PM Facebook Group Surpasses 50k Members!

Greetings PM Family,

Happy Early New Year! We trust that you and your family have had the opportunity to enjoy time with one another during this holiday season! 

The Podcast Movement Family met a major milestone this week: We reached 50,000 members in the PM Facebook group! We are very excited about this. It is a testament to the continued growth of podcasting and the community within the PM Family. 

This week, we celebrate 50,000 members by highlighting some of the newest members in the group. We also are excited to announce a partnership with The Webby Awards, as we bring you a Webby Community Talk on January 13. Finally, we want to make sure you know about the upcoming 28 Day “Launch Your Podcast Challenge” starting on January 4. 

The Podcast Movement Facebook Group now has over 50,000 Members!

Congratulations to Sarah Vee in Hong Kong for being the 50,000th member of the PM Facebook Group! Sarah is the founder of Girls of Hong Kong, a network of women based in Hong Kong who share, support, and value an elite lifestyle, forming alliances through social scenes. Please feel free to check out what Sarah is up to and congratulate her for being the 50,000th member of the group.

When we created the group in the fall of 2014, soon after the first-ever Podcast Movement Conference, we mainly expected it to be a way for the 600 or so attendees to stay in touch. However, it quickly became much more, and in many ways, now is at the center of the entire Podcast Movement ecosystem!

We sometimes have hundreds of new members join a day, and many of them are really cool! While we can't mention them all every time, to celebrate this milestone, we will do what we wish we could do for everyone for a few. 

Here are some new members that we hope you will connect with and get to know! (From left to right of the collage image below)

  • Jared Kinyua is an aspiring podcaster and content manager from Nairobi, Kenya (Nairobi is one of our favorite characters from Money Heist).
  • Whitney Tucker resides in the Peach State – Georgia. She does not appear to have a podcast yet, so let's encourage her to get started!
  • Debbie Shaw lives in Galway, Ireland. She is an excellent writer. She also manages the social media account of Alessandro the Corgi, this cute little dog

If you're not a member yet, what are you waiting for? We'll see you there!

The Free 28 Day Launch Your Podcast Challenge
Starts Again on Monday, January 4th

The 28 Day Launch Your Podcast Challenge sponsored by Buzzsprout will begin again on Monday, January 4th. Please do not miss this opportunity to be a part of this free class that helps you take your podcast from zero to launch! If you want to launch a podcast in 2021, then this course is for you!


Webby Community Talk: Coming January 13

Webby Community Talk: Overwrite Tomorrow with Podcast Movement
January 13, 202112:00pm–1:00pm EST

Overwrite Tomorrow: How the global pandemic created an indispensable Internet and ignited the urgency to build a better future.

We are very excited to be partnering with The Webby Awards to present “Webby Talk” next month.

The event's speakers will reflect on what the Internet has made possible during the global slowdown and how it has powered a launchpad for what the future might hold. They will share global trends that impact the Internet and our personal habits, including the findings of a survey in partnership with YouGov of 3,000 people who have experienced the shutdown and are primed for change in how they live and what that means in the future.

Please download the Webby Trend Report in advance of the Webby Talk to get more insights!

Next week we'll share more information on some of the topics the event will be covering!

We know that 2020 has been a challenging year for many of us, and we are excited to be able to declare this our last email of the year officially. We can't wait to get 2021 started and feel confident that it will bring new light and hope to everyone that is a part of the Podcast Movement extended family.

Happy (almost) New Year,
Team PM 

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis

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