas!

    Let’s keep moving.

    Additional PM Evolutions Keynote Speakers

    Last week we introduced three of our keynote speakers for Evolutions. This week, we are eager to share with you two more keynote speakers.

    Evolutions is all about moving the medium of podcasting forward, and few host and producers embody this mission like Misha EucephIn 2019, Ad Week named Misha “Producer of the Year,” her podcasts made 9 best of lists, and she reached over 2 million people. Misha is a Pakistani-American podcast host, writer, and producer and recently made “Tell Them, I Am.”  The LA Times called the show “quietly revolutionary,” and we can’t wait for her evolutionary talk next month at Evolutions!

    The act of evolving often only happens after a failure…or a lot of them! James Altucher has started and run more than 20 companies, and is currently an investor in and advisor to over 30 more. But at one point, James lost everything. In a matter of months, his account drained from $15 million to $143. Depressed and on the floor, James realized today’s standard view of success comes with conditions, and the only effective way to be successful is to “choose yourself.” And we hope you choose to join James for his talk during the Saturday morning keynote at Evolutions!

    Next week we’ll have information on the iHeartRadio Party at Evolutions…the biggest podcast party of the spring!

    PM Evolutions Expo Bonus Stage

    Evolutions has so many amazing sessions; we could not contain them to one of our track-specific stages. Regardless of which of the three ticket types you register for, the Bonus Stage in the Evolutions Expo Hall is open to everyone and will have sessions going all day, every day, February 13-15. We are excited about them and encourage everyone to check them out!

    Teri Yuan from Engendered Collective – Art & Activism: The Evolution of My Podcast Listener from Passivity to Engagement

    Rachel Batish from Audioburst – Attract New Users by Giving Them the Tools They Need to Be Heard

    Jay Nachlis from Coleman Insights – Building Your Brand: Outside Thinking for Podcasts

    Orit Cohen from Amigas in Business – Como Traducir Mi Passion En Un Podcast. (Session will be conducted in Spanish)

    Jamie Muskopf from SO Unbecoming – Get Over Yourself: A Perfectionist’s Guide to the Podcast Movement Launch Your Podcast Challenge

    Chris Vasquez from AWeber – How to Create Dynamic, Interactive Emails Using Google’s New “AMP for Email”

    Nivi Achanta from the Get Schooled Podcast & Soapbox Project – How to Transform Your Community into Your Champion

    Nathan Iyer & Kartik Parija from Adori Labs – Interactive Audio: The Future of Podcasting A New Paradigm for Listener Engagement, Analytics, and Monetization

    Jessica Tseang from the Kaiju Kingdom Podcast – Monetizing with Your Podcast as a Hobby

    Ella Turenne & Martine Jean from Fanm on Films & BlackWomyn Beautiful – Nailed It! How to Conduct the Perfect Interview and Use it as a Marketing Tool for your Podcast

    Randy Wilburn from I am Northwest Arkansas & Encourage Build Grow LLC – No More Secrets! Why Every Organization Has a Story to Tell and Why YOU Need to Tell it Through a Podcast!

    Meshell Baker from National Association of Sales Professionals – The Art of BEING unComfortable: Making the Ultimate Sale…Yourself

    Cameron Hendrix & John Goforth from Megallen AI – Trends in Direct Response Advertising

    Did we mention next week’s newsletter is the party issue? Learn about them all NEXT WEEK!

    Podcast Movement Evolutions: Did You Know?

    Did you know? Here are a few facts that you might not know about Evolutions in LA next month.

    • Did you know that we designed each track for you as an attendee? Choose the track that applies to you, and allow the designated sessions to do the rest.


    • Did you know that the Professional Podcaster Track registrants can go to the Creator Track sessions, and the Industry Track registrants can go to the Professional Podcaster Track sessions?


    • Did you know that the Creator Track includes Expert Talks in the morning and afternoon of February 13, and all day the 14 and 15? Plus, this track features two stages all day every day, so whether you’re a brand new podcaster or a hobbyist looking to improve and grow, it’s the perfect place for you!


    • Did you know that there is a networking party every night, including the big one on Thursday night presented by iHeartRadio, plus the kick-off party courtesy of Wondery?


    • Did you know that the Podfront in Los Angeles takes place the morning of February 12, and Evolutions kicks off later that evening? If you’re in town for the Podfront, this is a great chance to make the week all about maximizing your podcast or podcast business!

    Speaker Submissions Are Now Open for PM20 in Dallas!

    Podcast Movement is pleased to announce that the speaker submission form for PM20 this August in Dallas is now open! We encourage you to consider submitting your ideas for a presentation. Last year, we had over 800 submissions!

    Apply to Speak Here

    Podcasting is more of a marathon than a sprint. We encourage you to keep taking the steps toward your goals, and not to give up when times are complicated and the numbers don’t seem to be there yet. The community is here to help! Podcast Movement is a family, and we want to see you achieve your podcasting goals. 

    Keep moving,
    Team PM

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