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Podcast Movement celebrates Halloween with a Fall Festival of our own (of sorts). This week we share some of the latest updates from the PodMov newsletter (Click HERE to sign up), include additional PM mini-docs and interviews, as well as spotlight students from October's 28 Day Launch Your Podcast Challenge Class.

The cauldron is bubbling, and the black cat is purring. No more shadows, let's hop on board for the weekly newsletter hayride!

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Here are a few highlights from the PodMov newsletter that are worth checking out if you haven't already:

Wine School Dropout and How Not to Travel
Studio Ochenta's Originals: More with Lory Martinez

Last Friday’s featured article is Part II of the conversation with Lory Martinez, founder, and CEO of the Studio Ochenta. To accompany our discussion of Mija podcast, we learned about two other fresh shows from Ochenta Originals. Wine School Dropout and How Not to Travel are narrative, educational podcasts that present complex topics in accessible, responsible format.

“Podcasting is a global medium, and your listener can be discovering your podcast because they looked up wine or looked up New York City, and they found this podcast,” Martinez says. “That’s their introduction to the culture, and you have to be conscious about the way you’re representing something. I think that’s so powerful.”

Can a “Nobody” Make a Popular, Financially Stable Podcast?
Limitations and Freedom of Independent Community Podcasting

The podcast You’re Wrong About “reexamines events, ideas, and figures—the ‘Satanic Panic,’ acid rain, Tonya Harding—that [the creators] feel were unfairly maligned by a frenzied media.”

Co-hosts Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbes are journalists that would ideally produce the show full-time, but the required advertising is a dealbreaker. Their relationship with the show’s community of fans is worth keeping it small.

Cyrena Touros of the Columbia Journalism Review spoke to Marshall to explore a shared artistic and ethical dilemma in the context of podcasting’s history. Marshall explains,

“[We’re often] very critical of the kinds of stories that get told when one of the primary questions is ‘How salable is this narrative and how much money can we make off it?’”

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Volde-More PM Mini Documentaries

Members of the PM Community were not scared to let us record talks with them this past August at Podcast Movement 2019, and we're excited to be featuring more of the videos this month on our official YouTube Channel.

Check out these from Quincy and Sharita Humphrey and Alban Brooke, and we'll be adding more each week.

Podcast Movement cannot mask the fact that we enjoyed working with Creators Group again. We appreciate their hard work, as well as the community for sharing compelling stories!

Learn more about Sharita and Alban.

Too Ghoul for School: October's 28 Day Launch Your Podcast Challenge Highlights

Podcast Movement is proud of all of the participants from October's 28 Day Launch Your Podcast Challenge. Here is a list of some of the class members that successfully launched their shows!

  • The Honky Tonk Papa Podcast hosted by Amy Connah Hudson is a journey into the life and legacy of Atlanta legend Whit Connah. Whit was a powerhouse singer and musician, who loved nothing better than making art in his studio and music with his friends. He’s touched lives from Atlanta to Appalachia, New Orleans to New York – and beyond. If you love roots music – old-time country, Cajun and blues – AND you love a good story… hop on board and join us for the ride.
  • What is P3? P3 is The Perfect Package Podcast, each episode, Chad Brockbrader, and his co-host Dave get five picks to create the “perfect package” then listeners, get to decide who the winner is.
  • The Dream Job Dynamic podcast by David Freeman dedicates each episode to helping others to discover their dream job in 7 simple steps by learning to Define It, Locate It, and Land It.
  • The Divorced Dad Diaries by Stephane Jutras is a podcast about her journey through separation and divorce. It will hopefully help reflect on different topics that men don't always like or want to discuss.
  • The Snapshot Gamecast by David Keane Rohlfing is the story of gaming's pros, influencers, and creators.
  • Drunk Medical Stories by Terrie Scott is a podcast that features two women who are not doctors, discussing wild medical stories with the aid of “medicinal” beverages of the boozy variety. Together, they examine every outlandish disease and injury you're glad you've never had, all while downing anti-malaria Gin and Tonics, and the like.
  • The All-Around Growth podcast by Rob Kaiser is a systems-oriented thinker, Nurseryman, aspiring farmer, forager, hunter, writer, and podcaster. The show focuses on digging deep to grow like an herbicide-resistant weed, thriving in the monoculture of life. Topics: life, business, and dialogue regarding spiritual growth.
  • The Unbreakable Moms podcast hosted by Michelle Koe Page is a podcast for working moms trying to balance family, relationships, career, health, and faith. The show shares interviews, tips, and resources to help other working moms find peace and to create a healthy lifestyle with natural & holistic medicine that allows you to live a life that is faith-based and joy-filled.
  • The Beanery – Chronic Musings of a Stoned Screenwriter podcast by Eric Bean is an infusion of cannabis culture and film reviews. However, the show does not discuss movie theater films because that topic is saturated. The Beanery will focus on Netflix Original movies – because that's where today's viewers are. That number will continue to grow – and because cannabis users can only legally medicate in their homes, Netflix is their “go-to” for entertainment.
  • God, Goals, and Grinding with Lisa Rochelle is a podcast combination of Pray. Hustle. Slay.™ and Millennial Bosses™. It is a faith Driven, motivational, hustle enhancing entrepreneurial community and lifestyle. That encourages positive business vibes, business knowledge, and family and friends support. The purpose of the podcast is to promote, push, and help listeners pursue their vision. The show also reveals that not everyone is meant to be on along for the ride. That’s okay. Consider this as a guide to the stairway to greatness.
  • Fat Loss Success Stories hosted by Veronica Hugger is a podcast that highlights the personal victories of the thousands who are on a faster way to fat loss. The show shares stories of struggle and success from those who ditched the diets of deprivation and endless exercise to embrace a “healthstyle” built upon proven scientific principles.

Do you have what it takes to launch your podcast in November? If so, we encourage you to register for the free 28 Day Launch Your Podcast Class. The class begins on November 1. We select some winners from each class for exciting prizes, including free registration to one of the Podcast Movement events in 2020.

The Monster Mash – Community Updates!

Thank you for carving out some good times with us for this edition of the weekly newsletter. We would love to hang around for a spell, but all “fang-tastic” things must come to an end. We wish you and your families a fun and safe Halloween holiday!

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“Acting is like a Halloween mask that you put on.” – River Phoenix

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