Announcing more speakers for PM Virtual: Round 2!

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We trust that those of you in the US were able to take a break from laboring (and let's be honest, everything else) for the Labor Day Holiday last weekend, and for everyone else, we hope your week is going great! This week, we continue the excitement from the last newsletter, as we share with you even more speakers that will be a part of PM Virtual next month.

Podcast Movement Virtual
2nd Round of Speaker Announcements

Podcast Movement is excited to announce our second round of speakers for PM Virtual this October.

Andrew Jones with StreamGuys – Using Data to Sell Podcast Sponsorships

Rachel Pierre with Mommifaceted – Diverse Audiences are Sometimes Small but Always Mighty!

Corey McLemore with Acast – Say Their Name: How to Use Audio to Humanize Headlines

Doug Fraser with What We Do – We’re All Heroes: The Curious Blueprint to Uncovering Stories

Amanda Cupido from Let's Talk Podcasting – Building a Podcast Community, Internally

Kay Summers with Big World/American University School of International Service – Overcoming Interview Imposter Syndrome — a.k.a. How to Interview Someone Smarter than You

Shannon Martin and John Kiernan with Podbean – Powering Up Employee Development with Internal Podcasts

Sarah Breitenother with Stitcher – You Know More About Your Listeners Than You Think: Maximize listening Data to Maximize Engagement

Dan Miller with 48 Days LLC – How to Talk, Serve and Put Money in the Bank

Darrell Darnell with Pro Podcast Solutions – The Business of Podcast Editing: 3 Can’t Miss Strategies to Grow Your Podcast Editing Business

Rob Walch with Libsyn – Yes – That Marketing advice for your Podcast is BS – 2020

Traci Deforge from Produce Your Podcast – Stop the Glorification of Busy; Podcast with Passion Without Killing Yourself

Heather Osgood with True Native Media Agency – Dynamic Ad Insertion: How Mid-Size Podcasts Can Take Advantage Of And Use Dynamic Ad Insertion to Make More Money
Rob Byers with American Public Media – Unlocking Pro Tools for Podcasts

Gabe Bender with Google Podcasts – Google Podcasts and the Future of Audio Discovery

Elzie Flenard with Enterprise NOW!/Podcast Town – Podcast Your Brand. Amplifying Your Brand Through Podcasting

Kathy Doyle with Macmillan Publishers – Key Podcasts Partnerships that Drive Profit

Caroline Edwards with ICM Partners – Inclusivity In Podcasting: The Rise of Diverse Voices in 2020

Fred Dews with The Brookings Cafeteria / The Brookings Institution – Overcoming Interview Imposter Syndrome — a.k.a. How to Interview Someone Smarter than You

Sarah Li Cain from Beyond the Dollar – The Fine Line Between Tokenism and Diversity

Julie Fry with Your Expert Guest and Ian Anderson Gray with Confident Live – Is Your Pitch Getting Deleted? Let's Change That!

Francis Plourde with CBC Podcasts – Using Archives for Story-telling

Anne Richards from Pinna – A Behind the Scenes Look at Producing Award-Winning Podcasts for Kids!

Lisa Jacobs with Ad Results Media and Shiva Bayat with Complex – Transitioning From Video First Content to Podcasting with Complex

Allison Kennedy with the Ad Council – Podcast For Good: Creating Social Change at Scale

Sam Dingman with Family Ghosts – The Limitations of Truth

Jessica Cordova Kramer with Lemonada Media – It’s About Time: Fast-Tracked Podcasts Optimized to Read the Room

Falen Johnson with the Secret Life of Canada – I Trained in Theatre and All I Got Were These Podcast Skills (How Theatre Skills Can Make Your Podcast Better)

Ellie Brigida with Lez Hang Out – Monetizing with Live (and Virtual) Events

Mark Asquith with Rebel Base Media – Podcast Marketing Strategy: the Podcast Discoverability Triangle and the Perfect Listener Acquisition Flow

Christabel Nsiah-Buadi with My Lens Media – Why Having Diverse Perspectives is Important – and How You Can Include Them in Your Podcast

Kara Mayer Robinson with Really Famous – Engaging Interviews Made Easy

Rob Kirkpatrick with Focus on the Family – The Emotional Intelligence of a Powerful Podcast

We will announce additional speakers and sessions next week, including keynote speakers! Stay tuned!

Thank you for being a part of the community,

Team PM

“One of the marvelous things about community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way we couldn't as individuals.”
– Jean Vanier

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