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The PodMov Daily newsletter turned one year old in July! We are proud to have one of the fastest-growing and top newsletters in the industry. This week we'll share some recent community guest articles that have been featured in the newsletter. 

We will also share a reminder regarding the open speaker submissions for the upcoming PM Virtual event this October!

PodMov Daily Original Articles Recap

How and Why to Create an Accessible Podcast

This guest feature from Sage Levene outlines the movement toward digital accessibility, especially in podcasting. As the Broadcast Manager for the New York City-based Morey Creative Studios, Levene explains the benefits of following standard Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. In podcasting, accessibility is simply non-negotiable.

“It’s our duty as podcasters — and as people — to ensure that we’re creating the best experience possible for our audience. Our entire audience,” Levene writes. “Making your podcast as accessible as possible will not require extreme adjustments to your routine, and it will create a much better experience for listeners.”

From podcast artwork to transcripts and social media, Levene shows how easily changes can be made. “The podcasting community is collaborative, open, and eager to learn,” she says. I feel the lack of WCAG adoption stems from insufficient education, not intentional exclusion.” With education at the forefront, podcasters hold the cards.

Podcasting for Everyone: Breaking the Old(er) Age Glass Ceiling

This guest article from educator and edu-Me creator Punam Saxena busts the myth that podcasting is a young person’s game. “In my middle-aged mind, I mistakenly believed being a podcaster is for younger people,” Saxena says. Here, she explains how diving in past age 50 has allowed her life to blossom.

With the help of family and the podcast community, Saxena has thrived beyond the learning curve. The edu-Me podcast is about connecting parents and schools, and has now taken on “sensitive topics such as racial discrimination, LGBTQ+ discrimination, and how immigrant parents can learn about the education system.”

“Being a 50-something podcaster is a humbling experience with great advantages,” Saxena reflects. The work has been worth it: “Our life experience allows us to share personal stories that may ease others’ challenges. To start something new in your 50s brings about a confidence boost you may have not known existed.”

Listen to Your Own Voice

This guest feature from Martha Hughes gives newcomers valuable perspective on conventional wisdom. The host of running podcast Martha Runs the World, Hughes put in countless hours of research at the beginning. “Each expert seemed to have ‘the way’ to make it work,” but there are no universal solutions.

“Why was I always second-guessing myself? I never knew if I was doing things the ‘correct' way or if I was just fumbling along with the world laughing at me,” Hughes writes. In hindsight, she lists common ‘rules’ that haven’t applied. For example: “Don’t put your podcast on Patreon until you have at least 700 listens per episode.”

Download numbers aren't the only source of growth. “There is no arbitrary number that says, ‘This is when you’re allowed to put a Patreon button on your website,’” Hughes points out. “It’s a good idea to wait until you have a loyal base of listeners.” She also explains why (and how) small podcasts should pursue sponsors.

A Podcaster's Guide to Organic Leads on Facebook

This guest article by Meiko Patton outlines strategies for podcasters to capture organic leads on Facebook. Patton, a podcaster and bestselling author, is all about saving time: “The goal of automation is to amplify your reach with your personal mantra or message, without trading hours for dollars.”

What does an optimized profile look like? “Everyone that checks out your page is a potential listener and customer,” Patton says. With effort, planning, and frequent updates, a basic page can be turned into “a mini secret sales agent — on autopilot — that captures new interest without direct advertising.”

Fresh messaging is the key, Patton advises. When you post a teaser for each episode, update that cover photo as well. At every opportunity, a profile “needs to succinctly tell what you do and who you serve. If you want people to stay and learn more, it has to spark their interest and appeal to them.”

Carpe Diem: Open Speaker Submissions for PM Virtual

We have received some fantastic speaker submissions for PM Virtual this October. You are welcome to put your name in the hat if you are interested. The deadline is Wednesday, August 19. Please share your session idea here

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