A November to Remember…Plus 2020 Prices Go Up Tonight

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We trust that your week has been fruitful thus far for your podcast, or other podcast-related ambitions. Please note that the price for PM20 will go up at midnight tonight.

Podcast Movement is glad to share some additional exciting news today. This week's newsletter highlights PodMov Daily, more PM Mini Documentaries, Podcast Movement Sessions – Season 4 launch, and closes with some fun community updates.

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The PodMov Daily newsletter gets better and better! We welcome to you check it out for yourself. 

In the meantime, take a look at this interview feature with David Locke and article from Wil Williams and Elena Fernández Collins.

Delivered Daily: An Interview with David Locke, Founder of Locked On Podcast Network

In the summer of 2016, David Locke, the radio voice of the Utah Jazz, founded the Locked On Podcast Network. What began as one show, Locked On Jazz, has grown into a wide-reaching world of sports audio. Over 130 different podcasts provide in-depth coverage of the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and major college sports teams.

What sets Locked On apart is that its shows are daily. The off-season can be a content desert in sports, but the network’s premise — Your Team. Every Day. — aims to change that. Insights, interviews, news, and perspective are fresh and always on deck.

We spoke to Locke about the beginnings of the network, its advertising strategy, and how the shows have grown to net 6 million listens per month.

Digging Deeper into Podcast Website Accessibility

Wil Williams and Elena Fernández Collins are back with a follow-up feature on building, or improving, a podcast website. Accessibility is the main focus of this second lesson, with links to suggested resources and actionable, bullet-point checklists. “Always remember that not everyone interacts with things like websites the same way that you do,” Williams writes.

These two avid listeners and reviewers see a ton of podcast websites. They share what’s memorable — details that show you’ve gone the extra mile. “Remember that your choices for your website are what will enable people to discover your podcast, listen to and support your podcast, and talk about you to their friends!” writes Fernández Collins.

“Think about how you want to widen that net, make your podcast and podcast-related things accessible, and keep creating.”

We continue to share excellent features every morning and would love to send them your way. Click HERE to check it out!

PM Mini Documentaries Featuring Rich Jones and Erica Mandy

We love sharing members of the PM Community with you each week through the PM Mini Documentaries. They were recorded this past August at Podcast Movement 2019. We are featuring new interviews and mini-documentaries throughout this month on our official YouTube Channel.

Check out these from Rich Jones and Erica Mandy, and we'll be adding more each week.

Podcast Movement enjoyed working with Creators Group for the second year in a row. We appreciate their commitment to excellence, as well as the community for sharing compelling stories!

Learn more about Rich and Erica.

Podcast Movement Sessions: Season Four

Podcast Movement has been fortunate to work with some amazing podcasters over the last three seasons of the Sessions podcast.

We are proud to partner with Ted Woods as the producer for Season 4 as well as Storyblocks as the sponsor. Ted interviewed numerous attendees, speakers, and participants at Podcast Movement 2019 in Orlando. He has put together a documentary-style story arc with the focus on the Society, Culture & Advocacy track.

The podcast is currently slated to release during the week of November 25. We will share more information soon.

PM Community Updates!

We appreciate all that you do to continue to make this community great. We hope that you can take advantage of the lowest prices available for PM Evolutions in LA this coming February and Podcast Movement 2020 in Dallas, TX in August.

Keep hitting record,
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“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” – Maya Angelou

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