Podcast Movement & Coronavirus Update

Greetings, PM Family!

We have no doubts that you have received many emails, updates, and news about the coronavirus. The main focus of today's email is to share with you what this situation means for Podcast Movement 2020 in Dallas, attendees, and the community overall.

Podcast Movement's Plan for the Coronavirus

We understand there is significant concern about large gatherings such as conferences and trade shows, and with good reason. As the event approaches (still five months away), we are working closely with the venue, the City of Dallas, and our management team to monitor the situation and keep attendees abreast of the latest developments. 

We have every reason to believe that we will be able to proceed with hosting PM20 in Dallas this August. We are eagerly planning for that. However, we also understand that no one can be certain of what is going to happen between now and August. 

Note: Our main headquarters is in Dallas. We have boots on the ground and are in an ideal position to stay in front of everything locally.

The current status related to possible outcomes will be:

  • As of now, the event will take place as planned. In the event this happens, anyone who is concerned about travel, or unable to travel, will have the option to participate virtually at no extra cost. This will not only include video records of all the sessions (post-event) but some level of streaming options as well.
  • If the event is postponed and rescheduled, registered attendees will be able to keep their ticket and use it at the rescheduled time, or will also have the option of applying their pass to a future event at 100% value.
  • If the event is canceled altogether, all pass purchases will be refunded in full.

We will continue to share essential updates through our websitenewsletters, and our social media channels to keep everyone informed of any changes.

PM20 Contingency Registration

The PM team came up with a possible solution for anyone interested in attending PM20, but is not yet registered and is hesitant to pull the trigger with all of the current unknown variables.

We will allow prospective attendees that are on the fence to make a $100 deposit to lock in the current lowest price. The prices continue to increase as the event gets closer, and this is the only way to lock in the current rate, outside of registering in full.

This promo allows you to make a deposit and lock in an existing price point, which saves you money as the price increases and PM20 draws near.  

Example: The current price for a standard admission is $275 (this will increase on Wednesday, March 25, at midnight). You can pay $100 today and lock in the $275 price. You will have between now and Monday, July 6 (this is 30 days before the event), to pay the balance. 

This promo provides you with plenty of time to discern whether or not it is prudent to plan for travel to PM20. Cancellation of the event will give you a refund. 

If this interests you – please send an email to tickets@podcastmovement.com, and we will set you up with the promo. The promo is available between now and Wednesday, April 15. 

The Best Ways to Stay Connected with the 
PM Community During This Time

We at Podcast Movement strongly encourage social distance, avoiding large group gatherings, and self-isolation when possible. With many members of the community not used to this kind of isolation, it could leave you feeling a bit lonely and out of the loop. We have several ways to stay connected during this time!

  • PodMov Daily Newsletter – The PodMov Daily newsletter is the fastest-growing podcast industry newsletter. These daily emails keep you informed on various topics that matter to the community and industry overall. Our team has worked hard to make this one of the top newsletters in the industry. We hope you will check it out if you haven't already. We also have an exciting ambassador program that rewards you for sharing the newsletter with fellow podcast enthusiasts in your network. If you are interested in the possibility of being considered a contributing writer for the newsletter, please feel free to send an email to newsletter@podcastmovement.com.
  • Podcast Movement Facebook Group – The group recently surpassed 31,000 members. It is the largest, and still one of the fastest-growing podcast-related Facebook groups. The group always has excellent discussion topics for you to share your expertise, offer a perspective, tell a story, and connect with fellow podcasters along the way. We do ask that you consider using the search feature before asking a question in the group. Likely, your question is answered and easy to find. That said – we encourage you to participate and be a part of this wonderful online community.
  • Podcast Movement Instagram – Our Instagram channel is a fun way to engage with other members of the community and us. It has over 25,000 followers and provides news, resources, and highlights from our events.
  • Podcast Movement Twitter – Our Twitter account has almost 37,000 followers. It is one of the top podcast-related accounts for you to get updated news regarding Podcast Movement and the podcast industry as a whole. It is also a fun place to interact and share.

We encourage everyone to be safe and stay healthy! We are here for you in the meantime.

Be well,
Team PM

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King

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