A Belated Tribute to Veterans in the PM Family, Plus Your Final Chance to Speak at Evolutions!

Happy Wednesday PM Family,

Quick note: This is the last week to submit a presentation for PM Evolutions in LA this February. You can submit your session idea here.

The United States celebrated Veterans Day this past Monday. Our community has many inspiring veterans that are doing great work through their podcasts. Veterans Day may be over, but we still feel inclined to dedicate this week's newsletter to highlight them.

Podcast Movement has a great appreciation for our men and women service members, first responders, members of our allied forces, as well as spouses and family of service members.

Today we will spotlight a few veterans in the Podcast Movement community, highlights from the PodMov Daily newsletter, the latest PM mini-documentaries, as well as additional community updates.

Let's begin.

Podcasts Represented by Veterans in the PM Family

  • The Veterans Homebuying Show by Brian Keith Bailey – Brian is a realtor, podcaster, and author. He served in the Air Force. His show helps veterans avoid mistakes when buying their home.


  • The 80's Hour Podcast with Juan Aleman II – Juan's show is full of fun and trivia that pays tribute to all of the nostalgia that the 80's decade had to offer.


  • Cold Case Chronicles with Ronnie Coursey – The Cold Case Chronicles are the findings of a group of women dedicated to researching, investigating, and reporting their results on cold cases.


  • The Apex Podcast with Jan Almasy – This show offers interviews with ordinary individuals accomplishing extraordinary things. It also provides tips and tricks on various topics from online media, travel, dealing with anxiety, and a variety of other relatable issues.


  • Lyfting With Larry – In this entertaining podcast, Uber and Lyft driver Larry Duncan shares stories from the world of ridesharing.


  • Deeper than Music Podcast with Markivus Nious – This show offers insight into the story behind musicians and personalities and what inspires them as artists. Guests featured include international recording artists, songwriters, actors, and producers.


  • Lethal Podcast with Matt Baum – The podcast is about archery. It discusses quality setups and tactics to further the bowhunting agenda.


  • The Petty Prophet with Joel Berry – This show discusses culture, science, politics, and family from a Christian perspective. It includes a mix of lighthearted satire.


  • Yardbird, Tuna with Chris Hunter – This podcast covers a variety of topics for the working class that ranges from flat earthers, car culture, bullying, and lots more.

We could share many many more, but to keep this newsletter from turning into a podcast directory, we will taper off the list here. We do want to give honorable mentions to fellow veterans, community members and generous supporters such as James Van Prooyen, Todd Cochrane, Josh Elledge, Mark Deal, Bill Nowicki, and Tom Schwab (to name a few).

If you haven't checked out the PodMov Daily newsletter yet then you are missing out on the latest updates in the podcast industry!

Program Associate Nora O'Neill on the WUFT Student Podcast Challenge

The inaugural WUFT Student Podcast Challenge, spearheaded by the Summer Media Institute at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, is in full swing. Program Associate Nora O'Neill shares more about this program. She attended the Summer Media Institute as a high school student and is now a journalism undergraduate at the UF. 

Podcasting Soon: Big Whig Media, DC's Open Multimedia Studio

A new state-of-the-art podcast studio will soon be launching in Washington, DC. Big Whig Media is located near the White House, on the ground floor of the Willard Hotel.

While radio broadcasters are routinely critiqued and coached by their program directors in aircheck sessions, podcasters usually don't have the same opportunity to get feedback from professionals. In this blog series, we invite a panel of broadcasting professionals to critique up-and-coming podcasters.

PM19 Interviews Featuring

Lacey Langford and Mikelah Rose

It brings us great joy to continue sharing members of the PM Community with you each week through the PM mini documentaries and interviews. These videos were recorded this past August at Podcast Movement 2019. We continue to feature new interviews or mini documentaries throughout this month on our official YouTube Channel

Check out these from Lacey Langford and Mikelah Rose, and we'll be adding more each week.

Podcast Movement gives another hat tip to Creators Group for an outstanding job on this project. They have done a great job representing our community and sharing unique stories!

Learn more about Lacey and Mikelah.

Podcast Movement Sessions: Season 4 Update

Podcast Movement Sessions – Season 4 will launch the trailer for the new season on Friday, November 15. You will be able to listen to it here if you are not already subscribed to the show!

PM Community Updates!

Once again, a belated thank you to all of our men and women service members in the PM family. We appreciate your service. We also appreciate the freedom that your efforts have helped to protect. The freedom to create a podcast is something that everyone in this community can celebrate.

Thank you,
Team PM

“We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude.” – Cynthia Ozick

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