Guy Raz announced as Keynote Speaker, plus register for pre-con workshops!!

Greetings PM Family,

Happy 4th of July to our community members in the United States!

PM19 celebrates this week with some firework-like announcements! Guy Raz is coming to PM19 as one of our closing keynote speakers, we take a dive into the Society, Culture and Advocacy track (sponsored by Lipstick & Vinyl), and review the pre-conference activities that attendees won't want to miss! Let's light the fuse, stand back and enjoy this illuminatory display!

Raz, White and Blue! Guy Raz announced as a PM19 Keynote Speaker!

Podcast Movement is very excited to have Guy Raz as one of our keynote speakers for PM19.

Guy is the host of NPR’s How I Built This and the TED Radio Hour. On his newest show on Luminary, Wisdom From the Top, he talks to great leaders from C-suites, government and nonprofits about their stories of crisis, failure, turnaround and triumph.  In this session, Guy and a special guest will share their “wisdom from the top” journey for the podcast industry.

Guy will be a part of our closing keynote sessions on Friday afternoon, August 16th. Also a part of the closing keynotes will be Earlonne Woods and Nigel Poor from Ear Hustle, along with a very special guest of their own (stay tuned).

Let Freedom Ring! Society, Culture and Advocacy Track at PM19 – presented by Lipstick & Vinyl

We are proud to have Lipstick & Vinyl as the sponsor for this year's Society, Culture and Advocacy Track at PM19!

The Society, Culture and Advocacy Track encourages speakers and attendees alike to address some of the most difficult, but also most important, topics head-on. From discussions around diversity, racism, and harassment, to bringing voice to underrepresented communities, we look forward to them having a safe place at this year's conference.

Lipstick & Vinyl is a podcast company. They aren’t in this business by accident. They live to give voice to the underrepresented. They see a future of media that is a true reflection of people who live in our society. Through podcasting, they amplify new voices. People like people who sound like them.

Here is a sample of some already announced:


We have more sessions that have not been announced yet for the Society, Culture and Advocacy Track! Please feel free to review the full PM19 schedule (you can also download the PM19 app here) which will let you know when and where to find these sessions, as well as panels, breakouts and workshops available on other tracks/stages.

The Declaration of Pre-Conference Attendance: PM19 Pre-Conference Workshops, Networking, Orientations, Primers and more!

New Attendee Orientation

Before Podcast Movement officially kicks off, you'll have the chance to learn from PM veterans the best way to make the most out of Podcast Movement 2019 …and even meet a few hundred podcasters a day.

You have two options for attending this at either 9 am or 3 pm on Tuesday, August 13. The New Attendee Orientation is made possible thanks to Simplecast.

New Podcasters Primer

The New Podcasters Primer provides the opportunity to learn from some podcasting experts who can help you talk the talk and walk the walk…plus meet a few hundred podcasters a day early to boot!

The primer starts at 1 pm on Tuesday, August 13. This is a popular session, so don't be late!

This primer is made possible thanks to Bourbon Barrel Podcasting.

Patreon Workshops

Join Patreon's Creator Success experts throughout the day, and some surprise guests, to learn how you can thrive in podcasting by building stronger direct relationships with your listeners and fans.


Growing Your Podcast (and Revenue!) Using Email Marketing & Automation

Aweber has put together a hands-on workshop to learn how to leverage the power of email marketing and automation to grow your podcast and generate more revenue.

This workshop begins at 12 pm.

Attendance is free, but you must pre-register

The State of the Indie

As networks form and the industry grows, what does  look like to be an independent producer today, and what will indie podcasting look like in the future?

This session begins at 2 pm ET.

Get Paid to Podcast

We are going beyond advertising to look into the big questions that face the future of your podcast. Who owns your work? What are some new technical and legal models for paying content creators? These are the questions we will get into with a unique lineup of panelists!

This session begins at 3 pm ET.

These workshops are presented thanks to Loeb & Loeb

We the Podcasters…

Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is an annual American hot dog competitive eating competition held on the 4th of July at Coney Island in a neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City. The defending men's champion is Joey Chestnut, who ate 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes in the 2018 contest.

Competitive eating contests can be disgusting, but similar to podcasting; they require a strategy and a bit of preparation in order to succeed. Podcasting can feel overwhelming. The process can sometimes feel like eating 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes. We encourage aspiring and existing podcasters to consider podcasting less of a competition and more of a long term strategy to prevent the overwhelm and heartburn.

Joey Chestnut didn't start as a champion. He spent several years competing against, chasing and losing to Japanese Eating Competitor Legend Takeru Kobayashi. However, each defeat inspired Joey to continue being bold, training and making improvements. He finally beat Kobayashi in 2007 eating 66 hotdogs (Kobayashi had 63).

Hot Diggity Dog,
Team PM

“Freedom lies in being bold.” – Robert Frost

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