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We made some important announcements last week about PM20. However, the weekly newsletter email may not have landed in your primary inbox. It seemed like certain key words caused the email to end up in “no man's land” for many of our subscribers. We will reshare some of the info from last week to make sure everyone is up to date. We will also share some recent PodMov Daily highlights as well as some PM community updates.

Here we go!

Podcast Movement Dallas' Plan for the Next Few Months

This was shared last week. We are reposting it again because many members of the community did not see it.

We understand there is significant concern about large gatherings such as conferences and trade shows, and with good reason. As the event approaches (still five months away), we are working closely with the venue, the City of Dallas, and our management team to monitor the situation and keep attendees abreast of the latest developments. 

We have every reason to believe that we will be able to proceed with hosting PM20 in Dallas this August. We are eagerly planning for that. However, we also understand that no one can be certain of what is going to happen between now and August. 

Note: Our main headquarters is in Dallas. We have boots on the ground and are in an ideal position to stay in front of everything locally.

The current status related to possible outcomes will be:

  • As of now, the event will take place as planned. In the event this happens, anyone who is concerned about travel, or unable to travel, will have the option to participate virtually at no extra cost. It will not only include video recordings of all the sessions (post-event) but some level of streaming options as well.
  • If the event is postponed and rescheduled, registered attendees will be able to keep their ticket and use it at the rescheduled time, or will also have the option of applying their pass to a future event at 100% value.
  • If we cancel the event, we will refund all pass purchases in full.

We will continue to share essential updates through our websitenewsletters, and our social media channels to keep everyone informed of any changes.

PM20 Contingency Registration

The PM20 contingency promo allows prospective attendees that are on the fence to make a $100 deposit to lock in the current lowest price. The prices continue to increase as the event gets closer, and this is the only way to lock in the current rate, outside of registering in full.

Example: The current price for a standard admission is $275 (this will increase on Wednesday, March 25, at midnight). You can pay $100 today and lock in the $275 price. You will have between now and Monday, July 6 (this is 30 days before the event), to pay the balance. 

This promo provides you with plenty of time to discern whether or not it is prudent to plan for travel to PM20. Cancellation of the event will give you a refund. 

If this interests you – please send an email to tickets@podcastmovement.com, and we will set you up with the promo. The promo is available between now and Wednesday, April 15. 

PodMov Daily Highlights

Did you know that the PodMov Daily newsletter recently surpassed 11,000 subscriptions? We couldn't be more proud of the fastest growing newsletter in the podcast industry. We urge you to check it out if you haven't already. In the meantime. Here are some of the recent highlights. 

  • The Conversations of PRX's Podcast Privacy Symposium – Blake Eskin of PRX has shared essential notes, quotes, and videos from PRX's Podcast Privacy Symposium. Last month, more than 100 podcasting and tech professionals gathered at The New School in New York City to discuss what the future holds and how to prepare for invasive pressure meaningfully. PRX’s CEO Kerri Hoffman set the tone in opening remarks, emphasizing the symposium title, “Emerging Threats to Podcasting’s Open Ecosystem.” Eskin conducted the day’s keynote interview with Manoush Zomorodi, the incoming host of TED Radio Hour. Zomorodi is a journalist, author, and podcaster known for Note to Self and ZigZag. The latter show documents the recent launch of her media company with Jen Poyant, Stable Genius Productions. Eskin’s post includes video of the entire keynote conversation, plus several key panels.
  • Vice UK: Bootleg Music Posing as Podcast Playlists – According to Josiah Gogarty of Vice UK, “there's a reason Spotify is filled with fake podcasts of bootleg songs.” Gogarty looks into how and why podcast feeds are being used as a “workaround to upload not-exactly-legitimate music.” “The bootlegs, live recordings and unofficial mash-up remixes that proliferate on YouTube and Soundcloud have made their way to Spotify as podcasts,” Gogarty explains. “A song is submitted as an episode, and the podcast channel functions as a playlist.” “Anonymous lo-fi hip-hop beats,” dreampop, vaporwave, and the like make up the bulk of unlicensed music podcasts. A 14-year-old from Maryland, “keen to foster a community around the practice,” claims “over 50,000 streams since […] the end of February.”
  • Tune In Tonight: Patreon's Stream-a-Thon for SXSW Artists– Richard Whittaker of The Austin Chronicle reports on tonight's Weird Stream-A-Thon, a special streamed fundraiser to help artists impacted by the cancellation of SXSW. As the event's host, Patreon is continuing the support of creatives who earn income through its subscription platform. The company has said that the free, three-hour streaming telethon will feature “conversations with artists and experts, performances, some fun surprises, and a whole lotta community collaboration.” Whittaker writes that Patreon is supplementing its initial $10,000 donation with $1 per attendee. Amanda McLoughlin, creator, and CEO of the independent podcast collective Multitude, confirmed to deliver a set ― reason enough to tune in. “We're kind of making this up as we go,” Patreon said in the announcement, “but it's going to be weird for sure.”

Podcast Movement Community Updates

We've put together a few recent posts from the PM Facebook Group that allows community members to share links and info about their show. Feel free to check them out!

Do you have any suggestions for other posts? If so, please feel free to post them in the group or share them with the admin team! Stay connected with us via Twitter and Instagram, as well. 

The world needs your voice now more than ever. We are navigating challenging times for many people. 

Your podcast is an opportunity to provide insights, entertain, inform, and share hope! We appreciate your work and look forward to continuing to help you do what you do best!

Stay safe,
Team PM 

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.” – Anthony D'Angelo 

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