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This week we will take a look at what social media strategies are working for podcasters, and close with a popular social media-centric session from PM Evolutions this past February in LA!

Dear PM: Podcast Promotion on Social Media

We asked the community to share what strategies are useful for promoting their shows on social media. Not all of these will produce desired results based on a variety of factors. However, we hope that this list will spark some creativity and provide some ideas that you can adjust or try if you have not already.

  • Damian Gray from Paranormal News Network Podcast – “We created a group on Facebook. The smartest thing we've ever done. The engagement is pretty good and drives more downloads to our podcast and YouTube channel.”

You can view their Facebook Group here to get ideas based on what is working for their show.

  • Sean Douglas from Life Transformation Radio – “Run $3/day for seven days FB ads with keywords that reflect who is the target for that episode. You can showcase an episode or a show.

    Create Audiograms using Headliner and post those on your profile, pages, your show's FB group, IG, LI. Example

    Use to repurpose your show onto its own YouTube channel.”
  • Annette Mai White from the Let's Veg About It Podcast – “Consistency is the key!! My Pinterest triples my downloads in the first 90 days of that an episode is released. I typically see this result whenever I create four pins, which include one audiogram with Headliner. I link those pins to my blog, my podcast service provider, and my top two highest podcast platforms, which for me, is Apple Podcasts and Pandora.” Example
  • Larry Roberts from Readily Random Podcast – “I've seen the best results by adding a segment to my first podcast that takes place each evening at the same time M-F for 10 to 15 minutes on Facebook Live.

I line up a topic and then just talk. I then post the audio as a mini-episode of the podcast and the video on YouTube. It gives you the best of everything: audio, video, social media, and repurposing.”Example

  • Stacey Simms from Diabetes Connections with Stacey Simms – “Since COVID19 hit, It seemed like listeners wanted more engagement, so I started setting up Zoom calls with them. We've had at least one call a week, including one where we celebrated birthdays and milestones.”
  • Julie Lieberman Neale from Mother's Quest – “Most of the podcast episodes have a ‘challenge' that my guests give me, which live beyond the episode. The challenge from my guest offers me an opportunity for the podcast to have an impact beyond downloads and also an organic way to reach new people.

    For example, my most recent episode with Bay Area Border Relief's Belinda Arriaga ended with a challenge to write love letters to children at the border in Spanish. We are also sending with children's masks. As I promote this and engage people in the challenge, I share the episode so people can get more background and hear the stories about the families that are receiving our help.”
  • Ron Taylor from WNC Original Music – “I add the Spotify link to my podcast in my Instagram stories. The story right before it provides a heads up that a link is coming up. It allows listeners and my IG followers time to prepare mentally. The strategy has almost quadrupled my downloads.” Example

Podcast veteran and Academy of Podcasters Hall of Famer Elsie Escobar shared with us which podcasters she thinks to deserve a gold star for their social media presence: 

  • MILF Podcast – Moms I'd Like to Follow – “I was floored by Jennifer Tracy's promotional strategy. Her images and audiograms are amazing. She hasn't posted a new episode in a while, but she's brilliant. She also sent me a tank top and branded chocolates with her logo!” Example
  • Pantsuit Politics – “Holy Wowza. They are insanely active on Twitter and IG. Their IG stories, especially the daily story that they put up is SHEEEEER GENIUS. The community love!

Mind you; they are also super engaged in social, hyper community building on Twitter (tons of engagement) and have a fantastic feed on IG. They are so full of personality, SO, FULL!!! I wish I could do that.”Example 1 (this is a MUST watch) & Example 2
Vernon Foster from Acast recommends podcasters check out the following social channels for additional ideas:

  • Creepy – Presence is fabulous on IG and Twitter – it's more funny than scary and takes advantage of meme culture in an exciting way for a horror podcast

What is working for you? We welcome your feedback. Please consider sharing your suggestions here.

Social Media Strategy Session from Evolutions 2020

In this session from Evolutions 2020, Allison Melody and Whitney Lauritsen share how to utilize the power of social media to build a community around their shows and create authentic fans.
Instagram: With the new algorithm changes, the old Insta hacks are no longer working. It’s all about the “save” feature. We will cover how to create savable, shareable content that ranks you higher in the algorithm and thus gets your content shown to more people.
Going Live: With multiple forms of free streaming available right from your smartphone these days, we will discuss how to build your audience and get more eyes on your content by going live on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
Collaboration: We will discuss why it is imperative to collaborate with others inside and outside of your niche through YouTube videos, podcast interview swaps, and more PLUS best practices to reach out to brands and shows you want to connect with.

Please feel free to listen to the session via the audio player above. We also encourage you to review the session notes here.

We Are Impressed…

Quarantine and self-distancing can bring on a case of the “blah's.” However, we are impressed with your commitment to continuing work on your show. We want to see you win. Don't let the “blah's” stop you from doing a great job with your podcast!

Keep hitting record and publish,
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“Do not be impressed with large numbers. Keep your focus on progress.” ― Alan Maiccon

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