Elf on a Podcast Studio Shelf (plus Evolutions speakers update)

Happy Wednesday PM Family,

It used to be that many only had to worry about Santa watching to see if they were naughty or nice. Now many people also answer to an Elf on the Shelf, keeping tabs and judging away, while also getting into trouble.
Not to worry! You're on the PM nice list. And this week, your reward is hearing about the latest episode of Podcast Movement Sessions, some highlights from the PodMov Daily newsletter, new community interview/mini-documentaries and wrap things up with a bow (or community updates in this case).

PLUS, next week we announce the first round of speakers for PM: Evolutions!

The podcast community believes in its-elf

For episode three of the season, we're taking a long look at the power of the Podcasting Community.

This communal idea that we have the power to lift the medium together bubbled over in many of the interviews we conducted at PM19. We dedicated an entire episode to discovering just how creators have embraced this connection. 

Season four of Podcast Movement Sessions was produced by Ted Woods and is sponsored by Storyblocks! A fantastic resource for all your stock footage, AE templates, SFX, and music bed needs. For more information visit: Storyblocks.com/PodcastMovement 

The PodMov Daily newsletter is the gift that keeps on giving, but not in the “you really shouldn't have” sort of way.

Our new ambassador program allows you to earn prizes that would make Santa jealous, just by merely sharing the newsletter with your friends.

Check out these articles shared from PodMov Daily:


Content strategist and podcast librarian Ma’ayan Plaut has written a definite, actionable article on how to boost a podcast’s discoverability with SEO strategy. It outlines how to use transcripts, audiograms, and tags to enhance engagement with new and existing listeners. 

In a compelling review, audio drama writer and producer Matthew McLean explores applications of Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. Newport is the author of Deep Work (2016) a well-regarded guide to developing focus. He defines ‘digital minimalism’ as:

“A philosophy of technology use in which you focus your online time on a small number of carefully selected and optimized activities that strongly support the things you value, and then happily miss out on everything else.” 

What is more fun than taking an Elfie?
PM Interviews/Mini-Documentaries featuring 
Ashley Barnhart and Hendel Leiva.

Podcast Movement is proud to share more stories from members of the community each week through the PM mini-documentaries and interviews. The videos were recorded this past August at Podcast Movement 2019. We invite you to check out the new videos for this week as well as other great content on our official YouTube channel

This week we hear from Ashley Barnhart from the Adult Struggles podcast and Hendel Leiva from the Immigration MIC podcast. 

Podcast Movement raises a holiday toast to the Creators Group. They captured so many amazing stories from podcasters. They rock! 

Learn more about Ashley and Hendel!

Santa's Workshop: PM community updates!

  • The 28 Day Launch Your Podcast Challenge Returns on January 1 – Podcast Movement is proud to partner with Acast to bring back this FREE challenge next month. 

    The challenge is perfect for anyone that is wanting to start their podcast and could benefit from a set of daily steps that go from zero to launch in 28 days. It also offers a private community setting for encouragement and support from members of the PM team and fellow students that are also going through the process.

Smiling is Our Favorite

Does your previous podcast episodes enjoy an elf-worthy shelf life? Just like an Elf on the Shelf keeps things fresh with different scenarios, you can promote your older episodes like new.

The fun of Elf on the Shelf for adults is making it do something different each day of December. Think of your podcast episodes like that — there are so many different ways to bend a particular show and frame it so you can keep promoting it.

Like our Elf-friend, you can update your content for various contexts. Here is an article that will hopefully give you some ideas. 

Elf on a Shelf, like podcasting, started from humble beginnings but has grown into an international phenomenon. We hope that your show will experience similar growth opportunities this month and also in the new year! 

Have your (s)elf a Happy Holidays,
Team PM

P.S. We announce speakers for Evolutions next week!

“I don’t want to hear what’s hot and feel I have to copy it. I’ll make up my own thing.” 
– Missy Elfiott

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