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We are excited about several opportunities coming soon for the PM Community, including the main feature for today. PM is partnering with Facebook on an article series just for podcasters. We also discuss the upcoming free class for the 28-Day Launch Your Podcast Challenge. We'll close out with essential PM community updates.

Let's roll.

PM partners with Facebook & Instagram

We just kicked off a 5-part series, with Part 1 and Part 2 now live. Each article covers a different category of tools on Facebook and Instagram, curated specifically for podcasters. The first post is about community building, and the second is about subscriptions and revenue!

Articles come out every other Monday. Keep an eye out on March 15 for a guide to long-form Live video on both platforms.

Community Building on Facebook and Instagram
unique combination of storytelling tools — from multimedia Feed posts and Stories to longer-form videos with IGTV and Watch — makes Facebook and Instagram awesome tools for expressing yourself and growing your podcast community.
This guide features information on:

  • Creative ideas for Stories
  • What Reels are, and how to create them
  • How comments help with engagement
  • Avoiding engagement bait
  • Content moderation tools


Subscriptions & Revenue on Facebook and Instagram
On Facebook, fan subscriptions allow listeners to support their favorite podcasts and hosts through a monthly subscription. Facebook Shops make it easy to set up an online shop accessible through both Facebook and Instagram. People can find your shop on your show’s Facebook Page or Instagram profile.

This guide features information on:

  • Fan Subscriptions
    Fans who sign up for a subscription become supporters. Creators reward them with perks like exclusive content, personal interactions, and badges. How you set up your subscription is up to you – you have the flexibility to bring any content and choose your own price point.
  • Facebook Shops
    Shops act as a virtual storefront for a podcast’s brand. You’ll be able to tell your story, share merchandise collections, and drive traffic directly to your Shop through ads and discovery points.


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28-Day Launch Your Podcast Challenge
Begins on March 4

We have a lot of new members of the community that are wanting to launch their podcast. The free 28-Day Launch Your podcast challenge (sponsored by Buzzsprout) provides a step-by-step approach to help new podcasters go from zero to launch in less than a month.

Not only do we help guide you, but the challenge also provides a community of classmates going through the steps together, which allows synergy and support throughout the duration of the class.

We encourage you to join if you want to start your show next month and have it live by April. The challenge starts on March 4, so sign-ups close soon! Please consider sharing this opportunity with friends that are interested in started a podcast.

PM Community Updates!

Podcast Movement University is FREE for everyone to join, and we recently had a few outstanding presentations that you can now watch on-demand. We encourage you to check out the replays if you missed the sessions streamed live in the Facebook Group. Again – these are free to view by joining PMU.

  • Heil Sound Presentation and Q&A – Michelle Miller Levitt from Heil Sound joined us for this special presentation and Q&A on podcast microphones, etc. The presentation discussed:
  • Types of microphones: dynamic and condenser
  • Sound treatment and what podcasters need
  • Element placement – essentially where the element is in the housing.
  • Polar patterns and their implications.
  • Rear rejection and why it really matters.
  • Frequency responses and EQ.
  • Gain… spoiler alert; it’s not a volume knob!
  • Microphone tips and techniques to get you the best sound.
  • Plus Q&A

PMU also has office hours later today at 4:00 pm ET, where we'll take any of your questions about the University or your podcast, and next Tuesday, we'll be joined by OSSA, who will share Insider Podcast Growth Hacks. It's all free, so why not join?

Congrats to PM family member Rich Jones for this feature from Google!

PM21 Speaker Submissions are now open but closing soon! Click here to submit your panel or presentation ideas, or to get more information.

Thanks for supporting this great community. We look forward to interacting with you on social media and at the University!

Team PM

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